Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Perceived Opening For the Abstracted Kneegrow In America

A Perceived Opening For the Abstracted Kneegrow In America

The current state of affairs in the world where forces around the world are uniting against America and Israel is generating some excitement for a particular force that has long been dormant in the undercurrent of America - the "Abstracted Kneegrow". This creature lives with resentment against America and "White Supremacy", at least if you let him tell it. He sees the United States and its military force that goes all around the world to secure the valuable resources that the Abstracted Kneegrow uses to fill up his care, as an agent of White Supremacy all around the world.
The fact that the United States is in conflict with Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela gives rise to the hopes within the Abstracted Kneegrow that one day America will be brought to her knees and that he and his life as a long oppressed citizen in America will be the better for it. What a fool he is.
The one thing that the Abstracted Kneegrow seems to miss is that his RIGHTS are a function of "someone who gives a damn" about him and his rights. Let us make note of the recent fate that came upon the various American military infantry men and contractors who were caught by the insurgent forces in Iraq. They were beheaded or otherwise tortured. Where as the so-called human rights forces around the world have a process for taking the United States to task for the indiscretions that are done by American forces, there is no such system to do the same upon seeing far worse actions by the insurgent forces. Thus you must have someone who gives a damn and is attempting to live up to certain standards in order for justice to be had.
The Abstracted Kneegrow has not learned from the past that his best hope for the pursuit of justice is within an America that is at peace. When war breaks out any entity will close its ranks and not allow the enemy to conspire against him from within. During war time the notion of "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" gets purged. No nation is going to allow its enemy, real or perceived to poison its food and water supply or do other disruptive things. The thought is - if you want to cheerlead for the enemy then let us treat you as we treat them.

We must also consider the concept of Reparations. If the United States falls then all claims for reparations that are due from slavery of the past get purged because the entity that owes the sum is no more. Since there appears to be a high correlation between those who support reparations and those who would like to see other world powers stand up and take down the American giant logic says that the Abstracted Kneegrows who want their pay day are in fact conspiring against this day ever coming to be.

The most clear indicator of the sufficiency and competence in planning by the Abstracted Kneegrow is had by inspecting the roots that he has laid down in other lands. Is there evidence, for example, that he has ever actually visited an African country and developed links with them so that one day when he does depart the belly of the beast he can be taken in among friends. The following is a list of things that one would expect to see if the Abstracted Kneegrow (or other Blacks for that matter) were serious in departing these lands and going elsewhere:

1) Directing more African-Americans in to the fields of epidemiology and entomology in order to discover a means of eliminating malaria from the continent of Africa

2) Leverage the proximity of one of the Caribbean islands, preferably Haiti to develop a bridge between the relative wealth of America and another impoverished nation so that BEST PRACTICES can be developed on building infrastructure and educational systems in preparation for executing this same plan in a more wholesale rate on the African, Asian and South American continents

The Abstracted Kneegrow is all about TALK.

In 100 years from now the 3rd generation of his off-spring will be born into this world. He will arrive in the world from the starting point that his ancestors have dropped him off. The Abstracted Kneegrow living today does not seemingly fully appreciate that his FEARS, actions and adoption of beliefs that cannot be proven via scientific means does nothing more than take forward steps of progression away from the point at which his offspring yet to be born will start off.