Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Black Conservative II" - What Do You Expect Us To Do For The Community

As you can tell - I frequently debate Black people on issues important to my community. Many of them are self described "Progressives". Yes it is true that I take an aggressive, contrarian stance against that which is claimed as "mainstream" thought WITHIN the Black community. I have the belief that no particular ideology or accepted set of methodologies for accomplishing a certain end should be mistaken as being inherent to a given race of people. I believe that we must commit ourselves to the END and not to a particular dogma. I do not mistake "popularity" of a particular methodology with the properties of its "EFFECTIVENESS" at achieving a certain desirable end. In fact, upon closer inspection it might be clear that the prevailing powers and the dogma that they bring forth are actually enforcing unity toward a given methodology of their preference which keeps them in power to a greater extent than objective measure could prove that they are committed to actually achieving a particular end, "The Promised Land", no doubt.

In having the new found control of their own communities as we have seen increasingly in the "Post-Civil Rights Movement" time period in which Blacks have achieved greater political power and economic choices, one would expect to see forward progress in the attainment of the essential elements that certain operatives promised would flow toward the people upon their ascension to power. (Better schools, more economic opportunity, safer streets, healthier living).

With all of this as a basis for my arguments I must ask those who are inclined to "rescind my Blackness" because I don't think like you.........."What is it that you expect from me to be a 'Black Man In Good Standing'?".

From a recent series of debates that I have had it is clear the answer centers upon my willingness to go beyond the wanton attacks upon Black thugs and other mal-actors within our community. I must put aside my mere words and directly engage "my people who are not as "blessed" as I have been so that they will stop acting in a way which is so upsetting to me and thus the source of my criticisms. Indeed the fact that I focus so much on the negative elements who are doing so much harm to innocent Black people rather than seeking out "good news" stories within our community in order to "uplift my people" is evidence that I am working counter to the "interests of Black people" - again......if you allow some people to tell it.

So get this - I "hate Black people" based on my willingness to be critical of certain BEHAVIOR but at the same time I am asked to ENGAGE THEM AND HELP THEM. Isn't it more logical that the Protector of Blackness who is making this charge against me would seek to KEEP ME AWAY from the flock so I don't poison them with my thinking? One Black person that I engage and convert to my way of thinking is one more enemy to the "Protector of Blackness" - if the logic stands to reason that is. Clearly their attacks on my willingness to be critical about the antics WITHIN the community is not an attempt by them to permanently banish me as THEY "feed the flock". Their attempts to attack me and others are an attempt at forcing me to change, to accept their assumptions that THE SYSTEM stands against Black people and thus the outcomes that we see are a result of THE SYSTEM but not anything that "these people" have done. We must come bearing fish and clearing away obstacles, but keep our opinions to our damned selves. So any principles or theories of living that I have adopted which can be shown to be the essence of my "success" should be either put aside or "dumbed down" as I should not have the same expectations of them that I have for myself.

Who hates Black people again?

Why is it assumed that to ASK ANYTHING OF "those who are victims in life's lottery" in support their own "salvation" is mean spirited in nature? Why is it such an offense to place the injury from "the system" on the same scale as injury from your day to day thoughts, behaviors and actions and apply PROPORTION to the calculation and thus determine that one has the power to escape the gravity coming from "the system" in 2007 if one is diligent?

As I am being pummeled for my supposed lack of involvement with those who are less fortunate I try hard to not counter with what I am actually doing with my time or donations to make a difference. It is more interesting to allow my debate adversary to paint me in the worst case scenario. I am brought to wonder if this person is on the mailing list for donation requests from the UNCF, National Urban League or other charitable organizations making a difference as I am. I was once told that money given in annual contributions are more for "tax purposes" than what should be mistaken as any particular sign of caring and commitment to Black people. One can't win, it seems.

