Friday, November 10, 2006

A Desparate Woman's Internal Void And Her Unwillingness To Address It - Both Her Personal Void And The Void Inside Of Her Own People

No way to CENSOR ME ON MY BLOG baby. The FCC does not regulate the Internet.

Please NOTICE FOLKS - this woman had a whole slate of "red meat" to choose from with respect to my 5 message post.

What was the first thing she chose to key upon?
The fact that I was posting elsewhere.
Did she DISPROVE that I am working toward a certification?
I am sitting in class right now - waiting for the instructor to get started. (A melanated person is sitting next to me...except he doesn't have an accent. He is as brown as I am but is from India, having moved here when he was 2)

Why is she so focused in on ME?.......a Black man who is doing the right thing - growing in my education withing or without a formal system of education to hinder me? Where is your voice with respect to THE OTHER BLACK MEN who are doing otherwise?

The name that Uncle Tom Bill called you seems appropriate at this point.

Out of all of the points that I made about about the INTERIOR of the Black Community over time and the FAILURE of the Black Media to focus upon it and the people governing it - WHAT DOES NEWS JUNKIE CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON?
The NATIONAL ELEMENTS that were contained within the 5 pages. BUSH is her favorite subject no doubt.
In 2008 she may get a Democratic President, house and senate. Does anyone believe that the Black community is going to prosper then?


I suspect that you are running from something on the inside of you just as you run from primarily dealing with inssues on the inside of the Black community. This internal neglect is what is bringing down both you and the Black community as everyone else CAN SEE THE OBVIOUS in both cases.

You ask ME to leave my family and go assist some kid who's life was shaped by POLICIES THAT YOU SUPPORT yet you don't see the VERY CONTRADICTION IN YOUR BASIC LOGIC. If I am such a LIAR and my general policies such a threat to the Black community why would you have me to INSTILL THEM IN OTHER BLACK PEOPLE? Why don't you ask the Black people (and the DAMNED FLEA INFESTED FOXES in the cockpit) who readily agree with you to LEAVE THEIR HOUSE AND GO OFF INTO THE GHETTO to echo your beliefs unto these kids?

You showed me your true colors when you listened to all 24 recordings on Herman Cain's web site and after they assaulted EVERYTHING THAT YOU BELIEVE IN - general conservative values.
Upon hearing all of these recordings you called for their CENSORSHIP for ONE OF THE 24 saying ONE WORD of offense to you. You are a God Damned Hypocrite to a DISGUSTING LEVEL.

What is your purpose?
When you DEFEND/OPPOSE do you bother to look at the state of that which you are protecting? Do you make measure of WHAT THEY REALLY NEED rather than what you IN YOUR BIASED STATE believe what they need?

WHY DON'T YOU GO AND GET MY BLOG SHUTDOWN FROM BLOGGER.COM? In silencing me as you want to silence Herman Cain - you won't have to deal with reality.

This from a Black Female who "doesn't attract THOSE TYPE OF BLACK MEN" - the very one's who are a PRODUCT OF THE BLACK GHETTOS THAT PEOPLE WHO THINK LIKE YOU GOVERN.


Why don't you like to talk about what is going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY? You want to lobby on BEHALF of them (in your mind) but you don't want to DEAL WITH THE PEOPLE LIVING THERE.

Black Unemployment Rate

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were a conservative.
Is this your thugside coming out?
Why would you let some womans words cause you to act out in such a negative way? Do you really value her opinion that much? Do you date her or something?

Uncle Tom Bill said...

What else could expect from a conceited, elitist black racist? While she disproves of using the word "nigger", she WILL use the word "cracker",as evidenced on RR site! Pitiful, just pitiful!

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I thought you were a conservative[/quote]

Being a "conservative" has nothing to do with calling a spade a spade.

A person who is so vile in that on the one hand she talks about "working on behalf of the Black community" (or more exactly - 'the little guy') but when given a field of issues to focus on SHE ONLY PICKS THE ONES THAT LEND THEMSELVES TO HER IDEOLOGICALLY, PARTISAN perspective.

I am simply calling a spade a spade. Her purpose in life is to UNDERCUT folks who disagree with her NOT TO FOCUS ON THE REAL ISSUES THAT FACE BLACK PEOPLE.

The one thing that she DOES NOT LIKE TO TALK ABOUT IS "Black folks and WHERE THEY LIVE". She likes talking about Republicans. There are few BLACK REPUBLICANS governing Black Communities.

Why is NJ and other Democratic operatives so loathed to talk about THOSE WHO ARE THE ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY? They CLAIM they want to FIX things yet they always talk about Republicans.