Monday, November 20, 2006

What Is "Self Hatred" / A "Self Hater"?

Debate enough Black folks of a particular ideology but dare to have views that are not in line with theirs and you are sure to be called a "Self Hater". Rather than attempt to define what this means in absolute terms I hope to detail how this is used as a means of cajoling other people by some who attempt to use their "racial gravitational pull" to enforce unity. One should not mistake "unity", a quantitative concept with effectiveness of one's thoughts toward achieving a better outcome - a QUALITATIVE concept.

I've always wondered what particular certification and training these people had that has allowed them to become "authentically Black" and thus are able to cast judgment on others and name call when they think unlike what "Black people are supposed to think". To be honest with you I wouldn't have so much of a problem with "group enforcement" except that they are too selective in its use. Rather than going after your personal ideological enemies why not apply "Self Hatred" to the Black people who are doing material harm to our people, allowing others with a difference of opinion than you to live as they choose? Unless of course you are paying their way in some form?

Why not question if the Black Thug who shoots another Black man dead had hatred in his heart because he saw a being which he hated in the scope of his gun? Was he really killing himself when he smoked that Black man who's life is draining into the street? I don't hear these same people attempting to strip the race from these people doing the killing. If anything you will hear "I hope that BLACK MAN can get a fair trial in front of that all White know Blacks are more inclined to get the death penalty". No hint of "deBlack-afying" this individual though.

Why not make the case that a Black man who "beds" a Black woman and produces a Black child but he has no significant imprint on the child's environment as created via his financing, on the child's education as dependent upon the input from an adult to guide him or on that child's character development as defined by resident parents who set limits and provide discipline when this child goes out of line or a hug when the child exceeds expectations. Might this man who is not present is guilty of the worst kind of SELF HATRED? This child is at least 50% of his own genetic profile. To walk away from the responsibility there in sure seems like an example of "self hatred" to me.

Over all, however, the term "Self Hatred" is applied to those who ARE NOT SILENT any longer as to what they are seeing in our community or our schools as they direct criticism toward the guilty party. You can attract this label with the quickness if you begin to think that what we see on the streets of some of our communities is not in fact rooted in the legacy of historical slavery and Jim Crow but instead represents the ABSENCE of something that COULD HAVE been INSTILLED IN THE OPERATORS who are causing this chaos.

A few weeks ago a video of several Black parents edging their two young sons on for a fist fight was blasted across the glob on "YouTube". Instead of seeing THIS as evidence of "Self Hatred" - inflicting violence upon two young kids who did not know why they hated each other.......those who would dare SHOW THE VIDEO and ask "What is wrong with us" are the one's with Self Hatred.

Our community is very "judgmentalism" averse. It is better to not judge and stay silent, avoiding attack than it is to cast judgment with respect to a higher standard that you seek to achieve. More time is spent on detailing the dirt on another group than it is spent on measuring the offending subject against YOUR OWN SET OF VALUES and responding accordingly.

The cry of "Self Hatred" will remain an empty tactic until that which we are asked to UNIFY UNDER is more sound rather than having it as "you drop your silly ideas and UNIFY under my flag".

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Getto Behavior Caught On Tape

With the advent of "YouTube" I assumed that certain people with an agenda would attempt to undercut "authority" (police, etc) by filming events that lacked the context to give a fair and accurate portrayal of events. In many cases, however, the police's actions are clear as day and need no further clarification of context.

So it goes with this film clip. We see two young Black males urged to fight each other as an assortment of supposed adults look on with great fanfare. I have little doubt that these events and more sadly this mindset occurs countless times a day in both Black, White and Hispanic communities.

The sad part, however friends is that there are certain operatives within the Black community that will run out and do a search to FIND THIS OCCURRING WITH OTHER RACES and content themselves that since "other people are doing the same thing - Black people are doing fine with respect to these others".

For some reason having fellowship in the mud brings satisfaction that nothing more needs to be done WITHIN our community to change these facts.

Far too often the people who are attacked in our community (Cosby) should be lifted up as "Telling the truth and shaming the devil". The people who are lifted up should be checked but are left unchecked, allowing their ignorance to spread for yet another generation.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Welcome To Atlanta - BET Hip Hop Music Awards

Last night, Saturday the much reviled, but frequently watched Viacom entity known as Black Entertainment Television or BET held its first annual "BET Hip Hop Music Awards" at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.

Despite the frequent verbal attacks on BET and its founder, billionaire Robert Johnson - there were no protesters lined outside the venue to display their distaste for the "White Record Executives" who are like pushers for this material upon the Black community. The pictures that I saw were of adoring fans, most of them Black, in their attempts to recreate what is often seen in Hollywood on the red carpet just prior to an awards show.

It is clear that Black Atlanta knows how to repudiate what is really has strong distaste for and this event showed that BET and Hip Hop are not on this list. When arch-nemesis President George Bush dared to set foot on the hallowed ground at the King Center on MLK weekend to lay a reef at the grave of the great leader with his widow at his side - hundreds of angry Blacks dropped everything they were doing and showed their disdain for the man and how he was offensive to them to a point where a strong police presence was necessary to prevent the Secret Service from having to do what they are trained to do.

One must ask - on a relative basis who has the greater influence upon the minds and culture of young Black people and how can our community justify its silence and complicity with respect to the messages that are being produced by these minds that received a pat on the back on an Atlanta stage in a building that their fore-fathers were not allowed in just 70 short years ago or sooner.

