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Poor Inner City Black Student - The "Black Poster Child" For The White Liberal

The Black Poor - The Poster Child For The White Liberal's Interests

Here is my promised blow by blow analysis of the NPR interview with

Jonathan Kozol Educational Activist
Dan Brown – Contributor to the left wing Huffington Post

Diane Rehm show

Just a coincidence that Ms. Rehm took them in as educational experts but never attributed the label “liberal activist” to them as she would have a conservative commentator. (I listen to this show no less than 4 times a week. I know the pattern of Ms. Rehm and also Terri Gross on “Fresh Air”). If Mr. Brown wrote for “News Max” or some other conservative journal she would have expressly made mention of this.

Here is my blow by blow commentary of the audio interview

Time: 3:39

16th Congressional District is the poorest in the United States - As if I needed to guess which political party represents the district.

Horray for BLACK FOLKS!!!! The Democrats have TROUNCED the Republicans each time.......though this is the poorest congressional district in the nation according to Dan Brown.'s_16th_congressional_district

Time: 5:25 White woman from a wealthy background goes into a majority Black school and receives CULTURE SHOCK. Mr. Kozol blames NCLB for her problems.

Now let us make note of Mr. Kozol's REAL AGENDA. I will make notice of how many times he makes a negative reference to NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND.

Time: 6:15 “No Child Left Behind” = Drill and Kill Regime

This White woman gives all the kids and their parents her cellphone so they can call her at any time. How many average union teachers are going to do this?

Time: 7:04 – Second negative reference to NCLB – this teacher thumbed her nose at NCLB “Test & Terror”

Time 7:55 Dan Brown details his 'urban experience' for the audience
The children's problems is that they had experienced previous “oppressive experiences” in the class room and thus THIS “turned them off”.
You will notice that neither Kozol or Brown are interested in talking much about THE PARENTS and the part they play in shaping these children. It is assumed that these parents are BLACK and POOR and thus they CAN'T BE EXPECTED to provide a positive influence in these children's lives. Thus both of these characters blame THE SYSTEM for the state of the children......these poor, Black children.

Time 9:20 Brown came into the class room with a “7 week crash course”. Hold on. Many teachers were OPPOSED to the recent program in which “just anybody” was allowed to come into the teaching rolls not having had education as their college major.

Time: 11:00 Teacher goes to a kids house to bring his family some brownies that she made. This wins the kid over. Again – how many UNION teachers have ever visited YOUR HOUSE?
As a result – THE KID STARTS TO WRITE POETRY. Just what we need Mr. Kozol – more Black poets.

Time: 14:30 Doug Mescar, representative of the US Dept of Education Defends NCLB
Center on Education Policy

Time 17:50: Dan Brown rebuts the positive claims of NCLB. It seems that after NCLB school administrators were pressured to get the test scores up. PLEASE NOTE – neither Mr. Brown nor Mr. Kozol talk about how life was BEFORE “NCLB”. It must have been WONDERFUL!!

Brown attempts to blame NCLB for the loss of science courses, music courses, physical education and recess.

THIS made the kids “check out” he says. Once again – show the brilliant results BEFORE NCLB?

Time 18:40 Jonathon Kozol rebuts the DoE representative.
NOW GET THIS FOLKS – Kozol claims that 50% of the young teachers quit after 3 years of working in inner city schools. Kozol CLAIMS that their #1 reason is because of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND.

Now get this folks – NCLB was signed into law on January 8, 2002. It is a REAUTHORIZATION of the Title 1 program “Elementary and Secondary Education Act”
So lets give it the school year that started in September 2002 through the present August 2007. This means in 5 years MR KOZOL can make the case that NCLB caused these teachers to leave after 3 years. Does anyone want to purchase a bridge from me for cheap?

Time 19:50 FRAUD ALERT, FRAUD ALERT – Kozol makes the case that since the NCLB annual assessment tests are given in MARCH that this does not provide enough time for the current teachers to EVALUATE and then ASSIST the problem students toward improvement. Excuse me Mr. Kozol – don't the NEXT TEACHERS get a chance to see the test results and from there provide assistance to these students? Your negation is FLAWED. You don't like the testing and you are throwing up anything.

I just heard a Black talk radio show with a conservative host in which a caller told of his offense of hearing the names “Ray Ray and Pumpkin” to describe Black people. He said that the Black conservatives want to use the word “Nigger” but they use these words in stead. Mr. Kozol used the name “Shaniqua”. What is his purpose besides getting across the notion that he is talking about a Black kid?

Time 20:30 Mr. Kozol claims that the TESTS ARE NOT FAIR because the Wealthiest kids (code word for WHITE KIDS) have received 3 years of pre-K by the 3rd grade while the Poor kids (code word for Black kids) have NOT had preparation for the test. Please note that the test which is given in the 3rd grade tests 1st and 2nd grade skills.