I am expected to leave the house where my wife and my children reside and benefit from my presence and go elsewhere to engage the children of some other two people who are "less fortunate" than I am. In truth I have no problem with this within reason. The various "Youth Motivation Days" or "Career Days" that I have participated in over time have given me a valuable opportunity to interact with teenagers as a means of understanding their thoughts, interests and actions. So once again - I have no problem doing my part in exposing young - particularly Black - students to what I do for a living or to impart my life's wisdom upon them. I have used "patterning" within my life as a means of determining "what I want to be when I grow up". I may not have the time to set up my own engagement programs but I make myself available to help those who set them up and need volunteers more frequently than most others who escape criticism because they are silent against the assaults of the "Defenders of Blackness".

So once again - my willingness to help is not my point of contention. My point of disagreement with the prevailing winds has to do with the willingness to ask the tough question......."What is the source of so much void in the lives of these children who need our drastic help?"

One of my core values in work and in society is to understand problems that I am put within the midst of and to develop a system under which these problems are placed under managerial control and where I can work myself out of this particular task which is dependent on my presence, allowing me to on to the next bigger challenge. I am not seeking dependency upon me and my efforts I am seeking to add order to the actions of the operatives and bring consciousness to that which they do so that a greater outcome can be produced. The bottom line is - within a free people - the results that are achieved among them over time are as result of the inputs from all of the operatives within the system. Fundamentally - to change the outcomes we must have more consciousness and control of the contributions.

With all of this said in theory I must now bring forth the real world element of "the legacy of racism" and "conspiratorial actors who desire a negative outcome" which will no doubt be introduced as the prime reason for the perpetual burden that so many within our community must face. I agree 100% that this county and the system that has been in place within this world for the past 500 or more years has been no friend to the African. The economic system that has been in place has valued our labor but has not adequately compensated us for it. All of this is a GIVEN in my understanding of "how we got here".

I operate on a mandate of "Where Do We Go From Here?". Within this framework it would be flawed to fail to consider the current legal protections, opportunities that have been opened as a result of the protection of our rights. I am one to test the waters and move forward far beyond that point that we were formerly not allowed to go. I choose not to mistake the individual ignorance of what a racist person might think of me with government's blindness to systematic racism that tramples my civil rights as an American. This racist individual is not a government agent and thus his ignorance does not illustrate the state of race relations of the day. The JUSTICE SYSTEM and their willingness to enforce the law which says that his offense against me has violated my rights and thus he must be punished is the PROPER REFERENCE of societal race relations. To do otherwise is to be put on a path in which you are chasing after racists having them setting the agenda as you hope that one day all racist events will end because you have changed them. This is a flawed and a futile strategy. Offending behavior that is illegal should be prosecuted. You are free to commit a crime - a society that is so preemptive in preventing crimes is also a totalitarian society. The government should make their laws clear, allow people to act as freely as possible and then punish those who violate the law.

Stepping back for a second - the power of blaming "THE SYSTEM" (beyond what can be substantiated) also has the effect of abstracting the ultimate outcome from your own thoughts, behaviors and actions in achieving a certain end. Certainly a person who was walking down the street minding his own business with his life savings in his bag and who gets mugged was doing everything was the offender who stole his money that has caused his current void.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

"You Hate Black People And Could Care Less What Happens To Us"

So said the Progressive-Fundamentalist radio talk show host on a local Black talk radio show. The subject today was about a new policy for the Atlanta Housing Authority which requires all residents who are younger than 60 and who are not disabled must have a JOB working 30 hours per week or more or be in school seeking job skills in order to retain their residency status.

I listened for about 1.5 hours regarding how the majority Black housing authority board who made this policy are against the interests of Black people. I heard how "THE SYSTEM" is racist and produces racist results that work against Black people. I heard how the Black man is being kept down and that we should fight on behalf of those Blacks who have limited means as a result of oppression. I heard the talk host who sees himself as the "protector of the Black poor" (and thus seeks to maintain a large base of constituents) say that "I will defend Black people till the end because we need someone who is going to stand up for us and our interests". I thought to myself as he said this "are there any people who deserve scrutiny based on their own actions?". Clearly for this man the answer is "No". Sadly the popular positions in our community are not always the right positions to change the status at which too many of our people are stuck at.

