Saturday, January 24, 2015

In Reviewing The '3rd Party Fight Promotion" Between Mike Huckabee And Michelle Williams Over Huckabee's Comments About Beyonce' The Conversation Focused On "Beyonce The Person" And NOT The Common "Christianity" That All 3 Of Them Claim

This is my "Cultural Strategy" blog and not my political analysis blog (See "Within The Black Community" for that) so I am going to take a different emphasis.

First of all - I have to credit Michelle Williams, former member of "Destiny's Child" and friend of Beyonce, for the composure in her response.

If you read the coverage of the interaction between "Williams" and  "Huckabee" on "The View" - from 3rd party sources you would swear that some (ignorant) smack down has taken place and "The White  ignorant ole man got checked".   Instead Michelle Williams showed some class in her public response.

The video above proved most instructive.

Rosy O'Donnell - the critic of "Christianity" said "YOU CAN'T MESS WITH THE BEY".

If you think about her argument it is 100% rooted in "SECULAR IDEOLOGY".

BY WHAT MEANS "can you not mess with the Bey"?
  • Because in her POPULARITY she is always right?
  • Because she has some type of grounding that all of us should yield to?
The truth is - Beyonce' is every bit of the "CAPITALISTIC 1%" that most people on the panel on "The View" rail against.   The difference is - Beyonce' is not a "Wall Street Capitalist" and doesn't appear on the people's 'dart board'.

My greatest criticism, however is reserved for the missed opportunity shared by "Mike Huckabee" and "Michelle Williams".

Huckabee the "Former Christian Preacher" and Michelle Williams the "occasional Christian gospel singer" have ONE COMMON ORACLE that they should have agreed to YIELD THEIR PERSONAL SENTIMENTS TO as they appraise "Beyonce's work" NOT BASED UPON HER PERSONAL CHOICES but instead based upon what SHE PROFESSES TO BE - A CHRISTIAN.

Indeed people are influenced by the messages that Beyonce and others who "contribute to our CULTURE" put forth in "the water that we drink".    As a christian we are asked to SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE and retain the integrity of our faith in "Jesus Christ".

Mike Huckabee - though I can understand (after reading "Kelvin Cochran's book "Who Told You That You Were Naked" which was written to WAYWARD YOUNG MEN, with the hopes that they would find a purpose in their lives) how an author can resent having a small passage in his book be maligned and molested so that the constructive message is filibustered out of the discussion, Huckabee failed to bring the argument into this COMMON REFERENCE for scrutiny.

Michelle Williams, defended her friend - saying that these two songs - as a small part of a larger whole, were "freaky songs" (my words) that "Beyonce had pinned up within her".   Williams, ironically was asking Huckabee to not tarnish the greater whole of the album based on these two songs.

I can't accept this as an argument for the very same reasons why I firmly stand by THE MESSAGE that Kelvin Cochran has put forth.

The consistency is in "The Word" - and the "one part per million" that some are OFFENDED by:
  • In the case of "Who Told You That You Were Naked" - critical references to "Homosexuality" as "Unclean Living
  • In the case of "Beyonce" - Two "Freeky Tracks" on an album that had about 10 songs
the COMMON REFERENCE that all yield their arguments to should prevent people from "Majoring In The Minors" BUT ALSO - prevent the old adage from becoming true:

"When a large bag of SUGAR is mixed with a small piece of FECES - ONLY ONE OF THEM retain their original integrity".

Sunday, January 11, 2015

When My Close Family Friends Divorce I Can't Help But To Consider "What Could I Have Done To Help?"

Recently my wife told me that a pair of family friends have chosen to get a divorce.  

This couple who was once the core of our "house party circuit" seemed to be happy together.  They had a bond that produced 3 children and an upper-middle class amount of comfortable living.

When they moved away a few years ago - under the guise of a "job promotion" I called them brave for "Following Their Dreams".    Now I wonder if they moved in order to "disconnect" from their network of friends  (Us) so that they can either "work it out" or "go their own separate ways".