Once again Mr. Kozol expresses his WHITE SUPREMACY. He assumes that poor kids had NO ACCESS to learning prior to their Kindergarten experiences. CERTAINLY their parents didn't do jack with them......they are too IGNORANT.

Time 23:13 Ms. Rehm adds her usual BIAS – She proclaims that “Music, Recess and Physical Education” has suffered with the adoption of NCLB. B.S........there are plenty of stories that can be pointed to that detail concerns about the loss of physical education and music classes LONG BEFORE NCLB was even thought of.

Time 23:44 Mr Kozol states that Chicago Public Schools have abolished recess. What he is actually saying is that the standard class room instruction time is not PRODUCTIVE ENOUGH to accomplish the task at hand so they must grab extra time to do what others do along with their recess.

LIAR ALERT, LIAR ALERT (Please note the DATE LINE on this web site which details the suspension of Recess in Chicago 1999 99/0699healthextra.htm) Clearly the CPS has ESP and saw NCLB coming years later so they acted preemptively to cancel recess. (This is DISGUSTING FOLKS – you all fall for it ALL OF THE TIME too)
“All Work, Less Play in Public Schools – June 1999)

Time 24:04 Now Kozol wants us to believe that in some states NAP TIME IN KINDERGARTEN has been canceled so that they can prepare these kids for their THIRD GRADE TESTS. This guy becomes less credible the more he talks.

Time 24:14 Kozol “These tests have TRANSFORMED THE ENTIRE YEAR in Urban schools”. Once again – Mr Kozol TELL US HOW IT WAS BEFORE NCLB came along. What SUCCESS we had. Evil Bush snatched this success away.

Time 24:32 Dan Brown and the FIRST of his “stories” A kid “wrote stories” but FAILED THE TEST according to Dan Brown. Would YOU hire a lawyer that Dan Brown said was competent if your life depended on it?

Time 26:30 The DoE guy responds. I have to give this guy credit. He is taking in a bunch of B.S. From these two and he is responding rationally rather than emotionally. He needs to call them “liars” rather than saying that their attacks on the policies by the local administrators that they are attributing to NCLB is “short sighted”

Time 28:40 Again – another attack on NCLB by Kozol. The school spending choices are not that of their own. They are doing all of this because of their FEAR of NCLB.

THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS – The consequence of these UNIONZED PUBLIC EDUCATORS not educating our children is to have them replaced by PROFIT MAKING ENTERPRISES. (I just read through the International Socialist Magazine today. They were highlighting a situation in Los Angeles in which a COMPANY was allowed to open a charter school and thus this is a THREAT TO THE TEACHERS UNION they claimed. Funny how like minded LEFTISTS think alike, using the same fears in the process). Mr. Kozol needs to figure out if he is more
interested in teaching these kids or PROTECTING the Public School franchise.

Time 29:00 Oh my God. Oh my God. Our children should be measured on if they have achieved “BOUNDLESS MERRIMENT AND JOY “ rather than if they can ACTUALLY DAMNED READ and DO MATH!!!

Kozol wants our kids to WRITE POETRY!!!
We need more BLACK ENGINEERS with hard science skills.
Would YOU drive across a bridge that was designed by a civil engineer who couldn't do math but COULD WRITE GOOD POETRY?

Time 29:29 “WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? Is that on the curriculum? Is that going to help them on their standardized test?” Amen to the in class monitor. SHE IS RIGHT. Mr. Kozol is a TOUCHY FEELING LIBERAL who has allowed our situation to perpetuate for as long as it has!! Again another attack on NCLB

Time 30:22 ANOTHER DAMNED STORY from Dan Brown.

HEY WAIT A MINUTE. What is the title of Dan Brown's book?
“The Great Expectations School: A Rookie Year In The New BLACKboard JUNGLE”. Blackboard/dp/1559708352/ref=sr_1_1/002-6038963- 4919249?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1188182611&sr=8-1

Now imagine that. What if a WHITE CONSERVATIVE used the word JUNGLE with anything having to do with BLACK STUDENTS? He would be called a WHAT? Oh well – at least he is TRYING to work in the best interests of Black students, unlike a conservative is: :-/

Time 35:20 A caller tells us that NCLB “dictates our day and guides our instruction”. OK. What was YOUR INSTRUCTION like BEFORE NCLB? Where you EFFECTIVELY teaching these kids?

Time 35:57 Kozol says that the claims about NCLB are FALSE. He should know about “false claims” brother.

Time 36:08 Kozol DISMISSES the testing gains seen in some schools. He says that it is easy to pump the test scores via rote learning. “If they were LEARNING GAINS they would sustain themselves”. He said that he followed 4th graders who are now in 8th grade and (AFTER NCLB) they can't write a cogent sentence.

