Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Black Conservative II" - What Do You Expect Us To Do For The Community

As you can tell - I frequently debate Black people on issues important to my community. Many of them are self described "Progressives". Yes it is true that I take an aggressive, contrarian stance against that which is claimed as "mainstream" thought WITHIN the Black community. I have the belief that no particular ideology or accepted set of methodologies for accomplishing a certain end should be mistaken as being inherent to a given race of people. I believe that we must commit ourselves to the END and not to a particular dogma. I do not mistake "popularity" of a particular methodology with the properties of its "EFFECTIVENESS" at achieving a certain desirable end. In fact, upon closer inspection it might be clear that the prevailing powers and the dogma that they bring forth are actually enforcing unity toward a given methodology of their preference which keeps them in power to a greater extent than objective measure could prove that they are committed to actually achieving a particular end, "The Promised Land", no doubt.

In having the new found control of their own communities as we have seen increasingly in the "Post-Civil Rights Movement" time period in which Blacks have achieved greater political power and economic choices, one would expect to see forward progress in the attainment of the essential elements that certain operatives promised would flow toward the people upon their ascension to power. (Better schools, more economic opportunity, safer streets, healthier living).

With all of this as a basis for my arguments I must ask those who are inclined to "rescind my Blackness" because I don't think like you.........."What is it that you expect from me to be a 'Black Man In Good Standing'?".

From a recent series of debates that I have had it is clear the answer centers upon my willingness to go beyond the wanton attacks upon Black thugs and other mal-actors within our community. I must put aside my mere words and directly engage "my people who are not as "blessed" as I have been so that they will stop acting in a way which is so upsetting to me and thus the source of my criticisms. Indeed the fact that I focus so much on the negative elements who are doing so much harm to innocent Black people rather than seeking out "good news" stories within our community in order to "uplift my people" is evidence that I am working counter to the "interests of Black people" - again......if you allow some people to tell it.

So get this - I "hate Black people" based on my willingness to be critical of certain BEHAVIOR but at the same time I am asked to ENGAGE THEM AND HELP THEM. Isn't it more logical that the Protector of Blackness who is making this charge against me would seek to KEEP ME AWAY from the flock so I don't poison them with my thinking? One Black person that I engage and convert to my way of thinking is one more enemy to the "Protector of Blackness" - if the logic stands to reason that is. Clearly their attacks on my willingness to be critical about the antics WITHIN the community is not an attempt by them to permanently banish me as THEY "feed the flock". Their attempts to attack me and others are an attempt at forcing me to change, to accept their assumptions that THE SYSTEM stands against Black people and thus the outcomes that we see are a result of THE SYSTEM but not anything that "these people" have done. We must come bearing fish and clearing away obstacles, but keep our opinions to our damned selves. So any principles or theories of living that I have adopted which can be shown to be the essence of my "success" should be either put aside or "dumbed down" as I should not have the same expectations of them that I have for myself.

Who hates Black people again?

Why is it assumed that to ASK ANYTHING OF "those who are victims in life's lottery" in support their own "salvation" is mean spirited in nature? Why is it such an offense to place the injury from "the system" on the same scale as injury from your day to day thoughts, behaviors and actions and apply PROPORTION to the calculation and thus determine that one has the power to escape the gravity coming from "the system" in 2007 if one is diligent?

As I am being pummeled for my supposed lack of involvement with those who are less fortunate I try hard to not counter with what I am actually doing with my time or donations to make a difference. It is more interesting to allow my debate adversary to paint me in the worst case scenario. I am brought to wonder if this person is on the mailing list for donation requests from the UNCF, National Urban League or other charitable organizations making a difference as I am. I was once told that money given in annual contributions are more for "tax purposes" than what should be mistaken as any particular sign of caring and commitment to Black people. One can't win, it seems.

I am expected to leave the house where my wife and my children reside and benefit from my presence and go elsewhere to engage the children of some other two people who are "less fortunate" than I am. In truth I have no problem with this within reason. The various "Youth Motivation Days" or "Career Days" that I have participated in over time have given me a valuable opportunity to interact with teenagers as a means of understanding their thoughts, interests and actions. So once again - I have no problem doing my part in exposing young - particularly Black - students to what I do for a living or to impart my life's wisdom upon them. I have used "patterning" within my life as a means of determining "what I want to be when I grow up". I may not have the time to set up my own engagement programs but I make myself available to help those who set them up and need volunteers more frequently than most others who escape criticism because they are silent against the assaults of the "Defenders of Blackness".

So once again - my willingness to help is not my point of contention. My point of disagreement with the prevailing winds has to do with the willingness to ask the tough question......."What is the source of so much void in the lives of these children who need our drastic help?"

One of my core values in work and in society is to understand problems that I am put within the midst of and to develop a system under which these problems are placed under managerial control and where I can work myself out of this particular task which is dependent on my presence, allowing me to on to the next bigger challenge. I am not seeking dependency upon me and my efforts I am seeking to add order to the actions of the operatives and bring consciousness to that which they do so that a greater outcome can be produced. The bottom line is - within a free people - the results that are achieved among them over time are as result of the inputs from all of the operatives within the system. Fundamentally - to change the outcomes we must have more consciousness and control of the contributions.

With all of this said in theory I must now bring forth the real world element of "the legacy of racism" and "conspiratorial actors who desire a negative outcome" which will no doubt be introduced as the prime reason for the perpetual burden that so many within our community must face. I agree 100% that this county and the system that has been in place within this world for the past 500 or more years has been no friend to the African. The economic system that has been in place has valued our labor but has not adequately compensated us for it. All of this is a GIVEN in my understanding of "how we got here".

I operate on a mandate of "Where Do We Go From Here?". Within this framework it would be flawed to fail to consider the current legal protections, opportunities that have been opened as a result of the protection of our rights. I am one to test the waters and move forward far beyond that point that we were formerly not allowed to go. I choose not to mistake the individual ignorance of what a racist person might think of me with government's blindness to systematic racism that tramples my civil rights as an American. This racist individual is not a government agent and thus his ignorance does not illustrate the state of race relations of the day. The JUSTICE SYSTEM and their willingness to enforce the law which says that his offense against me has violated my rights and thus he must be punished is the PROPER REFERENCE of societal race relations. To do otherwise is to be put on a path in which you are chasing after racists having them setting the agenda as you hope that one day all racist events will end because you have changed them. This is a flawed and a futile strategy. Offending behavior that is illegal should be prosecuted. You are free to commit a crime - a society that is so preemptive in preventing crimes is also a totalitarian society. The government should make their laws clear, allow people to act as freely as possible and then punish those who violate the law.

Stepping back for a second - the power of blaming "THE SYSTEM" (beyond what can be substantiated) also has the effect of abstracting the ultimate outcome from your own thoughts, behaviors and actions in achieving a certain end. Certainly a person who was walking down the street minding his own business with his life savings in his bag and who gets mugged was doing everything was the offender who stole his money that has caused his current void.

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