Thursday, March 05, 2015

How Diversions Like "Homosexuality" Are Being Used To Show That Many References To "Black Spirituality And Culture" To Be Fraudulent On The Way To Exploiting "The Lost Tribe"

Do not take this post to assume that I agree with what this woman on stage is saying.

I am only pointing out that she paints an "Intricate Wardrobe Of African Cultural Sophistication" as the basis for her authority.

BUT if there is a strident enemy seeking to strip our people down to our essential being as "selfish opportunists" is there a better way to ATTACK THESE PRINCIPLES - not with a direct frontal attack - BUT by using AMERICAN POLITICAL LOYALTIES that trick the unwary political loyalists to attack the very positions that their ancestors once held BUT do so today under the notion of "Justice and Equality"?

If it is true that "The Nature Of Man Does Not Change", only his access to technology and his mobility - then th question must be asked:  "When these ancient souls confronted these very same human-level conflicts - how did they regulate their people using culture and religious faith"?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

History Channel's: "History Of The World In 2 Hours": "Jesus Magic In Science"

Is it possible that those who operate under the guise of "Science" but whose tactics are more like propaganda and perpetual repetition as a means of glossing over the irrationality in their claims - are in fact NOT SCIENCE?

My belief:

  • PHYSICAL SCIENCE:  (Geology, Cosmology, Planetary Science, etc) might be correct on the age of the universe (billions of years)

I DO NOT believe in the "God Made The Universe In 7 Literal Days"

I DO NOT BELIEVE that "THE BIG BANG THEORY" and  EVOLUTION are legitimate models of reality.

"All of the matter in the universe came from ONE ATOM THAT EXPLODED billions of years ago".  (as claimed in this "science" documentary above).

Why is it that they are not forced to prove their supposition as are the people who say "God did it"?

THE ORIGINS OF LIFE is even more fraudulent. 
If "Life came to Earth" via living basic molecules that survived the trip through space in an asteroid - IT TOO had a common origin via the "Big Bang".  

SO AGAIN - where did this extraterrestrial life come from?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

In Reviewing The '3rd Party Fight Promotion" Between Mike Huckabee And Michelle Williams Over Huckabee's Comments About Beyonce' The Conversation Focused On "Beyonce The Person" And NOT The Common "Christianity" That All 3 Of Them Claim

This is my "Cultural Strategy" blog and not my political analysis blog (See "Within The Black Community" for that) so I am going to take a different emphasis.

First of all - I have to credit Michelle Williams, former member of "Destiny's Child" and friend of Beyonce, for the composure in her response.

If you read the coverage of the interaction between "Williams" and  "Huckabee" on "The View" - from 3rd party sources you would swear that some (ignorant) smack down has taken place and "The White  ignorant ole man got checked".   Instead Michelle Williams showed some class in her public response.

The video above proved most instructive.

Rosy O'Donnell - the critic of "Christianity" said "YOU CAN'T MESS WITH THE BEY".

If you think about her argument it is 100% rooted in "SECULAR IDEOLOGY".

BY WHAT MEANS "can you not mess with the Bey"?
  • Because in her POPULARITY she is always right?
  • Because she has some type of grounding that all of us should yield to?
The truth is - Beyonce' is every bit of the "CAPITALISTIC 1%" that most people on the panel on "The View" rail against.   The difference is - Beyonce' is not a "Wall Street Capitalist" and doesn't appear on the people's 'dart board'.

My greatest criticism, however is reserved for the missed opportunity shared by "Mike Huckabee" and "Michelle Williams".

Huckabee the "Former Christian Preacher" and Michelle Williams the "occasional Christian gospel singer" have ONE COMMON ORACLE that they should have agreed to YIELD THEIR PERSONAL SENTIMENTS TO as they appraise "Beyonce's work" NOT BASED UPON HER PERSONAL CHOICES but instead based upon what SHE PROFESSES TO BE - A CHRISTIAN.

Indeed people are influenced by the messages that Beyonce and others who "contribute to our CULTURE" put forth in "the water that we drink".    As a christian we are asked to SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE and retain the integrity of our faith in "Jesus Christ".

