Friday, October 07, 2005

Black = Liberal / Left Winger?

Dear Black Commentator:

Once again you have lived up to your billing at the "Attack Sheep Dog" who's job is to round up all wayward Black sheep and to keep them in the pack.

I have a challenge to you that might have you to shift your considerations a bit. Clearly your article was written to document the "powerful LIBERAL base that resides in the Black community". One thing that you missed, however, is that many of the "liberal" cities on your list are also home to a great deal of economic suffering and stagnation.

In my view you are also mislabeling the ideology that many Black people hold. I think that the word "socialist" (I personally use quasi-socialist) rather than left wing or liberal would be a better fit. From Universal Health care which would draw resources in proportion to the money that you have and distribute it to the masses based on their needs to the majority of the other economic policies that you and other "quasi-socialists" support it is clear that "socialist" is a better descriptor than is "left" or "liberal". These words mean little in and of themselves.

My challenge to you though is to switch from the mode of the consideration of "QUANTITY" of support and shift over to the concept of "QUALITY" of your ideas in TRANSFORMING the Black community. In my view the Quasi-Socialist orthodoxy that dominates the Black community (and yes I am a Black man) is not bound toward the transformation of Black folks by any means necessary. It is bound to retaining it's power. You in this article only showed the success of their message to have Black folks to think in this way.

When you dare to make the same measure based on the quality of life and standard of living advances for Black people - that was created by the policies that Black folks support then you have a different story. The fact is that liberal Detroit, liberal Gary, liberal Baltimore have lost much of their economic engine that was built on Capitalism. Your periodical said as much in your "Flight of Capital" series. Despite your heavy allegiance to "liberalism" you have thus far not been able to replicate the same economic environment nor "confiscate" your way back to prosperity in these cities because the "engine" has moved to a different political and tax district and thus you have no control over them.

There are two fronts in the battle that Black folks face - the long time front has been to have the country of America to both hold everyone to the same constitutional standard, not allowing anyone to violate the rights of another based on race and to bestow resources assured to America with fair measure to all. The second front is INSIDE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY where we TRANSFORM the masses from where they stand to where we want to be as a people. This will enable us to make use of these newly enforced freedoms.

While our "civil rights leaders" have done very well at the external battle, in my view many of them are incompetent at addressing the internal battle. You see in developing a solid culture on the inside the blame game on outsiders does not get you far. Your "liberal orientation" fails miserably in this case. Where we need disciplined minds and a sense of purpose - your "liberal orthodoxy" would have a boot camp that has all of the recruits listening to iPods, spending their money on spinner rims and sneaking out of the barracks looking for women at night.

The failings of "Black Liberalism" is seen when we are LEFT ON OUR OWN without the ability to create UNITY because of our fight against some outsider.

I again ask you to "rerun your report" that you have made. Rather than sorting you "QUANTITY" of support for the same ideas that you have, as you trample on minority ideas. I challenge you to do a sort on QUALITY of these "liberal ideas" to TRANSFORM BLACK PEOPLE. Here is where you will see the flaws in your orthodoxy.


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Uncle Tom Bill said...

Nice article, now if you could just keep the unwanted damned advertisers from screwing up your commments.