I have some other group of friends who I met in college and they all settled in the metro-Atlanta area.   Over time we gathered together for house-parties and to watch "Mike Tyson" destroy his adversaries - and for membership in an "Investment Club" - back when the "Internet Bubble" had made it easy to make you believe that you were an "expert stock analyst".

The subsequent years in which we "got married", "had children" and, in some cases, moved to a larger house - all worked to reduce the number of occasions that we'd get together at a "house party".
In some cases I am astounded and anger that they "little baby" is now a teenager.   How did a person who I spent nearly every weekend with fall out of my "inner circle"?

Updated today - the news that these close friends are now parting ways "hurts me inside".

"What if my wife and I worked harder to break out of our own shell to reach out to these friends?  Would this have been the spark to keep them together?"   A question that a lot of "children of divorce" ask relative to their parents.

There is no question that when friends come to my own house - it draws us all away from our "individual televisions" into the family room.   We play "dominoes"and "bingo" (or any other cheap game I purchase at Wal-Mart/Toys R Us), fight over a movie to watch on "Netflix" before reaching "cross-generational agreement".  But most of all the CONVERSATION is key.

I hear my wife tell me details about her recent experiences that she did not describe for me.  It is also true that I am guilty of the same.    The point is that you can learn more details about your "life partner" by having a person from another time in their lives - coming for a visit and provoking the MEMORIES that your own conversations did not provoke for discussion.

If there is any solace to the end of these married relationships - it is that I can think of none of my friends who divorced with "elementary school aged children" still at home.   At worse - they part ways when the kids are in high school, but most frequently it is after the kids have left for college.

I know none of them in which "physical violence" or abuse was the issue that broke them apart.  The quest for "happiness" beyond the frequent arguments and also "infidelity" appear to be the primary points of separation.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Gift Of Enlightenment On The "Power Of Imagining A Developed Future", Given To Me By A Retired Army Officer

Neville Goddard - Your Power

The test of your power is not what you have built up and someone has destroyed.
When you can REBUILD what has been destroyed because THE VISION IN YOUR MIND'S EYE compels you to RETURN TO YOUR PURPOSE - is the evidence of YOUR POWER.

This  line of thinking clarifies so much in my personal life and in the serial debates that I engage in regarding the importance of the "Governance Of Black Community Institutions" through which people are developed as a superior notion to the drive for "Reparations" for past injuries - who some say are the cause of today's dysfunction.

At a recent gathering I had a conversation with a "distinguished gentleman".
He told me about his years of service in the US Army and how he rose to the top of his profession after he learned that he was the primary person responsible for his own future.

He told me about a few works from "Neville Goddard" - a late "philosophical thinker", who he said was instrumental in adjusting his thoughts.

I have been listening to a few of his works and they come at a perfect time.

I have been so focused on "managing crises" at home, at work and among extended family - that I have gotten too far away from my "personal philosophy"

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

With The Presumption Of "Police Racial Profiling" As A Given - A Black Police Detective Effectively Tells Young Blacks At A Crime Scene To "Stop Snitching"

On this blog I do not give stinging criticism - only strategic advise.

The logical consequence of the "Police Are The Greatest Criminals Within The Black Community" meme that is pushed today - is what you are witnessing in this video.

When given the choice between - 'A young Black male at a crime scene in his own community offering information to his fellow police officers as they pursue 'Justice'" versus THE ASSUMPTION that the police see him as a CRIMINAL until he proves himself otherwise - this veteran detective tells the audience to do the later.

My life experience with the police does not reflect what we hear as the "popular narrative".

I am not hear to affirm or deny the veracity of their claims.

As an adult I work to speak to a policeman "man to man" and thus don't have fear - if I am not guilty.