I could not take any more rhetoric so I called in. Approximately 6 callers talked about how the radio host had skewered a previous "Black Conservative" caller who challenged the entire radio community of callers who thought that having a job or going to school was an evil mandate. I knew from previous experience that since the talk show host controls both the mute button as to which of my words actually get released over the air and the telephone switch hook that he would have the final word and thus I have little chance of challenging his way of thinking. This time was no different.

I first asked how he, after seeing the recent implosion of the "Robert Taylor Homes" in Chicago after it turned into the "killing fields" for so many Black physical bodies and Black dreams by loading up people with a culture of poverty into one area? I saw how the "Public Housing Rights Activists" declared war against the housing authority and sought to remove many of the standards which had the unintended consequences of lowering the bar within the community. I told him that while a previous caller was correct in saying that the first housing project in Atlanta was full of White people, the fact is that Progressive Public Housing Activists like himself fought against many of the policies that served to keep the community clean, quite and free of dysfunctional behavior because they felt that they were discriminatory against the poor.

I told him that while he may pride himself in the short term for "feeding someone for yet another day", the Progressive-Fundamentalist needs to be judged by his ability to TRANSFORM the community over the long run. I made the case that when we look WITHIN the Black community over a 20 year period or more it is very clear that their polices have fallen short of reaching a desirable affect WITHIN the Black community. The Black community is not going to change until those who are promoting the key policies WITHIN the Black community are held accountable for the results that are produced.

He then went on to ask me about the 3 White kids from a solid middle class family who robbed a store recently. "How is it that these kids did this despite their upbringing?", he asked me. (I had no idea where he was going with this one, so he switched gears).

He said that I feared going into the Black community and engaging with these Brothers and Sisters who are in need of help and not just people like me dumping upon them all of the time. They need assistance to help them face the challenges that are in front of them. I told him that he had no idea what I do within the Black community and that all he is spouting is generalizations. I mentioned that I am engaged in a reading program for Black youth "trying" to reach them.

He then keyed in on my one word as he discarded the rest of my commentary. That one word was "TRYING". He said that "You are TRYING but you have not connected with these people because YOU HATE BLACK PEOPLE AND COULD CARE LESS WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM". The line then dropped and the rhetoric continued.

It appears that I express my "love for Black people" by removing what the Progressive-Fundamentalists see as OBSTACLES and what I see as COMMUNITY STANDARDS out of their way. I should ignore the legacy of the housing projects that have destroyed the lives and the dreams of and the culture of so many Blacks people. The new housing policy that promotes MIXED INCOME communities, with the hopes that the CULTURE OF WORK will predominate and result in the Poverty Culture to be purged out of the minds of those who are infected with it. This is a good thing. His way has failed. It is time to try something different. It is time to ask the residents of these communities to DO SOMETHING in support of their own salvation. Having our conversations redirected upon the shortcomings of other races and other income classes is not going to adequately fix and address the clear and concentrated problems WITHIN these communities that have so many challenges before them.

Little did that particular Progress-Fundamentalist know - the original housing projects within Chicago were TEMPORARY residences for people moving up from the South or recent widows or divorcees as they got back on their feet before moving out. They were very attractive places to live during the first few decades of their existence. Factory workers, policemen and teachers lived there and the community was strong. There was a waiting list to get in. The community began to disintegrate, initially when a shift in public policy resulting from a backlash by White residents within the various communities (ie: Southside) resisted the integration of their communities by Blacks and the city administration began to pack poor Blacks into high rise public housing projects as a way to address the housing challenges. As Whites moved out to the newly developed suburbs, middle class Blacks began to depart the projects and assume the housing in these traditional neighborhoods. This left a high concentration of poor people remaining within the government housing projects. Over time various Community Activists began to erode the policies that served to keep the community clean and the environment sound for the residents. The conditions that we saw as a result is a direct function of the liberalization of the standards.

Unfortunately those who stood proud over the "victories" that they had AGAINST the housing authorities around the nation then are no where to be found today laying claim to the baby that they have birthed with respect to the conditions that resulted.

