Sunday, June 18, 2006

Societal Change - The Pitch Fork vs Disciplined Innovation

I recall purchasing Dr. Claude Anderson's series of books in which he layed out the case that Black Americans should work to corner the market in the seafood industry. From catching the bounty to shipping it to the wholesalers to selling it via retail and restaurants. This, he believes, is a ground floor opportunity for Blacks to be suppliers of a commerical good that is in high demand in America and around the world.

As I listed to the "Keep Hope Alive" radio show and then a replay of the Shelley Wynter show - with Derrick Boazman substituting - I realized the gravity of the situation that Black Americans face. We are nearly - ALL CONSUMERS. The planned protest march on June 24 in front of select gasoline stations in order to lower the price of gasoline is a TACIT ADMISSION THAT WE ARE IN BONDAGE.

You see a PROTEST is a action to raise your voice to a power that has authority over you WITH THE EXPECTATION THAT YOU WILL GET HIM TO CHANGE as he sees your anger and frustration.

In this give an take world of the market economy - the players in the oil/gasoline industry - the OIL COMPANIES and [u]the OPEC NATIONS (the element that the average Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist misses as he rants against corporations) have seen that DESPITE YOUR PROTESTS - your budget can allow you to send more of your money to them BECAUSE YOU NEED WHAT THEY ARE SELLING.

This anger alone is not going to have Black people actually STOP DRIVING. Hell, MOST OF THE PEOPLE GOING TO THE PROTEST ARE GOING TO DRIVE THEIR GAS POWERED CAR TO THE PROTEST. And will most likely fill up at the gas station because they need fuel.

As I have laid out several times in my "Capitalist Consumer Co-Conspirator" theory - the complict members of society FACT THE NOTION OF DEGRADING THEIR STANDARD OF LIVING SO THAT THEY MIGHT LIVE UP TO THE WORDS OF RHETORIC THAT THEY SPOUT. Most are not WILLING TO DO SO. All that is left then is angry protests hoping that "the man" might provide them with relief.

I have been posting over time SEVERAL instances of groups or individuals having grown tired of a certain constraint having INNOVATED a solution that will burst through system as they know it today and create a new benchmark for all to operate off of. THIS INCLUDES the $100 laptop in India and Brazil, both of which have a more cavernous "digital divide" than American could ever find justification to complain about their own condition. Another example are the various initiatives for developing small, solar powered water treatment units that bring clean water to those people around the world that are impacted with water borne diseases.

With all of this said - I am amazed at how myopic the American CONSUMER is with respect to the development of the next round of energy sources that will allow the masses to tell the OIL COMPANIES where they can stick their hoses.

I posted a story about George Washington Carver, having been recruited to Tuskeegee by Booker T. Washington but the school being short of funds to build a lab for him. He made his way to the junk yard to assemble all of the equipment that he needed and thus was history. Sadly the Black American today would take the course of looking at the University of Alabama and how much lab equipment THEY had and then lobbying the state government for EQUAL FUNDING for this equipment. The question of APPLYING THIS EQUIPMENT to actually solve a problem - well this was not a part of the bargan. Besides the federal government did not provide them with a grant to solve anything that was pressing in America. Undecided

In the AU Center we have Morris Brown shuttered. We have Clark AU having shuttered their engineering program because of budget cuts. [b]Let's put two and two together folks - SOME MAN (human being) is going to crack the code in the development of the next generation of energy for Black people, Americans, the entire world. With the system of patents and the high demand for alternative sources and the PROOF that there is a fertile market full of cash for those who can INNOVATE to bring forth this new generation of energy WHY DO WE HAVE PITCHFORKS IN HAND (SEE PICTURE BELOW) RATHER THAN BEAKERS AND LAB TEST EQUIPMENT BEING PURCHASED TO BRING THIS ABOUT?

Certainly the world of ENERGY is much, much more lucrative than the world of FISH.


Sweetwuzzy said...

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I look forward to reading your post. It has been quite a while since you have posted both at and at your blog.Hopefully you will continue to write.

Anonymous said...

All of this sounds good. But how do we get started? Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver were motivated by the vivid memories of slavery and civil war. We simply want to assimilate, be accepted, and sacrifice no more. We bow down to the god of money. Our children are smart. We have not taught them how to succeed on standardized test. However, we have taught them that the only thing that matters is "money". For this reason, they join the various cults of the streets whose high priests are the living imbodiment of conspicuous consumption. They work hard to prove that they got our message by filling their mouths with gold and riding on wagon wheels that scream wealth, status, and bling-bling. After all, to follow your plan, our youth will have to study chemistry, mathematics, biology, even standard English. This is clearly a road for suckers. They see examples of "educated" people with the symbols and artifacts of wealth. We stop teaching them to learn for the sake of learning. We taught them only to learn to accummulated wealth. Our very smart children simply bypass the books and move directly to the money. We also worship the cult of entertainment which reminds us over and over again how much money can be made if we gain the right audiance and secure the right market share. Court jester, not chemist or engineer is role model.
Could we actually live like the Indians or other south Asians you mentioned. Look at the sacrifices made by the Hispanics. We have adopted the curriculum that book learning is for whites and Asians. We will need to rid our culture of the cult money and bling-bling. Then go after the mega churches. Opps!