Sunday, April 15, 2007

Putting Down Black People

The claim of "Putting Down Black People". These are the favored words of those who's actions serve to protect the status quo WITHIN the Black community.

It seems that if a conscious Black person who is tired of going with the flow dares to call out the actors of behavior that run counter to any reasonable assumption of "progressive outcome" for our community and pushes back......this person himself will be the subject of attack.

There is a strange tendency among those who seek to protect the status quo WITHIN the Black community. They seem to non-judgmentally accept the offender back into the fold of Blackness regardless of his offense - be it murder of another Black, gross academic failure or the verbal disregard for Black women as the key product of their work - as we see with the Sambo Entertainers in the field of Hip Hop.

The typical response of those who stand in the way of change WITHIN is to bring forth examples of White people who have offended in the same manner. Thus me, a Black man, who is seeking correction WITHIN the Black community, should be appeased that somewhere in this world WHITE PEOPLE are doing the same thing but I am failing to call them out. This logic escapes me. It appears that the Black community is not allowed to have a set of standards that are higher than that of White Folks as we work to change our relative position within this society and world. We all know the truth though, don't we. Those who seek to protect the status quo WITHIN the Black community simply want to throw a red herring into the equation so that the Black mal-actor who would otherwise be pressured by the collective to change will be able to continue to act unimpeded until those who are offended attempt to 'cure world hunger', going after White folks and Blacks equally.

My fight is not against ALL BLACK PEOPLE. My fight is against one specific force that has taken over the consciousness of my people. This force is the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser". They proclaim their power yet run away from the results of their conquest over my people. When I, for example put out the news that the city of Philadelphia which is 80% Democrat has topped the century mark for homicides in the first quarter of 2007 - it is NOT to tweak the nose of the Blacks of the city who no doubt make up the majority of this 100 dead figure. My goal is to point out evidence of the FAILURE that those who have a certain prescribed set of notions on what is best for the Black community yet run away unaccountable for the results of their reign.

The key failure is that they lack perspective and coordination. The key to their activist movement is to fight against EXTERNAL adversaries who they believe are the key forces of harm upon the Black community. In their view once these forces are put in check the benefit will rain down upon the Black community. I will be the first to admit that during the Civil Rights Movement when "a Black man had no rights that a White man need respect - this external strategy was a no brainer and superior". Fast forward to the year 2007. A body of law protects the Black man from a White man who would have in the past walked away with impunity or even bragged about his deeds in the local paper. We consider a Black community that is suffering from internally inflicted wounds of gun violence, unchecked AIDS rates and an entertainment machine that thrives on images of "Ho-ified" Black women and threats to kill other Black men with their "9's" and it becomes clear that the policies of the past are obsolete.

There is a body of "Civil Rights Leaders" who got their power and fame "back in the day". They reference the time in which the White mob beat the hell out of them or the fire men trained their hoses upon them. Sadly the most pressing problems that are WITHIN the Black community are not going to be solved by these tired old tactics. Quality Education is not a province of protests against the government for more resources. Ask these same people what BLACK PEOPLE need to do to express "educational excellence" and you will get quick switch to another subject.

My goal is the have the greater Black community put IDEAS on how to solve our problems INTO PLAY. The BQPFRC benefits when he can arrange for all attacks against HIS FLAWED POLICIES to be an attack on Black people as a whole. They have successfully made "Blackness" into a set of actions rather than a complex set of ideas that are expressed for our general improvement.

In disrupting the status quo no doubt toes will be stepped upon. I am not seeking to make friends any more than the people who operated in the real Civil Rights Movement saw the need to have all White folks agree with them as a pretext of their success. The key question that the Black community must ask itself is "Are you content that the course that has been taken over the past 40 years has brought prosperity WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as has been promised". Once this careful consideration is made a platform for REGIME CHANGE can be firmly established. Many a corporation had to make the tough decision to expel its founder because the modern day challenges of the entity is far beyond what this beloved individual has shown himself capable of MANAGING. The Black community faces this same tough decision. Sadly many of those who promote democracy the most actually believe in "leadership for life" as the skills that they honed on the Civil Rights Battle field are used to remind all Blacks that without their efforts the Black community would still be oppressed - don't be fooled into believing that the White man has fundamentally change. He has been tempered. This statement is little different in its origins than what George Bush is claimed to exploit with his use of terrorism as a uniting force.

The laws that keep the actions of racists in check should allow me to operate as an individual with his own understanding JUST AS WOULD BE THE CASE IF THE BLACK MAN WAS NEVER MOLESTED BY CENTURIES OF SLAVERY AND COLONIALISM. If the end game of the Black operative were just they would be promoting a return to a healed and thus DIVERSE state. Instead they hold the legacy of oppression over our collective heads warning that "If you don't know your past you are doomed to repeat it".

Since the African has been on this Earth for thousands of years the statement above is inaccurate and perverted. The more correct statement that places our history into context is "If you don't know your long history you will fail to return to your state of independence that allowed you to survive as a people for thousands of years".

I REFUSE to be silent upon BLACK PEOPLE who threaten Black people. Their harm is equal in my book to that of a White racist seeking to do the same.

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Peg said...

I just found your blog from Booker Rising.

Very well done; good posts! Thank you.

I particularly like your attitude of positive thinking and holding to high standards.