Once gain - my goal is to hold the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser accountable for the policies that he promotes WITHIN our community. He is clear on what he is "fighting AGAINST". The foe is mostly EXTERNAL or those Blacks who go up against THEM. When we inspect the long term results of his conquest - many times it does not look good WITHIN the community.

I found it interesting that while the radio host and several callers commented on how the host "handled" the previous Black Conservative caller only to personally experience this same host's tactics and realize that he is a fraud. His community of followers will no doubt believe that he "handled me" as well, casting back my "Self Hate of Black people" in the process. I wonder - if I have a fundamental belief that my people are a great people and I seek TRANSFORMATION of my people by having everyone live within a CULTURAL FRAMEWORK that channels our energies positively and which suppresses certain behaviors that lead to regression and which saps the spirit of our young people........while the "Defenders Of Blackness" are "handing out fish" so that they can squeak by for another day but are never questioned as to if THEY see these Black people as anything other than "POOR AND IN NEED OF HELP".....who then is guilt of "self hatred"?

I am, again, fully convinced that some Black Progressive-Fundamentalists desire power and a large following of people who are dependent upon them as a leader. Since they are inclined to be rejected by Blacks like me who, in their minds "THINK they have made it" (but only need the White man to land on them to wake us up from our dream - if you allow them to tell it) it seems that they are going to always hand out fish in order to keep their base of dependents intact.

Which of us, I ask, display more "Self Hatred" for Black people in our assumptions of and expectations of Black people? To me it is a basic ideological difference. They see "loving Black people" by providing for them. I see "loving Black people" by insuring that we all live up to our full potential and the rest will take care of itself.

I refuse to sit silent as dysfunction is perpetuated upon our community as protected by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heroes Up In Harlem

In the past 7 days two forces from Harlem NYC have allowed me to supplement my statement of "Lord please forgive my people for they know not what they do" in response to the "Stop Snitching" segments that were documented by Anderson Cooper first on "60 Minutes" and then on "Anderson Cooper 360" on Tuesday evening. This increased focus on the cultural underpinnings of the music and enforced behavior that is resident within certain communities was precipitated by the Don Imus fiasco.

First I must tip my hat to Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO of "Harlem's Chlidrens Zone". He is providing direct intervention into the lives of a large number of inner city children from the area. He is standing firm, leading with a well grounded philosophy that projects from what "HE believes" rather than the typical rant of what "THEY don't want Black people to have". It is refreshing to see both the presence of some core principles and the resulting success in a place where there a such strong countervailing forces working against him.

Secondly I have to give a standing ovation to the "Harlem Village Charter School". They were spotlighted on CBS Evening News. The school has successfully taken children who 3 years ago were failing at reading and math and lifted them to the point where the school has one of the top scores in standardized math testing in the state. I am puzzled as to how our community can continue to accept the common line that "this is an exception, our schools are too underfunded as compared to 'suburban schools' that they are expected to compete with at the same level of standards". It seems to me that each "Harlem Village Academy" that is present around the country is a direct assault to this claim. HVA and other charter schools that are modeled after KIPP have been entering into the most underserved communities, often with a fraction of the funding that the standard government operated schools receive and have successfully improved the academic standing of many of these students. The common theme that I hear for these schools are *Longer school days, *Periodic Saturday classes, *Strong Management of the School Code for personal integrity.

In seeing these two examples I am further convinced that at least some of the countervailing forces that resist the wholesale improvement of our children are insurgents who look a lot like us but who have other interests and agendas separate and distinct from the goal of our collective advancement as a people.

Monday, April 16, 2007

What Is The "Black Conservative" Doing For The Community?

So frequently this beast called the "Black Conservative" who on the one hand is reminded of his lack of power WITHIN the Black community is also reminded that when there was a need during the Civil Rights Movement he was no where to be found as the more "radical progressives" who were more boisterous lead the way toward achieving real freedom for Black Americans.

If you allow some folks to tell it the "Black Conservative" was a hunch back servant to the White power structure. He was the first one to "dime out" those enslaved Blacks who conspired to run away from the plantation......if you allow some people to tell it that is.

