Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poverty Religious Fundamentalist

I have noticed that there are extremists on both sides within the dogma of Christian religion. On the one had is the person who can speak judgment and damnation for those who fail to follow the "law" in the bible. They are able to articulate how the homosexual lifestyle will bring back the state of "Sodom and Gomorrah" to the modern world. They will tell you that few people will make it into heaven but they know for sure that they are one of them.

On the other extreme is another type of dogmatist. They focus on poverty and Jesus' words that we take care of our poor and infirmed. The problem with them, I notice, is that they employ policies that keep the poor coming back for more rather than develop any foraging skills of their own. It is the cathartic experience of "helping a victim" that drives these people. I hardly believe that Jesus meant for us to help the poor and then allow their bodies and skills to atrophy thus creating a permanent check off on your weekly "do gooder" list.

The problem is that of the two types - the second type is more entrenched into the dogma of Christianity. With the first one we have "judge not lest you be judged" as a rational cut off to anyone who dare use the bible in a strict constructionist manual that can't be interpreted via human intelligence.

The poverty angle, however, is more of a difficult challenge to prove that one is over doing things to the state of perversion. I am of the view that God created man with intelligence for a purpose. I fully expect my dog to suffer if I do not feed him via the routine that I have set up for him. This is the same thing for my young, dependent children who will cry if they believe they are left stranded in a department store after having wandered off from my presence.

I simply cannot assign the same dependent state to a grown man or woman who are otherwise of sound body and mind. People have an enormous capacity to see how to milk the system and go along for the ride. In my view over done charity absent any demands upon the receiver who is otherwise healthy only leads to harm to that same person.

If the Christian minister who talks about maximizing grace cannot bear to bring himself to ask people to look within their soul to decouple from the breast milk then he is an antagonist to the very policy that he has preached.

In my view the most appropriate strategy is to WALK TOGETHER. Meet someone you are attempting to help half way. Ask that they do something to contribute to their own salvation. Provide constructive feedback to that person in a non-threatening way so that this person might build up the confidence that has been shattered inside due to years of conditioning toward that point.

If you are a fish distributor in that famous saying "don't give a man a fish - teach the man how to fish", having a long line of people seeking to receive from you then you need to consider the impact of your untimely departure upon their own psyche and way of life.

If the goal is to maximize the man then the means is to distribute power and leadership to the edges rather than to the fish distributor.