What is lost in this debate, however, as we move from individual incidents or affirmations of the stereotypes of "Police Abuse Of Black people" is a BLACK COMMUNITY that is stripped of one of the key attributes of a well governed community: "A POLICE FUNCTION" that is charged with "Keeping The Peace And Protecting The Citizens As They Pursue 'Happiness".

Those who bring forth data to affirm this abuse should not be mistaken as solution providers.  Getting the congregation to AGREE that they are being victimized and that this enemy needs REGULATION from the government SPEAKS NOTHING about the internal regulatory components and the cultural affirmations that are needed to assist in achieving a peaceful, prosperous community, setting up the possibility of "happiness".

Saturday, November 01, 2014

All Colonizing Powers Reserve The Right To Write Their Own History: White A Gay Kiss On The Children-Oriented "Cartoon Network" Was Turned Into A Peck On The Cheek - PROGRESS Is Being Made Because "Same Sex Kissing" On Prime Time Television Is Now Commonplace As Compared To 20 Years Ago



 Link To AJC Article

What If I told you that - in one sense "Gay Sex" is EQUAL to "Hetrosexual Sex" in that the American Capitalistic Media in its quest for retaining its audience and the revenues that flow through the people are in a constant search to "PUSH THE ENVELOP" so that they can create a sense of "Edge-iness".

Thus the "20 years ago" reference in the story about the "once unheard of GAY KISS" on network television was merely a WAYPOINT that has been passed today - EQUAL TO the previous interval of time in which HETEROSEXUAL "EXPLICITY" was ratcheted up as a ratings draw.

When someone does a comparison between intervals of time and tells you what WAS NOT "PERMISSIBLE" in the past and notes the PROGRESS that has been made - it is UP TO YOU to assign relative value to this "PROGRESS" and demand for yourself a validation of the UTILITY of this progress upon some larger benefit to society and its governance - or else you are going to be made into a "Television Viewer", lulled into demanding a "new edge" to satisfy your insatiable wants.

When Is The Colonial Power Forced To Own Up To Who He Really Is?

In this cherry picked reference to "Progress" in which we are given a timeline of the change in acceptability of "gay kisses".

During this same period of time we have seen an identifiable trend on:

  • Heterosexual Marriage Rates
  • Single Female Headed Households
  • STD Rates Upon Certain Segments Of The Society
  • Stagnation In Take-Home Pay For Those Who Lack Skills For Advanced Employment

The real question must be "WHO GETS TO CHERRY PICK And Assign Value To What Concepts That We Determine As "Progress" Or "Retrogression" Or Even "Social Entropy".

Left Unchecked - The COLONIALIST And His Goal Of "Cultural Imperialism" Reserves This Right And Will Leverage His Control Over The Media And His Will For Profits To Achieve These Ends.

It Is Abundantly Clear That To Most - "Colonialism", In And Of Itself Is Not Repudiated, Despite What They Want You To Think.
As Long As They Are On The Side That Is Doing The Encroachment  - Those Who Resist Are Said To Be The "Bigot" Or The "Savage" And Thus Such Colonization Is Done For ENLIGHTENMENT And Not "The Suppression Of Self-Determination"


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thank You Dr Craig Spencer For Serving Mankind At The Time Of Great Crisis. You Have Motivated Me To Make More Contributions To "Doctors Without Borders"

The money that I was plotting to spend on an "iPhone 6 Plus" will be instead sent to "Doctors Without Borders" for assistance in their fight in the hot zone against Ebola in West Africa.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Problem In A Nutshell - The Art Of Persuasion In A Sea Of Forces That Are More Affirming Than I Am, As They Mislead

(Taking a quick work break from the stress of trying to assemble an important customer presentation)

I as I consider my interactions with (those who I call) "Embedded Confidence Men" - the Public Figures With The Command Of Political Priorities And The Media  To Mis-Direct Their Congregation Accordingly - my goal of "bashing them" to counteract their clear fraudulent intent serves my purpose.