In truth history tells a much different tale. The so called "Black Conservative" at the time were the pillars of the community. They were the school teachers who provided discipline to and challenged the intellect of many of those who took the radical engagement approach. They were the preachers who added bricks to the foundation of the Black community WITHIN. They were the hard working Black parents who focused on keeping food on the table of the mouths that they were blessed to be responsible for feeding.

Interestingly enough, however, while the so called "Black Conservative" is historically dogged out for his unwillingness to take the "big jump", putting it all on the line as they attack the "White Power Structure" for change as they put their jobs, livelihood and freedom from jail or beating on the line....the fact is that today in 2007 those who are perpetually disenchanted with American and the Capitalistic system in general express the same fear of "taking the jump" out of their own nest of comfort when it comes to making a radical departure.

The book "Who moved my cheese" has never rung more true than to consider the unwillingness of the Fake Black Radical and his willingness to stop feeding the beast who's "belly" they live within. The real truth is that the Black Rebel Without Pause has build up his fortunes upon sliding sand as he has defined himself AGAINST some external force rather than his ability to MANAGE Black Human Resources WITHIN the Black Community to achieve a certain end.

Today in 2007 there are few people who reside firmly within one of the two ideological extremes - pure Liberal/Progressive or Pure Conservative. My rebellious friend who lives 10 minutes away from me shows considerable conservative sensibilities when it comes to family and child rearing.

The fact is that the so called "Black Conservative" is focusing his attention mostly "at home" or making his own mark "at work". He is not only breaking certain stereotypes that others have about what a Black person is capable of - he is taking full advantage of the new freedoms that are in place that allow Black folks to reach certain heights that were formerly unattainable.

The Black Progressive Radical is actually conflicted. On the one hand he has fought for access for Black people to the ranks of corporate management and the board room. At the same time it is clear that he is unaware that the Black man who actually assumes this open seat in 2007 is going to be expected to produce the same output as the White or the Asian who would have the seat otherwise.

The Black Progressive Radical needs to ask himself some tough questions. Is he acting as the "rebel" for the sake of rebellion or running counter to those who are his long time adversaries? Or is the Black Progressive Radical hoping to REPAIR the Black man, noting that prior to the African being molested our natural tendencies would have been widely disbursed among various perspectives before a common threat forced us to sharpen our focus upon societal change by any means necessary. So it comes to question - does the dispersion of ideology within the Black community provide proof of our "healing" or should this be seen as a threat to our "unity" as the Black vote might be "fractured" among various fronts?

As I consider the country of Jamaica which I am very familiar with, there is a strong diversity of thought among its Black people throughout the ideological spectrum. Why is it that such a "dilution" along the axis of ideology for a country who's African-Jamaican people have known freedom longer than African-American has known is a natural consequence of having to manage their own affairs but such a dilution in America is a threat to the power base for Black people?

I am left to circle back to the key question. IF ONLY the Black Progressive could point to several key benefits of his ascension to power that the Black community has recognized WITHIN then we who are inclined to disagree and/or agitate against them would be shuttered into our proper place.

I, who will assume the label "Black Conservative" for the ease of argument I doing my part. My "job" has been to provide for my family and to raise my children with respect to the common set of values that my wife and I have brought to the table. For some reason when I bring this important point to the table its power is diminished by those who are seeking a fight or looking for a "super hero" character to serve as an alternative to the role that the mythical "Obama" is serving for them now - prior to their future disappointment that will no doubt come. Why is it, for example that they are unable to consider the inverse proposition? It is clear that much of the Black community's ailments stream from our problems with committed and sustained male/female relationships in the context of our child rearing decisions. The fact that I point to this as the centerpiece of my consciousness does not mean that this is exclusive to the so called "Black Conservative" it is an acknowledgement that the bulk of our TRANSFORMATION resides in the changes that we make INTERNALLY that are projected first throughout our own people and then upon the judgment of others who are now our racial adversaries.

