Sunday, October 02, 2005

Part 2: Evacuating the Democratic Operatives Out Of Our Midst

I often debate these Democratic Party operatives who often claim to be working in the best interests of Black people and not on behalf of the Democrats. I will bring forth evidence that disrupts the glowing picture that they have of how the Democrats and their Black Elected officials who are Democrats have created in the Black community. Without fail their response will be to point to the Republicans rather than the expected response of defending the record of their beloved elected leader. How does one have a debate that has the objective of bringing resolution and advancement to the Black community when both parties are not bound to some type of framework for the discussion and an objective analyst provides feedback as to if a certain response is grandstanding or obfuscation and does not address the question that is being asked?

It becomes clear over time the main mission of many of them is not resolution of Black problems "by any means necessary" as their radicalism would have you to believe. In fact their agenda is to promote a solution that is based on their ideology since they have rationalized that their ideology has some type of exclusive benefit of being the only true and correct orientation for a Black man to have if he is a "real Black".

I challenge those who are truly above the American system of bifurcated entrenchments and who are really focused on solutions for Black people to call out their brethren who are Democratic operatives in the same manner that they are quick to call out advocates for the Republican party who are Black.

In our community simply giving George Bush a fair shake and coming to the table with an open mind added to one's own knowledge of the limitations of government is tantamount to "treason" in many folks eyes. Often times I am correcting misstatements and all out lies about Bush or some accepted enemy of Black people as christened by the dominant forces in our community. In doing so I am said to be a defender of everything "Bush" when in truth I am very critical of his policies when they deserve criticism. (Rampid spending, lack of a clear alternative to Affirmative Action as he says that college admissions should not be race based but also acknowledges the long history of racial segregation in this country.)

It seem to me that at the end of the day all parties who have their respective positions on the ideological spectrum need to adopt common goals and allow each person to have their own methodologies to get there. There is no such thing as "total unity". The price for attempting to reach this point is seen in the repression of thought that happens along the way.

We need a framework for the evaluation of policies that are thrown our way. In this type of measure we purge those plans that have not worked or have a slow rate of ascention to the said goal. We can take frequent measure to provide feedback and adjustment. We can communicate "Best Practices" to promote those items that work and stay away from those that have failed.

The disingenuous of battling for one's political party in the context of battling for one's race's best interest needs to be kept separate for the same reasons that "church" should be kept separate from "state". The infusion of the two can only lead to perversion of both.

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What's your MP up to these days?
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