Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Conspiracy Theories Provide Mental Comfort To The Fool

On my drives to and from work I at times stray from my routing of listening to NPR or the financial news channels and instead listen to a few of the local talk radio shows that are avialable. I am amazed how any national subject can be made use of as yet another ball to be used in the battle that is constantly raging in this country.

Of course the latest and biggest "ball" out there is New Orleans and the damage that resulted from Hurricane Katrina. There have been people, right and left who have made use of this disaster to advance their agenda that was in place when the storm was a tropical depression somewhere in the Atlantic.

Since this blog is centered around Black Culture and since I have my own set of preconcieved notions about popular Black political ideology this article focuses on the harm that conspiracies have on the Black community.

As I listened to a particular talk radio show last night in which one Black man defended Louis Farrahkan's comments that the levee was seemingly blown up to produce flooding in the Black communities only I was particularly disturbed at the caller's ability to go with the flow out of some sense of racial unity, ignoring all of the evidence that runs counter to such a proposition. With so many Black experts who do actual work that is seen on "CSI" rather than just act on television - why aren't any of them dispatched to inspect the broken levees for signs of black powder, plastic explosives or other proof of tampering? It seems that the resolution of this question was not the objective.

In listening to another conversation on the way home I heard a particular radio show parsing the issue of the mayor suggesting that residents return as FEMA indicated that this was not a good idea. As usual most of the callers brought in the racial angle. They concluded that "white business owners" are being allowed back in while Black residents are told to stay out because there are plans to confiscate their land and make use of it for new oil refineries or upscale housing. Proof of such claims are not required.

They made note that just after the storms FEMA said that the water was not hazardous while now that Blacks want to return the water and sludge are dangerous. They made note of all of the "White" television reporters who are in town without masks and made the case that these white women would not be there if the scene was dangerous.

Unfortunately this type of "deconstructive" analysis will not assit people if they did return and a second storm were to hit and/or if in the lack of clean drinking water and verifiable non-toxicity people are injured from their presence.

It is clear to me that some people have their positions staked against their "enemy" rather than based on sound logic and reasoning.

I say again - "The greatest fear that some people must have, deep down inside, is that they will one day find themselves outside of the system that they love to criticize and come face to face with life being confinded by their own policies."