The entire tendency of defensiveness over a misrepresented image or stereotype is easily cured by shifting the center of balance for the community that allows it to stand upright BACK INTO the community rather than having it run through some other man's printing press or video production room. If someone attempted to propagandize the notion that the Chinese are lazy and the Indians are irresponsible with their business ventures would fail to achieve his end because the FACTS IN THE REAL WORLD would show otherwise.

How is it that some people live on the belief that they will achieve some type of permanent end by primarily managing the actions of their EXTERNAL ADVERSARY more than their INTERNAL RESOURCES?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Putting Down Black People

The claim of "Putting Down Black People". These are the favored words of those who's actions serve to protect the status quo WITHIN the Black community.

It seems that if a conscious Black person who is tired of going with the flow dares to call out the actors of behavior that run counter to any reasonable assumption of "progressive outcome" for our community and pushes back......this person himself will be the subject of attack.

There is a strange tendency among those who seek to protect the status quo WITHIN the Black community. They seem to non-judgmentally accept the offender back into the fold of Blackness regardless of his offense - be it murder of another Black, gross academic failure or the verbal disregard for Black women as the key product of their work - as we see with the Sambo Entertainers in the field of Hip Hop.

The typical response of those who stand in the way of change WITHIN is to bring forth examples of White people who have offended in the same manner. Thus me, a Black man, who is seeking correction WITHIN the Black community, should be appeased that somewhere in this world WHITE PEOPLE are doing the same thing but I am failing to call them out. This logic escapes me. It appears that the Black community is not allowed to have a set of standards that are higher than that of White Folks as we work to change our relative position within this society and world. We all know the truth though, don't we. Those who seek to protect the status quo WITHIN the Black community simply want to throw a red herring into the equation so that the Black mal-actor who would otherwise be pressured by the collective to change will be able to continue to act unimpeded until those who are offended attempt to 'cure world hunger', going after White folks and Blacks equally.

My fight is not against ALL BLACK PEOPLE. My fight is against one specific force that has taken over the consciousness of my people. This force is the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser". They proclaim their power yet run away from the results of their conquest over my people. When I, for example put out the news that the city of Philadelphia which is 80% Democrat has topped the century mark for homicides in the first quarter of 2007 - it is NOT to tweak the nose of the Blacks of the city who no doubt make up the majority of this 100 dead figure. My goal is to point out evidence of the FAILURE that those who have a certain prescribed set of notions on what is best for the Black community yet run away unaccountable for the results of their reign.

The key failure is that they lack perspective and coordination. The key to their activist movement is to fight against EXTERNAL adversaries who they believe are the key forces of harm upon the Black community. In their view once these forces are put in check the benefit will rain down upon the Black community. I will be the first to admit that during the Civil Rights Movement when "a Black man had no rights that a White man need respect - this external strategy was a no brainer and superior". Fast forward to the year 2007. A body of law protects the Black man from a White man who would have in the past walked away with impunity or even bragged about his deeds in the local paper. We consider a Black community that is suffering from internally inflicted wounds of gun violence, unchecked AIDS rates and an entertainment machine that thrives on images of "Ho-ified" Black women and threats to kill other Black men with their "9's" and it becomes clear that the policies of the past are obsolete.

There is a body of "Civil Rights Leaders" who got their power and fame "back in the day". They reference the time in which the White mob beat the hell out of them or the fire men trained their hoses upon them. Sadly the most pressing problems that are WITHIN the Black community are not going to be solved by these tired old tactics. Quality Education is not a province of protests against the government for more resources. Ask these same people what BLACK PEOPLE need to do to express "educational excellence" and you will get quick switch to another subject.

My goal is the have the greater Black community put IDEAS on how to solve our problems INTO PLAY. The BQPFRC benefits when he can arrange for all attacks against HIS FLAWED POLICIES to be an attack on Black people as a whole. They have successfully made "Blackness" into a set of actions rather than a complex set of ideas that are expressed for our general improvement.

