Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This Negro Needs To Be Taken Down A Notch

Today as I was riding home with with my kids in the car I reached a merge point in the main road where two lanes go into one. I was in the right hand merge lane and I merged over in a reasonable fashion. In no way did I cut the guy off behind me. I looked into my rear view mirror and I see a guy "flipping me the bird". Clearly the problem was with him because it was no big deal. I saw that it was a teen aged White boy driving alone in his momma's Mercedes that had given me the finger.

We got to the next block and I turned into left the shopping center. (The one that has the "Fantastic Sams" in it N8). I noticed that he too had turned into the center. When we approached the second stop sign I got out of my car and walked toward his. I did not come closer than 5 feet from the front of his car. I asked "Do you have a problem with me? Do you have a problem with me?". He shook his head "No". I asked "Well why did you give me the finger?" as I made the gesture. He shook his had and waved. I saw his heart come up to his throat. A 6'5" Black man in a suit can be as intimidating as one in "urban apparel".

At this point I remembered a story that I had heard yesterday about a Marine Captain in Iraq who was asked to go and meet with an Iraqi cleric at a local mosque to talk about the security arrangement for the area. Upon seeing the armed Americans headed toward the mosque the local villagers gathered in numbers because they thought that the Americans were sent to kill or arrest the cleric. At that point the captain ordered this men to get on one knee, point their guns to the ground and smile at the crowd. This was called "social capital" by the author of the book on the subject who told the story. So before I turned around I waived at him and smiled and told him to have a nice day.

All the while there was a sports bar behind me. There were about 3 different White couples who witnessed the entire thing.

Just as Dick Gregory noted that today a Black woman who once had her breasts fondled by a White man no longer had to fear telling her husband and risk him being arrested or killed for confronting the White male violator...........today I also tested the state of affairs between the races as none of these White folks, males among them, came over to me to teach me a lesson that I can not "Punk" one of their White males who will one day have to lord over me.

In order to be a "Progressive" you have to also TEST THE WATERS.

That is until my wife who I had on the phone asked me what was going on. I told her to hold on when I got out of the car. She reminded me that this was dangerous in these times especially since I had our children in the car. I told her that it was just some punk kid and I kept my distance either way.

Maybe since I have been working as a peer to White folks for so long......I forgot my place. (What do you think blaxxx?)


blaXXX said...

first of all, it's "blaXXX", my friend...and remember;

how can one ever REALLY be taken serious as 'Progressive' if they live attacking those who

*think differently, to make a diffence
*rise Up against Inequality

in ways that even reach a level of mockery, toward Blackfolk who seek to keep Dr. King's and Title 7 of 1964's intentions, alive?

Learson said...

A visit to http://niggermania.com

should cure you.