Anyone who can read through my "antics" and look at the framework of the "larger universe" that I model and then contrast this against the "American Political Opportunistic" subset that these confidence men seek to focus our people upon will clearly see the reasons why the "Best Laid Plans Of Black Americans" do not turn out as expected.   Their goal is NOT to "Develop The Black Community" but to harvest our "Black Consciousness" into an American Political Struggle For Power.  This POWER is never going to replace that which is lost as we disarm our selves from the "Competencies To Govern Our Own Institutions".

These confidence men know that you can't have "Strong Black Local Institutions" that exist as it gets in the way of their goal of fusing our consciousness onto "American Political Opportunism" as the key expression of "Blackness".

When I go on "FaceBook" - I don't have the anonymity of this blog to hide behind.  I am no longer debating "Charles Blow", "Melissa Harris Perry", "Black Republican Opportunists" Or "Preachers Of The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice".

I am debating "Friends".

Though these "friends" make use of the very same schemes that are at play in the "Malcolm X American Political Football Game" - my personal relationship with them and my desire to retain this relationship serves as a limitation on what I can do to "blast them" as I see their "Popularist tricks".


It is clear to me that with "Those I Love" - I need to find a SYSTEM that ENVELOPS "The System" that they today call their "Norm Of Consciousness".

While I am "bashing" them - they have other forces with nefarious intent "telling them what they want to hear" - they will choose to look past the evidence of this contempt that these other forces have.  

Worse case - as they look to defend the honor of the MARTYR that was stood up for them to converge around - they will agree to LOOK PAST the thousands of other "Abused Women" or "Murdered Sons" - whose "Oppressor" was not just "one man" who can be put on trial but the SYSTEM which systematically steals our upward thrust.

I admit my mistakes.   With a loved one you hope to convince you can't "Come At Them" on the attack.   When I hear the defensiveness of "So you think you are smarter than me?" and then the "FaceBook" 'likes' that affirm this defensiveness - I have to accept that it was ME who came into their closed group and tried to "Change The Rules" / "Change The Subject" - without first building up the proper framework to see that they are "doubling down" on investments of their time and passions that will only ever produce diminishing returns while consuming more of "Their Consciousness".

I am going back to the drawing board with a new strategy.
Still my sister blog "Within The Black Community" is a necessary "sanity check" on what I see being executed at the expense of my people.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On The Matter Of "Protect And Serve" The Black Community: WHO Conditioned You That This Is To Be Expected Of A "Police Man" But Not A "Black Man"?

As Various Black People Seek To Compel Various "Black Organizations" To Jump Into The "Black Conscious Filibuster For Justice" In Ferguson Missouri

When there is no "Body Of Law Within The Black Community"  - Few See The Need To "Uphold It" By PROTECTING & SERVING

My Post From FaceBook

@(The Initiator Of The Conversation)    I would like someone to tell me which is a more substantial manifestation of the  "Oath to uphold the law" 

The one taken by a policeman - who is an individual civilian who needed a job, who went to the police academy and is now an agent of the government - sent into the Black community to uphold the law......

OR THE BLACK MALE who was given to the Black community by God - so that the adults in the community would provide proper stewardship and council to them all so that they would PROTECT AND SERVE the Black community - lifting our people up by developing strong institutions through which the masses of my people are developed?

Are you able to take your concept of the superiority of the police in America and what they are chartered to do in the name of "Protect and Serve"  over to Haiti, Belize, The Congo, Libya, or Mozambique and as a result have the Black people in these various nations in the diaspora be developed and protected - as you expect for us in America through a "well behaving police force"?    

Clearly there are some forces for our people's uplift and development through culture and good governance that are purposely being suppressed from this debate.

I make the case, to the contrary that a BLACK MAN RAISED IN AMERICA, provisioned with the proper consciousness could go to these other locations within the Black Diaspora, in need of "Structural Assistance" and could function as a PROTECTOR and SERVANT, the same way that many "permanent underclass" communities here in America need in the way of constructive engagement for their uplift.