Now lets see. This is all due to NCLB. Recall folks – it was implemented in 2002. It took 4 years to reach the 8th grade so at best there are 2 years of 8th grade students for Mr. Kozol to base his claims off of. What METHODS did he use to produce his results?
Does he have a sample of NON NCLB student who COULD WRITE absent the
EDUCATIOAL THEFT of NCLB? The more this guy talks the more he loses his credibility.

Time 36:45 They don't know have to read a simple text because they “never had a chance to ask discerning questions”

YOU SEE FOLKS – the WHITE SUPREMACY shines through here for Mr. Kozol. His goal is to attack the STATE of education for these Black kids. Since he can't attack THEM as ignorant and can't attack their parents – he is USING THEM as a vehicle to attack an education policy that he does not like. Thus these IGNORANT BLACKS are his poster children.

Do you believe that at the start of school in September 2002 that the NCLB program came in like gangbusters and railroaded the entire school systems around the country? Do you believe that absent this program these kids would have been at grade level and college material?

The sad fact is that Kozol is a breath of fresh air for the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive- Fundamentalist Racism Chaser. Their goal is to SHIFT THE BLAME of our condition upon the system. Mr. Kozol – a WHITE LIBERAL provides seeming credibility to their efforts. In truth he is the SNARLING FOX that Malcolm X talked about. If a White Conservative pointed to the ILLITERACY of a group of Black 8th graders and used them for his agenda – he would be called a RACIST. Mr Kozol does the VERY SAME THING but adds a CONJUNCTION to the message – blaming the POLICY and thus the BQPFRC accepts this because MORE MONEY just might come from our pose for the camera.

Time 36:56 “They can't even participate in an interesting class discussion at the secondary level...”

The sad fact is that Black teachers would be inclined to go along with Mr. Kozol because they think that HE IS A FRIEND, seeking the same thing as THEY ARE. He is really coming into their schools to capture samples of FAILURE in order to advance his cause.

Time 37:14: ANOTHER freaking story by Dan Brown. “The learning isn't there. Its not for the students'. ONCE AGAIN – Mr Brown – if you could tell us WHAT THINGS WERE LIKE before NCLB I would add to your diminishing credibility.

Time 38:40 According to the National Assessment on Educational Progress - Reading scores have improved for 9 year olds in the last 5 years than in the past 28 years combined.

Time 39:59 “I refuse to treat these inner city school kids as if they were a different species. I won't rob them of their childhood”. Yeah RIGHT Mr. Kozol. You INDEED see them as “different' so much so that you can't ASK ANYTHING OF THEM.

AGAIN – Mr. Kozol believes that the TESTING is driving these teachers out of these inner city schools. Nothing about the violence, the thugs, the behavioral problems within the class. It is all NCLB. How many of you all believe this? I recall a few years ago Philly had a series of student on teacher assaults that made headlines. A school teacher had HER tooth knocked out by a student who punched her in the mouth. No mention of this by Kozol - this would be "blaming the victim" for the part that he has played in his condition.

Time 40:58 Hey WAIT A MINUTE. You mean BROWN left the “Jungle” after ONE YEAR? Does anyone listening to this full audio notice that Kozol is more of the zealot while Brown is more of a shell shocked liberal White man who had never interacted with poor Blacks before?

Time 41:50 Dan Brown talks about smaller class rooms. Why is it that the BLACK COMMUNITY never practices SOCIALISM when and where it needs to? That oft heard claim “PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS” needs to be applied to TEACHERS and those who are aggrieved about the system as it stands today. Why not accept a SALARY that would allow for the small class sizes in PUBLIC schools that Dan Brown and Kozol talks about the WHITE FOLKS having if this is the solution?

Instead Kozol has us go on an endless chase for more money from the government – from an economic system that IS BEYOND the production of these specific communities.

Time 43:00 IF small class sizes are the CURE ALL that Mr. Kozol claims then, again – where is the Black community in PROVIDING THE LABOR to make this happen since doing this for about 30 years would REPAIR US if you allow Kozol to tell it? If WE are the direct beneficiaries of this standard then why must we wait for the government to pay for it?

Time 44:45 Dan Brown with his sob story about how THE PARENTS want to help their kids but don't have the tools to do so. Again – no hint of telling the parents “BEFORE YOU BRING A CHILD INTO THIS WORLD you need to.........”. It is all a matter of feeding into their inferior situation upon bringing a child into the world. It's just not FAIR!!

Time 47:30 Caller “Address the ATTITUDE of the teachers and school administrators surrounding NCLB”. I will look for an article in which a group of teachers that were once opposed to NCLB, mainly due to ideological (anti-Bush) feelings found that it was not as bad as they thought once they got used to it.


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This is Dan Brown. I'm going to address your questions and claims on my own forum, and I'll send you the link when it is posted.

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