Thursday, April 26, 2007

"You Hate Black People And Could Care Less What Happens To Us"

So said the Progressive-Fundamentalist radio talk show host on a local Black talk radio show. The subject today was about a new policy for the Atlanta Housing Authority which requires all residents who are younger than 60 and who are not disabled must have a JOB working 30 hours per week or more or be in school seeking job skills in order to retain their residency status.

I listened for about 1.5 hours regarding how the majority Black housing authority board who made this policy are against the interests of Black people. I heard how "THE SYSTEM" is racist and produces racist results that work against Black people. I heard how the Black man is being kept down and that we should fight on behalf of those Blacks who have limited means as a result of oppression. I heard the talk host who sees himself as the "protector of the Black poor" (and thus seeks to maintain a large base of constituents) say that "I will defend Black people till the end because we need someone who is going to stand up for us and our interests". I thought to myself as he said this "are there any people who deserve scrutiny based on their own actions?". Clearly for this man the answer is "No". Sadly the popular positions in our community are not always the right positions to change the status at which too many of our people are stuck at.

I could not take any more rhetoric so I called in. Approximately 6 callers talked about how the radio host had skewered a previous "Black Conservative" caller who challenged the entire radio community of callers who thought that having a job or going to school was an evil mandate. I knew from previous experience that since the talk show host controls both the mute button as to which of my words actually get released over the air and the telephone switch hook that he would have the final word and thus I have little chance of challenging his way of thinking. This time was no different.

I first asked how he, after seeing the recent implosion of the "Robert Taylor Homes" in Chicago after it turned into the "killing fields" for so many Black physical bodies and Black dreams by loading up people with a culture of poverty into one area? I saw how the "Public Housing Rights Activists" declared war against the housing authority and sought to remove many of the standards which had the unintended consequences of lowering the bar within the community. I told him that while a previous caller was correct in saying that the first housing project in Atlanta was full of White people, the fact is that Progressive Public Housing Activists like himself fought against many of the policies that served to keep the community clean, quite and free of dysfunctional behavior because they felt that they were discriminatory against the poor.

I told him that while he may pride himself in the short term for "feeding someone for yet another day", the Progressive-Fundamentalist needs to be judged by his ability to TRANSFORM the community over the long run. I made the case that when we look WITHIN the Black community over a 20 year period or more it is very clear that their polices have fallen short of reaching a desirable affect WITHIN the Black community. The Black community is not going to change until those who are promoting the key policies WITHIN the Black community are held accountable for the results that are produced.

He then went on to ask me about the 3 White kids from a solid middle class family who robbed a store recently. "How is it that these kids did this despite their upbringing?", he asked me. (I had no idea where he was going with this one, so he switched gears).

He said that I feared going into the Black community and engaging with these Brothers and Sisters who are in need of help and not just people like me dumping upon them all of the time. They need assistance to help them face the challenges that are in front of them. I told him that he had no idea what I do within the Black community and that all he is spouting is generalizations. I mentioned that I am engaged in a reading program for Black youth "trying" to reach them.

He then keyed in on my one word as he discarded the rest of my commentary. That one word was "TRYING". He said that "You are TRYING but you have not connected with these people because YOU HATE BLACK PEOPLE AND COULD CARE LESS WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM". The line then dropped and the rhetoric continued.

It appears that I express my "love for Black people" by removing what the Progressive-Fundamentalists see as OBSTACLES and what I see as COMMUNITY STANDARDS out of their way. I should ignore the legacy of the housing projects that have destroyed the lives and the dreams of and the culture of so many Blacks people. The new housing policy that promotes MIXED INCOME communities, with the hopes that the CULTURE OF WORK will predominate and result in the Poverty Culture to be purged out of the minds of those who are infected with it. This is a good thing. His way has failed. It is time to try something different. It is time to ask the residents of these communities to DO SOMETHING in support of their own salvation. Having our conversations redirected upon the shortcomings of other races and other income classes is not going to adequately fix and address the clear and concentrated problems WITHIN these communities that have so many challenges before them.

