Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beef & Bling Bling

What an interesting coincidence. On the same day that I happen to flip by BET and notice the "Beef" marathon that they are running today I also get a popup from that detail the list of Hip Hop multi-millionaires.

Hip-Hop Cash Kings by Lea Goldman and Jake Paine -

The documentary called "Beef" (1 through 4) was produced by Quincy Jones III. It details various "beefs" between popular hip hop music artists and how, in many cases it has lead to millions of dollars in music sales - as the list on articulates. Interestingly enough there is a large cross section of individuals that appear in the "Beef" series that also are on the Forbes list - T.I., Luda, and 50 cent.

What disappoints me the most, however, is that the movies documented stadiums full of fans who paid money out of their own pockets to see, in some cases chairs being thrown from one group to their "beef" opponents.

Still I search and I search, looking for that elusive "WHITE RECORD EXECUTIVE" who is always the brunt of the blame that provoked all of these "beefs" among the entertainers. He was no where to be found.

In my view there is something very wrong within our community when Snoop Dogg is compensated $17 million last year for his antics while the bulk of our community is complaining about the compensation package given to the CEO of "Home Depot" despite the fact that he employs tens of thousands of Black people in his operations while these entertainers often degrade us.

Beneath this entire set of exchanges, however, was the threat of violence. In the case of 50 Cent his failure to post bail for "DJ Smurf" caused their friendship to be irreparably severed. It seems that "DJ Smurf" laid down his life for "Fiddy" when "Fiddy" was shot several times in an attack. "DJ Smurf" cruised the streets for days.....SEEKING TO KILL WHO EVER SHOT "FIDDY". He stayed at "Fiddy" house for days, strapped in the event that anyone would come to finish off the job. When "DJ Smurf" was caught on gun charges, "Fiddy" wouldn't even bail him out. For this, it seems, "Fiddy must die". According to one rapper - there are two states that you can be in "Loyal" or "Disloyal".

As the homicide rates on our streets and the number of UNSOLVED murders continue to increase it is time to crack down on this petty ignorance that under girds the violence that is produced by the Hip Hop scene. We have a confluence of violent thugs, big money payouts, guns and fragile egos that which call for the death of anyone who might "diss them" on a recording. (Of course the Civil Rights Community is primarily focusing on the GUNS but to clarify.....not the guns in their waist bands but the guns only as they leave the store shelves of the government regulated gun shop into the hands of the straw purchaser. To follow the trail further would be "Snitching")


Anonymous said...

Great blog,
by the way isnt it amazing they go through with the degradation of the community yet blame GOD and others for their wrong doing....even the 5% doctrine is screwed up (they are not even adhering to that which is their religion) Again great blog we need even more of the outrage(speaking up) in our community.

Thank You

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