Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Democratic Operatives Within The Black Community

I view myself as a Black man who holds traditional values. In my personal life I make note primarily what I need to do to effect change in my life and then I follow a course of action to stick by my plans.

I fully acknowledge that there are some structural issues in this society that will tend to thwart the best laid plans that I have due to my race. This certainly was the case in the past as no amount of "planning" would have allowed a Black man to rise to the top of the government or a corporation prior to structural change in this economy made that even a possibility.

With the above words as a pretext I find it interesting to listen to various Black people that I come into contact with, particularly with their economic and political views. What I find as I listen to them is that many of them are simply spouting the ideological and political understanding that they have been exposed to by leaders who have influence over them.

This in no way is an attempt to diminish their ability to comprehend and make judgments for the best. I am saying, however that absent a "battle of ideas" that are thoroughly and objectively debated and have them witness to this debate you can expect that their views that have been constructed from their experiences will have them skewed toward a certain ideology.

With that said I must give credit to the Democratic Party of America. They have cultivated an active crew of defenders who work for cheap and have direct access to the circulatory system of Black America. They are well camouflaged within the community. These people talk as if they are working in the "best interests" of Black people. In truth they are really just one PERSPECTIVE on Blackness but in their dominant position within the popular Black political ideology they fuse the concept of their ideology and Blackness. Anyone who does not support what they support are therefore "working against the best interests of Black people".

To prove this all you need to do is to listen to them as some popular political issues come about - Supreme Court nominees, the recent flooding and blame game in New Orleans and Federal social spending. Many of their positions taken closely model that of the line put forth by the Democratic Party. Through the powerful forces of the Black press, the Civil Rights orthodoxy, the Black minister in the pulpit and the Black entertainers who have the power to drop messages in their music (Public Enemy, Kanye West) they retain their grip on the understanding of the Black community.

Please don't misunderstand what I am saying. The fact that there is a high amount of correlation between their views and that of the Democratic Party does not have one to conclude conspiracy between these two groups. It may indeed be the case that in their ideology they rationalize things as do many Democrats do and thus come to the same conclusion.

What I am saying is that you will clearly see these people who are supposedly working in the "best interests of Black people" living vicariously through the Democratic Party's best interests. When I hear Jesse Jackson saying at the "State Of The Black Union" conference in front of an all Black crowd that "WE can take back the Congress in 2006" I first wonder who the "We" is since Blacks have never "had control of the US Congress". Secondly I wondered how in a church full of Black folks how he could be so comfortable in assuming that all of these Blacks were DEMOCRATS? Certainly none of them ever called him on these two assumptions.

Just as some Black folks make note of another Black person's use of the words "we" and "they" when talking about Black people as a measure of the person's sense of linkage with the Black community, it must also be noted how these Black Democrats interchange the word "Black" and "Democrat" as if these two were synonymous.

Most disturbingly however is that after all of the advocacy on behalf of the Democrats, having followed the notion that since Blacks are mostly Democrats and thus the Democrats in power is favorable to Blacks, little is noted about the PERMANENT improvement for Black people that has been made or failed to have been made having pursued this course of action on behalf of the Democrats. The people who were highlighted in New Orleans after the flooding had the benefit of living under a long series of Democratic mayors and governors and the same Federal government budget surplus that is credited to Bill Clinton - yet they still are poor.

It is also interesting to note how certain concepts are both propagated and enforced. I recall recently being in a beauty salon following the flooding in New Orleans. As Bush and elected officials I recall one beautician walking back and forth past the television, reserving her negative comments toward Bush and the Republicans only. For me to challenge her inaccurate statements would have me verbally assaulted. I kept quiet and marveled.

I make the case that a FALSE DICHOTOMY has been hoisted upon the Black American. We have been duped into believing that the American two party system is the sole framework for understanding our problems and for solutions. I make frequent mention of other non-white people who reside in this country and who have been achieving rapid absolute economic growth in this country by applying certain methods and practices that work outside of the traditional American system of allocation of financial resources, education and enforcement of community 'laws'.

The solution is to push all political operatives outside of our vital circulatory system. Anyone coming to the Black community offering solutions should be made to prove their previous success at achieving the common objectives that most Black people maintain. Most of our disagreement is over methods to achieve these objectives mostly stemming from their interpretation of the role of the government and their view of the protection of the most liquid of property - one's money received through income and paid as taxes.

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Brooklyn said...

The democrats depend on 90+ percent of the black vote. Without it they are sunk. Black voters produce the most "bang for the buck" for the democratic party. All the party has to do is to scream racism and black voters dash to the polls.

No one can blame the democrats for taking advantage of such an easy target.