Mike Huckabee - though I can understand (after reading "Kelvin Cochran's book "Who Told You That You Were Naked" which was written to WAYWARD YOUNG MEN, with the hopes that they would find a purpose in their lives) how an author can resent having a small passage in his book be maligned and molested so that the constructive message is filibustered out of the discussion, Huckabee failed to bring the argument into this COMMON REFERENCE for scrutiny.

Michelle Williams, defended her friend - saying that these two songs - as a small part of a larger whole, were "freaky songs" (my words) that "Beyonce had pinned up within her".   Williams, ironically was asking Huckabee to not tarnish the greater whole of the album based on these two songs.

I can't accept this as an argument for the very same reasons why I firmly stand by THE MESSAGE that Kelvin Cochran has put forth.

The consistency is in "The Word" - and the "one part per million" that some are OFFENDED by:
  • In the case of "Who Told You That You Were Naked" - critical references to "Homosexuality" as "Unclean Living
  • In the case of "Beyonce" - Two "Freeky Tracks" on an album that had about 10 songs
the COMMON REFERENCE that all yield their arguments to should prevent people from "Majoring In The Minors" BUT ALSO - prevent the old adage from becoming true:

"When a large bag of SUGAR is mixed with a small piece of FECES - ONLY ONE OF THEM retain their original integrity".

Sunday, January 11, 2015

When My Close Family Friends Divorce I Can't Help But To Consider "What Could I Have Done To Help?"

Recently my wife told me that a pair of family friends have chosen to get a divorce.  

This couple who was once the core of our "house party circuit" seemed to be happy together.  They had a bond that produced 3 children and an upper-middle class amount of comfortable living.

When they moved away a few years ago - under the guise of a "job promotion" I called them brave for "Following Their Dreams".    Now I wonder if they moved in order to "disconnect" from their network of friends  (Us) so that they can either "work it out" or "go their own separate ways".

I have some other group of friends who I met in college and they all settled in the metro-Atlanta area.   Over time we gathered together for house-parties and to watch "Mike Tyson" destroy his adversaries - and for membership in an "Investment Club" - back when the "Internet Bubble" had made it easy to make you believe that you were an "expert stock analyst".

The subsequent years in which we "got married", "had children" and, in some cases, moved to a larger house - all worked to reduce the number of occasions that we'd get together at a "house party".
In some cases I am astounded and anger that they "little baby" is now a teenager.   How did a person who I spent nearly every weekend with fall out of my "inner circle"?

Updated today - the news that these close friends are now parting ways "hurts me inside".

"What if my wife and I worked harder to break out of our own shell to reach out to these friends?  Would this have been the spark to keep them together?"   A question that a lot of "children of divorce" ask relative to their parents.

There is no question that when friends come to my own house - it draws us all away from our "individual televisions" into the family room.   We play "dominoes"and "bingo" (or any other cheap game I purchase at Wal-Mart/Toys R Us), fight over a movie to watch on "Netflix" before reaching "cross-generational agreement".  But most of all the CONVERSATION is key.

I hear my wife tell me details about her recent experiences that she did not describe for me.  It is also true that I am guilty of the same.    The point is that you can learn more details about your "life partner" by having a person from another time in their lives - coming for a visit and provoking the MEMORIES that your own conversations did not provoke for discussion.

If there is any solace to the end of these married relationships - it is that I can think of none of my friends who divorced with "elementary school aged children" still at home.   At worse - they part ways when the kids are in high school, but most frequently it is after the kids have left for college.

I know none of them in which "physical violence" or abuse was the issue that broke them apart.  The quest for "happiness" beyond the frequent arguments and also "infidelity" appear to be the primary points of separation.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Gift Of Enlightenment On The "Power Of Imagining A Developed Future", Given To Me By A Retired Army Officer

Neville Goddard - Your Power

The test of your power is not what you have built up and someone has destroyed.
When you can REBUILD what has been destroyed because THE VISION IN YOUR MIND'S EYE compels you to RETURN TO YOUR PURPOSE - is the evidence of YOUR POWER.

This  line of thinking clarifies so much in my personal life and in the serial debates that I engage in regarding the importance of the "Governance Of Black Community Institutions" through which people are developed as a superior notion to the drive for "Reparations" for past injuries - who some say are the cause of today's dysfunction.

At a recent gathering I had a conversation with a "distinguished gentleman".
He told me about his years of service in the US Army and how he rose to the top of his profession after he learned that he was the primary person responsible for his own future.

