Monday, April 16, 2007

What Is The "Black Conservative" Doing For The Community?

So frequently this beast called the "Black Conservative" who on the one hand is reminded of his lack of power WITHIN the Black community is also reminded that when there was a need during the Civil Rights Movement he was no where to be found as the more "radical progressives" who were more boisterous lead the way toward achieving real freedom for Black Americans.

If you allow some folks to tell it the "Black Conservative" was a hunch back servant to the White power structure. He was the first one to "dime out" those enslaved Blacks who conspired to run away from the plantation......if you allow some people to tell it that is.

In truth history tells a much different tale. The so called "Black Conservative" at the time were the pillars of the community. They were the school teachers who provided discipline to and challenged the intellect of many of those who took the radical engagement approach. They were the preachers who added bricks to the foundation of the Black community WITHIN. They were the hard working Black parents who focused on keeping food on the table of the mouths that they were blessed to be responsible for feeding.

Interestingly enough, however, while the so called "Black Conservative" is historically dogged out for his unwillingness to take the "big jump", putting it all on the line as they attack the "White Power Structure" for change as they put their jobs, livelihood and freedom from jail or beating on the line....the fact is that today in 2007 those who are perpetually disenchanted with American and the Capitalistic system in general express the same fear of "taking the jump" out of their own nest of comfort when it comes to making a radical departure.

The book "Who moved my cheese" has never rung more true than to consider the unwillingness of the Fake Black Radical and his willingness to stop feeding the beast who's "belly" they live within. The real truth is that the Black Rebel Without Pause has build up his fortunes upon sliding sand as he has defined himself AGAINST some external force rather than his ability to MANAGE Black Human Resources WITHIN the Black Community to achieve a certain end.

Today in 2007 there are few people who reside firmly within one of the two ideological extremes - pure Liberal/Progressive or Pure Conservative. My rebellious friend who lives 10 minutes away from me shows considerable conservative sensibilities when it comes to family and child rearing.

The fact is that the so called "Black Conservative" is focusing his attention mostly "at home" or making his own mark "at work". He is not only breaking certain stereotypes that others have about what a Black person is capable of - he is taking full advantage of the new freedoms that are in place that allow Black folks to reach certain heights that were formerly unattainable.

The Black Progressive Radical is actually conflicted. On the one hand he has fought for access for Black people to the ranks of corporate management and the board room. At the same time it is clear that he is unaware that the Black man who actually assumes this open seat in 2007 is going to be expected to produce the same output as the White or the Asian who would have the seat otherwise.

The Black Progressive Radical needs to ask himself some tough questions. Is he acting as the "rebel" for the sake of rebellion or running counter to those who are his long time adversaries? Or is the Black Progressive Radical hoping to REPAIR the Black man, noting that prior to the African being molested our natural tendencies would have been widely disbursed among various perspectives before a common threat forced us to sharpen our focus upon societal change by any means necessary. So it comes to question - does the dispersion of ideology within the Black community provide proof of our "healing" or should this be seen as a threat to our "unity" as the Black vote might be "fractured" among various fronts?

As I consider the country of Jamaica which I am very familiar with, there is a strong diversity of thought among its Black people throughout the ideological spectrum. Why is it that such a "dilution" along the axis of ideology for a country who's African-Jamaican people have known freedom longer than African-American has known is a natural consequence of having to manage their own affairs but such a dilution in America is a threat to the power base for Black people?

I am left to circle back to the key question. IF ONLY the Black Progressive could point to several key benefits of his ascension to power that the Black community has recognized WITHIN then we who are inclined to disagree and/or agitate against them would be shuttered into our proper place.

I, who will assume the label "Black Conservative" for the ease of argument I doing my part. My "job" has been to provide for my family and to raise my children with respect to the common set of values that my wife and I have brought to the table. For some reason when I bring this important point to the table its power is diminished by those who are seeking a fight or looking for a "super hero" character to serve as an alternative to the role that the mythical "Obama" is serving for them now - prior to their future disappointment that will no doubt come. Why is it, for example that they are unable to consider the inverse proposition? It is clear that much of the Black community's ailments stream from our problems with committed and sustained male/female relationships in the context of our child rearing decisions. The fact that I point to this as the centerpiece of my consciousness does not mean that this is exclusive to the so called "Black Conservative" it is an acknowledgement that the bulk of our TRANSFORMATION resides in the changes that we make INTERNALLY that are projected first throughout our own people and then upon the judgment of others who are now our racial adversaries.

The entire tendency of defensiveness over a misrepresented image or stereotype is easily cured by shifting the center of balance for the community that allows it to stand upright BACK INTO the community rather than having it run through some other man's printing press or video production room. If someone attempted to propagandize the notion that the Chinese are lazy and the Indians are irresponsible with their business ventures would fail to achieve his end because the FACTS IN THE REAL WORLD would show otherwise.

How is it that some people live on the belief that they will achieve some type of permanent end by primarily managing the actions of their EXTERNAL ADVERSARY more than their INTERNAL RESOURCES?


Cobb said...

CF you've nailed the dynamic.I forgot you were around, man.

MichaelEmanuel said...

Saw your post over on Dell's site and thought I'd check you out.

What you wrote makes me want to cry it's so dead on.

"TRANSFORMATION resides in the changes that we make INTERNALLY that are projected first throughout our own people "

I'm gonna have to put that one on a T-Shirt.

What's up Cobb?