In disrupting the status quo no doubt toes will be stepped upon. I am not seeking to make friends any more than the people who operated in the real Civil Rights Movement saw the need to have all White folks agree with them as a pretext of their success. The key question that the Black community must ask itself is "Are you content that the course that has been taken over the past 40 years has brought prosperity WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as has been promised". Once this careful consideration is made a platform for REGIME CHANGE can be firmly established. Many a corporation had to make the tough decision to expel its founder because the modern day challenges of the entity is far beyond what this beloved individual has shown himself capable of MANAGING. The Black community faces this same tough decision. Sadly many of those who promote democracy the most actually believe in "leadership for life" as the skills that they honed on the Civil Rights Battle field are used to remind all Blacks that without their efforts the Black community would still be oppressed - don't be fooled into believing that the White man has fundamentally change. He has been tempered. This statement is little different in its origins than what George Bush is claimed to exploit with his use of terrorism as a uniting force.

The laws that keep the actions of racists in check should allow me to operate as an individual with his own understanding JUST AS WOULD BE THE CASE IF THE BLACK MAN WAS NEVER MOLESTED BY CENTURIES OF SLAVERY AND COLONIALISM. If the end game of the Black operative were just they would be promoting a return to a healed and thus DIVERSE state. Instead they hold the legacy of oppression over our collective heads warning that "If you don't know your past you are doomed to repeat it".

Since the African has been on this Earth for thousands of years the statement above is inaccurate and perverted. The more correct statement that places our history into context is "If you don't know your long history you will fail to return to your state of independence that allowed you to survive as a people for thousands of years".

I REFUSE to be silent upon BLACK PEOPLE who threaten Black people. Their harm is equal in my book to that of a White racist seeking to do the same.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Impose STANDARDS For Offensive Talk Against Black Women And Enforce Them Across The Board

Reference Point:

Snoop Dogg on why when HE calls Black women "ho's" its different than when Don Imus, a White man, calls them "nappy headed ho's"

"It's a completely different scenario," said Snoop, barking over the phone from a hotel room in L.A. "[Rappers] are not talking about no collegiate basketball girls who have made it to the next level in education and sports. We're talking about ho's that's in the 'hood that ain't doing sh--, that's trying to get a n---a for his money. These are two separate things. First of all, we ain't no old-ass white men that sit up on MSNBC going hard on black girls. We are rappers that have these songs coming from our minds and our souls that are relevant to what we feel. I will not let them mutha----as say we in the same league as him."

There you have it folks!

When Snoop Dogg calls Black women "ho's" they have earned the title. His words are reserved for the shady Black women who are trying to beat a brother for his bank and who ain't about nothing with their lives.

I thought that conscious people were about helping the least among us?

The fact is that Snoop Dogg and others are like "foxes guarding the hen house". They are not bound to any particular set of standards. In fact their popularity stems from their ability to push the limits, covering new turf in the gutter that have not been explored before as a means of keeping their material fresh.

I could care less about Don Imus. The few times that I have watched a small segment of his show I have found it to be boring and non-intellectually stimulating. If the broadcasters want to pull the plug on him due to pressure from the sponsors - go for it. Just put a better show in his place.

Turn our attention to the organized forced within the Black community who have come to life over these words said by this White man. This one incident has motivated what a call the "Black Quasi Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" into action. Various local factions around the nation have held press conferences telling of their outrage. They are organizing a national response, going after the commercial firms that pay the bills for the Don Imus show to cut him off.

Again I have no problem with this.

To give you a bit of history - I have been debating on line for more than 10 years. Frequently I search out lyrics from various Hip Hop artists and post them to show the vulgarity, ignorance and disrespect for Black woman and the threats of violence against other Black males that is frequently present in this content. The typical response to this is for the debate opponent to showcase a White rock and roll band who has said similar offensive remarks about women. For some reason I as supposed to be appeased by the fact that a White person has made a similar offense. I am not. This does not change the material facts as to what the Minstrel Black artist has done. When this does not work the next tactic is to make a personal attack against me. I am said to be "attacking one of our own" and the attempt is made to shun me. They take the millionaire artist under their wing because there is hope for him to be "changed" into a positive oracle while they work to strip me of my Blackness. Is there any doubt why we as a people are unable to move ourselves forward from the inside out? The key problem resides with the "Keepers of Blackness".

