Friday, January 05, 2007

Black On Black Violence Is Finally Being Talked About

My response:

The so called Black Leadership does not know how to EFFECTIVELY deal with Black on Black crime because it does not lend it self naturally to their typical choice of weapons to confront a problem that besets Black people. No PROTEST, speech that displays an engineered sense of outrage or letter writing campaign against a Conservative bad guy who "doesn't like Black people" is going to change this fact that is leading so many Black Americans to an early grave each year.

This level of violence WITHIN the Black community is residue from some long ignored forces. After all these are largely "our own sons" who are killing each other. The primary message needs to be crafted for them. While many of these same progressives are understandably loathsome of producing a "lock'em up and throw away the key" approach to dealing with the problem in that it deals with the problem after the trigger is pulled and the funeral is over, in truth some of the policies that they have fought the hardest for over time contribute significantly to the problem.

In a chat board that I participate in most members took an "ideological test" that plotted everyone to a particular set of coordinates. On the X axis was your views on economic issues - strong government control to the left, market based control on the right. On the Y axis was your view of social issues - strong government control at the top, "do it if it feels good to ya" libertarianism at the bottom. Interestingly enough most of the "brothas and sistas" who I have the most strident debates with scored in the quadrant that demanded strong government control of the economy with a "key your laws off of me" perspective with respect to social control of the people.

In effect this is a plot of what we often hear within the Black community where there is a never ending call for MORE GOVERNMENT FUNDING to correct social ills as they also reject most policies that ask the individual "victim" within to "do participate in his own salvation" as a means of receiving salvation. This is called "BLAMING THE VICTIM".

Take a look at Philadelphia. Last year in response to the record number of Black on Black homicides several community activist groups drove 107 miles to Harrisburg, the state capital to ask the GOVERNMENT to do something to keep their sons from getting their hands on guns. The fact that certain White legislators who did not live in the crime plagued cities resisted stronger gun control laws as the impetus to shift the conversation over to that which is most comfortable for Black activists - blaming WHITEY. These White "conservatives" did not care that Black people were killing each other, it was said. They cared more about their own ability to hunt game and possess guns in the event that the problem spilled over into their community it was said.

Lost in this entire episode was the fact that these people had to depart their own communities rather than huddle within and formulate a message for the products of their own households. Where are the EFFECTIVE strategies at conflict resolution? Where are the initiatives to break the long held claims that it is in fact the "content providers" in Thug Rap rather than just the "White Entertainment companies" who are propagating the image of thugs, drugs and fast women in fast cars to these people who are caught up in the game? We have control of these companies via the money we choose to spend or not spend as a vote of our preferences. More so - we have control of our Black sons because they were born from our bodies and conditioned into this world by the hand that rocks the cradle.

The problem can no longer be obfuscated folks. Rather than having the "fire and brimstone" damnation, playing on images of uncontrolled reproduction - which only turns people off, we need to focus on MANAGEMENT of our human resources within our community. More adult face time spent with groups of children, active filtering of the music and video games that put ideas into their heads and more of a sense of COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP.

Rather than falling into the cycle of seeking ever expansive federal government funding for these programs the community needs to focus upon more human interaction themes within the church halls and community centers that are already in existence within. Independence and self determination needs to be key.

The Black community is nearing a point where our desperation for change is going to be born out by massive riots or IF MANAGED PROPERLY by a willingness WITHIN to accept certain public policy principles that the current "Negros on stage with a mic in their hands" have been loathed to accept in the past because the burden is placed UPON THE BLACK COMMUNITY for the conduct of EFFECTIVE change, rather than the injection of external government funds attempting to do so.

As an old rap song says "The Choice Is YOURS".

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