Where is the Black community with respect to taking action against this force that pumps so many corrosive messages in the minds of our young people? I know that you all believe that the White Record Executives and Bob Johnson are responsible for all of this but knowing the culprit and talking effective steps to thwart this force that stands against you are two very different things.

May Dr. C. Deloris Tucker rest in peace. She warned us about all of this and she was torn down as a result of not staying silent any longer.

Low Expectations Upon A People Keeps You From Being Disappointed When They Live Down To Them

The Usual Suspects Are On The Attack.  Wow. What a surprise.  Did you think that I thought that you were going to "wish me well" in my departure?

Sadly enough - you are the one's hurting inside.  The fact is that there is a bunch of angst among you despite the fact that you have ignored the big #3 in my post.  

You see the very thing that you assume your ideology is going to fix is the very thing that you all don't want to talk about - <span style="font-weight:bold;">the social consequences of the common sentiment and policies that you support most bring forth among the people that you claim to care about the most.</span>

As long as you have someone else to both blame and to use as a target to unify your people against - you figure "if we just try harder and not give up" things will change for the better.   You have been fighting and outside fight a few decades longer than the outside fight was the most important battle to be fought.

Thus as Lewis, Young and Franklin tell you that fire hoses and police dogs might return if you don't vote a certain way - no one brings to the front line the fact that THESE THREE ARE IN POWER IN THE CITY that has the main threat for Black people coming from ANOTHER BLACK MAN WITH A GUN on average.  

They don't make the case that in the majority Black county of Dekalb that has Black leadership in the government and on the police force (acting chief is White) that this county is on a record pace of police involved shootings this year.

In is the hollowness inside you that prevents you from inspecting this empty space.  To "go there" would mean that you would have to have BUILDING SKILLS - the ability to CONSTRUCT SOMETHING THAT IS "SIGHT UNSEEN".  The gimmicks that are currently used would no longer be bought by the masses.

It would have you to reject the attempts to shift your problems upon some external entity.  Your concept of "unity" would shift from the FIGHT AGAINST this amorphous enemy - getting him to change so that your community would prosper from forcing him to share with you - over to a "leave us alone and allow us to keep the fruits from our efforts".

Your petty responses were expected.  Thank you for living down to my expectations of you.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Desparate Woman's Internal Void And Her Unwillingness To Address It - Both Her Personal Void And The Void Inside Of Her Own People

No way to CENSOR ME ON MY BLOG baby. The FCC does not regulate the Internet.

Please NOTICE FOLKS - this woman had a whole slate of "red meat" to choose from with respect to my 5 message post.

What was the first thing she chose to key upon?
The fact that I was posting elsewhere.
Did she DISPROVE that I am working toward a certification?
I am sitting in class right now - waiting for the instructor to get started. (A melanated person is sitting next to me...except he doesn't have an accent. He is as brown as I am but is from India, having moved here when he was 2)

Why is she so focused in on ME?.......a Black man who is doing the right thing - growing in my education withing or without a formal system of education to hinder me? Where is your voice with respect to THE OTHER BLACK MEN who are doing otherwise?

The name that Uncle Tom Bill called you seems appropriate at this point.

Out of all of the points that I made about about the INTERIOR of the Black Community over time and the FAILURE of the Black Media to focus upon it and the people governing it - WHAT DOES NEWS JUNKIE CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON?
The NATIONAL ELEMENTS that were contained within the 5 pages. BUSH is her favorite subject no doubt.
In 2008 she may get a Democratic President, house and senate. Does anyone believe that the Black community is going to prosper then?


I suspect that you are running from something on the inside of you just as you run from primarily dealing with inssues on the inside of the Black community. This internal neglect is what is bringing down both you and the Black community as everyone else CAN SEE THE OBVIOUS in both cases.

You ask ME to leave my family and go assist some kid who's life was shaped by POLICIES THAT YOU SUPPORT yet you don't see the VERY CONTRADICTION IN YOUR BASIC LOGIC. If I am such a LIAR and my general policies such a threat to the Black community why would you have me to INSTILL THEM IN OTHER BLACK PEOPLE? Why don't you ask the Black people (and the DAMNED FLEA INFESTED FOXES in the cockpit) who readily agree with you to LEAVE THEIR HOUSE AND GO OFF INTO THE GHETTO to echo your beliefs unto these kids?

You showed me your true colors when you listened to all 24 recordings on Herman Cain's web site and after they assaulted EVERYTHING THAT YOU BELIEVE IN - general conservative values.
Upon hearing all of these recordings you called for their CENSORSHIP for ONE OF THE 24 saying ONE WORD of offense to you. You are a God Damned Hypocrite to a DISGUSTING LEVEL.

What is your purpose?
When you DEFEND/OPPOSE do you bother to look at the state of that which you are protecting? Do you make measure of WHAT THEY REALLY NEED rather than what you IN YOUR BIASED STATE believe what they need?

WHY DON'T YOU GO AND GET MY BLOG SHUTDOWN FROM BLOGGER.COM? In silencing me as you want to silence Herman Cain - you won't have to deal with reality.

This from a Black Female who "doesn't attract THOSE TYPE OF BLACK MEN" - the very one's who are a PRODUCT OF THE BLACK GHETTOS THAT PEOPLE WHO THINK LIKE YOU GOVERN.


Why don't you like to talk about what is going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY? You want to lobby on BEHALF of them (in your mind) but you don't want to DEAL WITH THE PEOPLE LIVING THERE.

Black Unemployment Rate

Have a nice day.