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CS - Why Do You Oppose "Healthcare for All"?


I have heard the claim "the system is brokes" echoed for quite some time. Could you clearly articulate why YOU believe "the system is broken" and for WHOM it is broken?

[quote]Why are you guys so aganist having health care for everyone? [/quote]
"Against health care for everyone".

Is it "Against health care for everyone" or AGAINST the furhter ABSTRACTION of the STANDARD OF LIVING that people live at from the GDP that their actions dictate?

Let's step away from the Glory World that Michael Moore has painted for us where the GOVERNMENT will pay for your transportation to and from the hospital and then give you a free nanny (from your perspective as a health care consumer but certainly not from your perspective as a tax payer).

Let us go a bit deeper.
I am assuming that the majority of us on this board are African-Americans. The frequent claim that I hear is about the THEFT OF OUR CULTURE as a result of Slavery and White Supremacy. At the same time there is a strident group within these same people who hate this capitalistic society and the policies that it uses to feed the "beast" who's belly we reside in.

Now these are the very same people who wish to receive benefit from this beast. Their membership is what provides them the RIGHT to receive health care who's cost is abstracted from them at the point of service.

Denmark - Practically speaking - what INCREASED SKILL is developed in this collective group of people as they accept more and more services from a nation that they say they are entrenched within? As we consider the STANDARD OF LIVING that we desire to have......does this transference of wealth based on membership IMPROVE the salient level of ability to PRODUCE AN ENVIRONMENT that they desire - absent this transference from an economic system that they thing is IMMORAL? Does the fact that they receive this benefit from this same system that they are critical off successfully LAUNDER these proceeds because they are now included in the bounty?

Please read this article and in particular the closing paragraphs (the racism chasing of Joe Beasley is not the relevant point - again look at the bottom:

[quote]Before the hospital integrated in 1965, when there were separate wings for black and white patients, it was often referred to in the plural, as "the Gradys." Some older Atlanta natives still use the phrase.

As the population of Atlanta became more heavily African-American, so did the county commissioners; they appointed more black representatives to the board, who, in turn, hired more African-American administrators.

The hospital's patient load was also becoming increasingly black. And as Hispanic immigrants moved into the area, many also began to use Grady's services.

Almost 40 percent of Grady patients are on Medicaid, a government program to provide health care for people with low incomes. Another 30 percent have no insurance.



> 75% African-American

> 11% Hispanic

> 9% White


> 82% African-American

> 8% Hispanic

> 7% White

* During the first quarter of 2007[/quote]

Above is the relevant point.
Now this hospital that is above 75% BLACK is now on the brink of closing.

Now the Civil Rights Industrial Complex will blame this on

*Racism in funding
*Long term ECONOMIC stratfication of Black people
*Lack of Carying from WHITE FOLKS

Denmark - where is there any discussion of the ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION OF BLACK PEOPLE to the funding of this resource that THEY SAY is important to them?


I learned in a documentary a few weeks ago that the Swahili word for "free" translates into "cheap". In their culture they are not inclined to accept anything for free without exchanging something - EVEN A TOKEN EFFORT - in the process.

My fundamental disagreement with "Health Care For All" is that it futher ABSTRACTS the important INFRASTRUCTURE that our community needs to be building from the STANDARD OF LIVING that we ultimately DESIRE.

One only needs to look at Detroit, the people standing and waiting in New Orleans, the former factory town of Gary that was named after an executive at US Steel who's PURPOSE for creating the town was that their was INDUSTRY that needed to be executed. The people came to where the OPPORTUNITY was.

Today the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" has abandoned all of this underpinning in the name of our RIGHT to live at a certain STANDARD OF LIVING because of or MEMBERSHIP rather than AS A RESULT OF OUR INDUSTRIOUSNESS

They are a high perversion of everything that BOOKER T. WASHINGTON taught us. More than 100 years after this man walked the Earth and today this new mentality has us perverted to the core.

Denmark - think about it. What makes a man? HIS WORK. Speaking for me personally - my mental development, my confidence, my learning initiatives, my socialization - all have MY WORK closely tied to it.

The value of my labor is tied to my time invested in enhancing it. From this I make MORE MONEY. My children and my wife benefit from this INVESTMENT. From which my QUALITY OF LIFE for my family benefits.

The Democratic argument to accompany everything that I just said will be - WE NEED TO TAKE THE BURDEN OFF OF THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING so that they too can focus more on the "finer things in life" as they might consider myself to have. Think about it Denmark - do you think that the Progressive politician will EVER reach the point at which THE POOR has all the resources that they need to "make it" and thus the PROGRESSIVE becomes CONSERVATIVE and begins to EXPECT THESE PEOPLE TO SHOW PROGRESS?

By definition they are WORKING ON BEHALF OF........the poor rather than working WITH THE POOR to have them stop DOING EVERYTHING TO REMAIN POOR. (This is critical to understanding my frustration and criticism of them).

Their very reelection hopes hinge on more TRANSFERENCE from the system that creates wealth and a high standard of living as part of their campaign promises. Those who are cheering them along need to ask themselves ARE WE STRONGER AS A PEOPLE IN ACCEPTING THESE RESOURCES WITHOUT TRADING SOMETHING OF VALUE THAT WE HAVE IN RETURN?

Denmark - you are right. I have no claims that "Government Healthcare causes you to die 30 years earlier" or "if you accept such care they will intentially poison you because you are Black".

The bulk of my opposition to such is my knowledge of the "Farmer and the Wild Mountain Boars" who yielded themselves to the farmer's feed until enough of the new generation who knew not what it was like to forage for their own food and defend their mountain land had died off while the new generation that only knew to come to the trough that the farmer laid out for their daily sustinance, never realizing that he was closing the diameter of his fence each month.

We say that our CULTURE HAS BEEN STOLEN.......what type of culture are we building with the "reparations" that are trickling government check at a time as we pursue what we have a RIGHT to receive but limited knowledge about how to MAINTAIN upon the collapse of a system that we have grown so comfortable with.

This will never be the POPULAR position within the Black community but surely few can argue that it is WRONG and indeed future hindsight might prove that Booker T. Washington was a fortune teller.

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