I ask that you consider WHO CONDITIONED US to believe that the "American Police" are more superior in their mandate to "Protect And Serve" in comparison to a  BLACK MAN whose purpose is received from his community via the gestation of his consciousness.  

This being the case that when either of these two groups of "human beings" kill a Black person (the Police or a fellow Black man who has gone astray from his purpose) - you and others walk past thousands of "murder scenes" in your own Black community in order to send THEM a message about "The Value Of Black Life".

Who is this "THEM" that you seek justice and equal treatment from?

It seems to me that they can compel more Black people to invest time and resources into the trail that THEY want us to travel if they keep denying you the brand of "Equality" that you seek through the "Ballot or the Bullet".  (voting or violence/protests).   I ask - Are you preparing Black people to achieve this level if and when and where we are ALL ALONE?

I wonder who among our enemies are laughing at us as a people - knowing that they have us were they want us - by our own popular will and their conditioning of us.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A FaceBook Expose' Of "My Agenda"

FaceBook is full of Black people who syndicate propaganda from left-wing political sources WHO DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY, only that the "Negro" remain as loyal political team members.

Question Asked Of Me:   "Why Do You Always Seem So Highly Motivated To Promote The Notion That 'President Obama Is A Pawn In The Game', And He Is Not Interested In Supporting Black People?"

My Response - Slightly Redacted To Protect Those Who Did Not Agree To Have This Made Public

Ah Ha!!!
This is where you have my motivations 100% wrong.
I am NOT focusing on Barack Obama - with the intentions that you think.

He is the ** "President Of The United States" ** "Commander In Chief Of The US Military"** The Functional "Lead CIA Agent"** Must approve every "Economic Sanction" that the State Department initiates 

This comes as the benefits of being "President Over The US Empire"

I am actually watching BLACK AMERICANS and how "President Obama On Stage" - allows them to live vicariously through Obama and the Democratic Party as most of us Black Americans fight what we have been told is WHITE SUPREMACY that has been manifest in the form of the Republican Party.

But wait - Brother xxxxxxxxx. What if this framing is not used to develop Black Americans but instead to disarm us from noting our lack of development (See the National Urban League - "State Of Black America Report 2014" - but instead to channel our "Black Consciousness" into fighting against an enemy that has been stood up before us? What if we are tricked into looking past our condition in Chicago, Philly, Detroit and Memphis after success in becoming a part of the 'establishment team" in power and instead to fight now at the national level? 
What if you are being "Colonized" with an domestic imperialist movement and yet you don't even know it?
Notice when I make my statements I say:  (The US Government And Not "Obama") 
* The US Government ran a coup in Libya - which lead to instability in which the violence today is akin to Iraq and Syria. ( Do not say "Obama Ran A Coup In Libya) Do you not see that today Black Americans are not standing against "American coups" in Africa - they are looking at the "US House Republicans" who are trying to "Shame the Black President" over 4 dead White Americans in Benghazi. But do YOU see that none of the 'Afro-Centrists' who took "Black Studies Classes" at PITT and are knowledgeable about "European global conquest" are today speaking of the present bloodshed - in a once self-sufficient nation of Libya is now begging the United Nations to come in and help stop the killings from the fighting militias?

* The US Government repudiated the "Cultural Self Determination" of the African nation of Uganda which said that "Homosexuality is not within our 'African Ancestral Culture" and put economic sanctions including blocking health care funding. (I am not debating "Gay Rights" - I am only focusing on a stand against "CULTURAL IMPERIALISM" ) After all of these decades condemning "European Colonialist Cultural Supremacy" that attacked many "African Rituals And Culture" - with Blacks in America having adopted the 'American cultural' vantage point - I heard nothing about 'Self Determination' for Uganda. 