Little did that particular Progress-Fundamentalist know - the original housing projects within Chicago were TEMPORARY residences for people moving up from the South or recent widows or divorcees as they got back on their feet before moving out. They were very attractive places to live during the first few decades of their existence. Factory workers, policemen and teachers lived there and the community was strong. There was a waiting list to get in. The community began to disintegrate, initially when a shift in public policy resulting from a backlash by White residents within the various communities (ie: Southside) resisted the integration of their communities by Blacks and the city administration began to pack poor Blacks into high rise public housing projects as a way to address the housing challenges. As Whites moved out to the newly developed suburbs, middle class Blacks began to depart the projects and assume the housing in these traditional neighborhoods. This left a high concentration of poor people remaining within the government housing projects. Over time various Community Activists began to erode the policies that served to keep the community clean and the environment sound for the residents. The conditions that we saw as a result is a direct function of the liberalization of the standards.

Unfortunately those who stood proud over the "victories" that they had AGAINST the housing authorities around the nation then are no where to be found today laying claim to the baby that they have birthed with respect to the conditions that resulted.

Once gain - my goal is to hold the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser accountable for the policies that he promotes WITHIN our community. He is clear on what he is "fighting AGAINST". The foe is mostly EXTERNAL or those Blacks who go up against THEM. When we inspect the long term results of his conquest - many times it does not look good WITHIN the community.

I found it interesting that while the radio host and several callers commented on how the host "handled" the previous Black Conservative caller only to personally experience this same host's tactics and realize that he is a fraud. His community of followers will no doubt believe that he "handled me" as well, casting back my "Self Hate of Black people" in the process. I wonder - if I have a fundamental belief that my people are a great people and I seek TRANSFORMATION of my people by having everyone live within a CULTURAL FRAMEWORK that channels our energies positively and which suppresses certain behaviors that lead to regression and which saps the spirit of our young people........while the "Defenders Of Blackness" are "handing out fish" so that they can squeak by for another day but are never questioned as to if THEY see these Black people as anything other than "POOR AND IN NEED OF HELP".....who then is guilt of "self hatred"?

I am, again, fully convinced that some Black Progressive-Fundamentalists desire power and a large following of people who are dependent upon them as a leader. Since they are inclined to be rejected by Blacks like me who, in their minds "THINK they have made it" (but only need the White man to land on them to wake us up from our dream - if you allow them to tell it) it seems that they are going to always hand out fish in order to keep their base of dependents intact.

Which of us, I ask, display more "Self Hatred" for Black people in our assumptions of and expectations of Black people? To me it is a basic ideological difference. They see "loving Black people" by providing for them. I see "loving Black people" by insuring that we all live up to our full potential and the rest will take care of itself.

I refuse to sit silent as dysfunction is perpetuated upon our community as protected by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.


Ripama said...

"Progressives" by definition have a pathological disdain for tradition, order and social stability.

Don't assume that progressives are particularly interested in solving problems. Their primary philosphy is the belief in a "constant struggle" against the "oppressors". Their mission, or purpose, is to serve as the augars for the "oppressed". Combine their philosphy with their mission, and it's difficult to see how one can have a dialog with a "progressive" which would threaten their philosphy or jeaopardize their mission.

Constructive Feedback said...

Let us step back and think about this for a minute.

How often have we heard complaints about the lack of "inter-generational" wealth that is passed down between individuals in Black families compared to whites? The effort by the Progressive-Fundamentalists serves to ABSTRACT the concept of "standard of living" from the concept of the WORTH/VALUE of one's labor contribution that they have to sell. Instead the Progressive-Fundamentalist seeks to make housing (and an assortment of other RIGHTS) a function of shared societal values. There goes that socialism creeping in once again.

Now get this - as much as we here the notions of REVOLUTION, INDEPENDENCE and SELF-SUFFICIENCY among Black people why can't they see that the adoption of societal mandates is 100% counter to all of this?

The fact is that if their real goal was to have more comprehensive and enduring transformation WITHIN the Black community they would support such an effort. Having more Black people working increases our Racial "GDP" and INDOCTRINATES more of our people into the routine of work and industriousness.

This is why I say again - the Progressive-Fundamentalist cannot be judged on his day to day "fish distribution". He is going to make the case that in doing so he is paving a path into heaven. Instead we must take a step back and look at the actual consequences of his policies WITHIN the Black community from the perspective of 20, 40, 50 years. From this vantage point it is clear that while he is an expert (and no doubt a needed resource) in fighting against EXTERNAL attackers and threats - he is also the absolutely WRONG person to have in power when we being to look WITHIN for the forward transformation of our people.