He told me about a few works from "Neville Goddard" - a late "philosophical thinker", who he said was instrumental in adjusting his thoughts.

I have been listening to a few of his works and they come at a perfect time.

I have been so focused on "managing crises" at home, at work and among extended family - that I have gotten too far away from my "personal philosophy"

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

With The Presumption Of "Police Racial Profiling" As A Given - A Black Police Detective Effectively Tells Young Blacks At A Crime Scene To "Stop Snitching"

On this blog I do not give stinging criticism - only strategic advise.

The logical consequence of the "Police Are The Greatest Criminals Within The Black Community" meme that is pushed today - is what you are witnessing in this video.

When given the choice between - 'A young Black male at a crime scene in his own community offering information to his fellow police officers as they pursue 'Justice'" versus THE ASSUMPTION that the police see him as a CRIMINAL until he proves himself otherwise - this veteran detective tells the audience to do the later.

My life experience with the police does not reflect what we hear as the "popular narrative".

I am not hear to affirm or deny the veracity of their claims.

As an adult I work to speak to a policeman "man to man" and thus don't have fear - if I am not guilty.

What is lost in this debate, however, as we move from individual incidents or affirmations of the stereotypes of "Police Abuse Of Black people" is a BLACK COMMUNITY that is stripped of one of the key attributes of a well governed community: "A POLICE FUNCTION" that is charged with "Keeping The Peace And Protecting The Citizens As They Pursue 'Happiness".

Those who bring forth data to affirm this abuse should not be mistaken as solution providers.  Getting the congregation to AGREE that they are being victimized and that this enemy needs REGULATION from the government SPEAKS NOTHING about the internal regulatory components and the cultural affirmations that are needed to assist in achieving a peaceful, prosperous community, setting up the possibility of "happiness".

Saturday, November 01, 2014

All Colonizing Powers Reserve The Right To Write Their Own History: White A Gay Kiss On The Children-Oriented "Cartoon Network" Was Turned Into A Peck On The Cheek - PROGRESS Is Being Made Because "Same Sex Kissing" On Prime Time Television Is Now Commonplace As Compared To 20 Years Ago



 Link To AJC Article

What If I told you that - in one sense "Gay Sex" is EQUAL to "Hetrosexual Sex" in that the American Capitalistic Media in its quest for retaining its audience and the revenues that flow through the people are in a constant search to "PUSH THE ENVELOP" so that they can create a sense of "Edge-iness".

Thus the "20 years ago" reference in the story about the "once unheard of GAY KISS" on network television was merely a WAYPOINT that has been passed today - EQUAL TO the previous interval of time in which HETEROSEXUAL "EXPLICITY" was ratcheted up as a ratings draw.

When someone does a comparison between intervals of time and tells you what WAS NOT "PERMISSIBLE" in the past and notes the PROGRESS that has been made - it is UP TO YOU to assign relative value to this "PROGRESS" and demand for yourself a validation of the UTILITY of this progress upon some larger benefit to society and its governance - or else you are going to be made into a "Television Viewer", lulled into demanding a "new edge" to satisfy your insatiable wants.

When Is The Colonial Power Forced To Own Up To Who He Really Is?

In this cherry picked reference to "Progress" in which we are given a timeline of the change in acceptability of "gay kisses".

During this same period of time we have seen an identifiable trend on:

  • Heterosexual Marriage Rates
  • Single Female Headed Households
  • STD Rates Upon Certain Segments Of The Society
  • Stagnation In Take-Home Pay For Those Who Lack Skills For Advanced Employment

The real question must be "WHO GETS TO CHERRY PICK And Assign Value To What Concepts That We Determine As "Progress" Or "Retrogression" Or Even "Social Entropy".

Left Unchecked - The COLONIALIST And His Goal Of "Cultural Imperialism" Reserves This Right And Will Leverage His Control Over The Media And His Will For Profits To Achieve These Ends.

It Is Abundantly Clear That To Most - "Colonialism", In And Of Itself Is Not Repudiated, Despite What They Want You To Think.
As Long As They Are On The Side That Is Doing The Encroachment  - Those Who Resist Are Said To Be The "Bigot" Or The "Savage" And Thus Such Colonization Is Done For ENLIGHTENMENT And Not "The Suppression Of Self-Determination"