I therefore propose an across the board standard for all COMMERCIAL communications that might involve attacks upon Black folks - women in particular. The standard is that WE WILL FIRST LOOK AT THE CONTENT and make an objective opinion of its appropriateness. Our response will be based primarily on this review. Next we will look at the offending person. There will be diminished value placed on this person's race or the "context" that it is used in. This for too long has been a "loophole" that has long been exploited. Those who are exploiting this exception know what they are doing and are profiting handsomely from it.

Finally the greater task is to turn to the consumer of this ignorance and to question them as to why they choose to consume this garbage as we make them consider what they could have been taking into their minds, body and soul instead. At minimum stop paying money to hear someone call you out of your name.

For so long the Black Activist has called for "equal justice". Now is their opportunity to show a bit of it themselves.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Authority - Different Fatherhood Strategies

The other day I linked up with a friend in my community to take our children to a local gaming arcade. Afterward we got some food and got a chance to catch up on everything that is going on in our lives.

Of course the discussion about our wives and our children was a key element of this discussion. When we got to the discussion about our children things got interesting. He has one son and I do. In his view he wanted to teach his son to "Question Authority". The reverse of this position - from my understanding of his words - is to sheepishly do what ever you are told and not consider how it maps against what you actually believe to be the "right thing".

This philosophy is very different than the guiding principles that I operate upon. I work to have my son "take authority" from me. This concept was received within my by the words of a local preacher. With this concept there is an assumption that the authority figure is properly yolked and that in communicating his authority to those he has been charged to care for they too will be brought up to one day assume the mantle.

As I compared the two operating principles - "Questioning Authority" and "Taking Authority" I began to evaluate the possibilities of outcomes that result. Of the two I would have to say that I was raised in a "Taking Authority" mode. My father was the strong leader of the house though my mother was the day to day manager that corrected us. There was a respectful fear of my father among his five boys. (Even though my oldest brother warranted fear because the consequence of not doing what he told us to do was to get beat up).

The mantle of authority was further sealed when during my teen aged years my father "got saved" within the Christian Church. He "got himself right" and thus we could find few obvious exceptions to have us question his credibility to lead.

I know that my friend has a tenuous relationship with his own father. He let me in on a past series of conflicts between him and his father that got to the point of verbal confrontation.

I have never had an enraged verbal conflict with my father. Even in my adult years as we have disagreements about real world events such as politics, religion, and racism - I am able to use my own life's experience to argue my point and lay out examples that are adequate enough for us to "agree to disagree". He is more inclined to place many of the world's events into religious/biblical terms per his understanding. I am more likely to order my views into the basic understanding of human psychology.

We did reach agreement on the issue of repairing the Black family and all of its components. He told me about his interaction with many of the troubled kids on the streets of Philadelphia via a faith based program that he is participating in. He called it the 'Regeneration of the Black Male'. As we discussed his concept it sounded very similar to the term that I had been using in my debates elsewhere - the "Transformation" of Black people from our current state to that which we aspire to be. In his term - 'regeneration' the important concept is that the current individual change form and then the children that he/she produces will also receive the benefit of this new guidance. The dictionary definition of the term is: "verb - form or produce anew".

When I told him about my concept of "transformation" it was clear that, for the most part, we were talking about the same thing but using different terms to describe it. He would be more inclined to produce a more church centered solution where the church is the distributor of moral guidance - which is credible. I would be more inclined to produce a more culturally based solution where the community and its leaders are engaged at producing the end by managing the human resources that come under their fold.

At the end of the day the presence of AUTHORITY is the common theme in both of these strategies. In practical purposes we need both community and religious leaders to be congruent in the same strategy with each of them playing their respective parts. They both must project themselves as being worthy of taking such a mantle - not superhuman and without sin but certainly willing to deal with major infractions without obfuscation.

In my view this is a more sound and comprehensive strategy to my friends "Questioning Authority" strategy. I don't believe that this prepares an individual enough for when HE is the "authority figure" that must manage the outcomes of those who he will later become responsible for.

Time will tell who had the more effective strategy.