* My position all long with regard to "Obamacare" was that 60 years after the "Black Education Revolution" (ie: Brown v Board) instead of producing evidence that the "Struggle For Quality Education For Black People" was aligned with our needs for Health Care - and thus we produced sufficient doctors and other medical professionals to serve our people - it is clear that there is no such intent to develop our young people in this manner. I challenged everyone by asking "Will your consumer access to more 'Subsidized Healthcare In America' put you in a stronger position to officer help to other people in the 'Black Diaspora' who have only a fraction of the health care system that we have in America? Look at the Ebola crisis in West Africa. We have more Black people who purchased "DNA Ancestral Testing Kits" after watching Professor Henry Louis Gates on PBS than we have donating money to help as our people are terrorized by this pathogen. 

I called out people who tried to justify "medical subsidies" for the poor in America by doing a fly over of South America and Africa, as they pointed to how European nations offered universal health care. There are 300 million people in the USA and over 1 billion in Africa. I saw a show that said that 47% of the expected population growth in the world will come on the African continent in the next 100 years. Why do you allow people to sell you entitlements in America by pointing to "Developed Nations" but looking past 1 billion people and considering what YOU are being equipped to do to help them?
I am not "Looking At Obama".
In truth I am looking at how the MIGHT of the "Office Of The President Of The United States" can be made to adopt the inferiority of "Black People" (ie: "Obama Is A Victim Of Racism") while the US Government continues to do what it has always done against "Nations Of Color" yet - its most strident opposition and "moral compass" (Black Americans) is lulled into no longer calling "American foreign policy" RACIST and Imperialist and White Supremacist - they instead have been tricked into reserving this for their domestic Republican enemy and their salvation through Politics. 
When they are failed - they merely "Pray More" and donate to the offering plate.
Again xxxxxxx- Racism was classically defined as "Hatred For A People" and then the "Power" to impose your will against them. 

Barack Obama is the first Black man in world history with the power to KILL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING as part of the authorship and execution of American Foreign Policy. He has not one once less power than the 43 White men who preceded him. 
Yet in the vantage point of the Black American who is engaged in the (ignorant) political banter between these two parties and who projects his own sentiments of (Black) oppression upon the political vessel that they hope to defeat their enemy with - they would have you to believe that Obama is suffering from the same "oppression" that Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri suffered at the hands of a White policemen.
The President controls the "DEA", The "Federal Bureau Of Prisons", the FBI and the CIA - all of the "Oppressors" that we still hear "Black Nationalist" talking about today as I listen in on their conversations.
Wrap your mind around that one and tell me if these two notions (in the two paragraphs above can stand together).

I see so many Black people say that the White Tea Party is motivated by hatred of a Black man and thus they protest him and try to make him fail. I assure you that many of them DO have racist sentiment and they do not wish to lose their "White Privilege".

What people are reluctant to focus upon is the motivations of the Black American in disarming themselves from the usual criticism of American policies against "Nations Of Color" and how within America, after 50 years of voting with the hopes that this, the grand prize of the Black President of the United States in power - Black people would receive more than just this PRIDE that most feel - but instead focus on measurable DEVELOPMENT, affirming what we originally went into politics for:
* Safe Communities* Education to Transform our Children into the Supporters Of Our 'Desired Standard Of Living"* Healthy Relationships / Health Lifestyles* The Ability To Employ Our People Productively So They Can Also Sell Their Talents For An Income* The Ability To Package This Knowledge Up And Help Other People Around The World.

So you see, xxxxx- I am not looking at Barack Obama as "a pawn in the game" - I am amazed at how much the average African American has been disarmed from his initial purpose for getting the "Right To Vote". WE (BLACK AND WHITE) ARE PAWNS IN THE GAME.

It is my view that this is not going to stop until internal leadership prevents the political operatives from having free access to our "Black Consciousness" - but instead having it focused on building up our own skills within our communities so that we can learn how to develop our people and then provide structural assistance to Black people outside of America - just as Kwame Ture' and W.E.B. Du Bois ultimately adopted as their mandate after departing from the grip of the American consumer and political trap.