Friday, July 20, 2007

If There Is Such A Thing As Being "Too Negative Toward Black People".......

In listening to the local Black talk radio this morning as they debate the Michael Vick situation I can't help but to detect the ideological divide between the "Black Progressives" that dominate the morning show and the "Black Conservatives" who flock toward the afternoon show. One caller this morning stated that the afternoon callers are always "negative toward Black people. They can find nothing good in Black people. They have self hatred". This caller went on to base his central defense of Michael Vick's dog fighting charges on the notion that "the White people are hypocrites and probably fight dogs just as well. They are out to bring down a Black man.

This entire exchange (and several that went on after it) got me to thinking - What is the converse of being to "negative" or "critical of Black people"?

Clearly the answer is being the apologist for Black people who do wrong to a point where you are an enabler in the process at which our community crumbles because you work to be non-judgmental against those who need to be put in check. Their color (and common ideology) prevents you from calling a spade a spade.

The incidents in the world and the resulting discussions show clearly that most issues of debate are nothing more than elements in the PROXY BATTLE between Black And White and also Liberal and Conservative. At the first opportunity the blind defender on one side points out the example of a failing from the other side as a means of showing the hypocrisies of their current stance. In doing this I can't help but to notice that the person who uses this tactic operates from no intrinsic concept of personal standards and beliefs but instead has his belief system as s FUNCTION OF the guy he is debating.

Before entering a battle it is important to do an inventory of what you believe to be right and wrong. When life throws certain challenges at you it is then that you should reference your own beliefs as a means of evaluating these situations. Your judgments upon these others who have operated below your standards should flow from your internal standards. When you adjust your standards based on the conditional subject matter as part of the proxy fight you can end up DEFENDING that which falls below your own standards just for the sake of saving face. You thus have compromised yourself. This is the heart of the "apologist's" unsound footing.

Many people listen to the critical words from the adversary and take a defensive posture. If it was "just between us chickens" they too would be critical of the actions made by the Black man for they fall below the standard that I spoke of earlier. Instead the notion of "you hate your enemies more than you love yourself" kicks in and people are bent and contorted into putting forth arguments of defense that make themselves look like fools and highly disingenuous individuals. They are not even able to write their "laws" down on paper because they always need to be malleable so that it fits the particular subjective conditions of their application. By not committing them to writing they reserve the power over others as those seeking approval by meeting the thresholds that are documented in writing will instead always be inches short of acceptance because the laws that are in the mind of those who refuse to put them down in a fixed form. People who are foolish enough to attempt to win the approval of those with ever changing judgments should allow that person to put a ring in their nose attached to a leash as you have yielded control of your person over to them. They will never be accepting of you until you drop your beliefs and adopt all of theirs. It is nothing more than a mind control game.

There are some Black folks that NEED TO BE CRITICIZED with the hopes that they clean up their act and fly straight. At the same time there are some Black folks who are rogue elements but then also know how the system of judgments work. They will do their dirt and upon general public scrutiny will run back to the Black community that they have been dragging through the mud and ask for protection from outside criticism. Sadly certain operatives within our community will do just that. They are fighting the proxy fight, not considering the evidence of what the offender actually did and if he trampled the Black community standard in the process. Another case of "blind defense".

At the end of the day all of the dirt that is swept under the carpet in our community begins to bulge upward and must be addressed. The long term result of our eroded standards is that Black people who must live in the communities who's environment is crafted from the current base of standards are the ones suffering the most. The pious operators will simply look at the conditions there in and blame it on the OUTSIDERS for allowing it to happen. This is the mark of a psychotic abused individual. First rejecting the general standards of the outsider and then BLAMING THEM for allowing the community to wallow in low standards. It is my view that our community will not change until the BLIND DEFENDERS are purged. They can be purged by holding them accountable for EFFECTIVE RESULTS not just for GOOD INTENTIONS.

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