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Questions For The White Liberals Who CLAIM To Have Our Best Interests In Mind

"A Picture Is Worth A Million Words In This Case
As a follow up to the detailed review of an interview with Jonathan Kozol, a White liberal education activist who I have had pegged for a long time as a "White Supremacist" in his views upon Black people. (See original post: Poster Child)

Questions that the biased Diane Rehm would NEVER ask Jonathan Kozol or Dan Brown

Questions for Dan Brown

1) Mr. Brown - I see that YOU left the majority minority school that you referenced as a "jungle" after only one year for an elite Private school. Mr. Brown - could you detail your prior experiences with people of color prior to your teaching assignment? Did culture shock and your references to the "white norm" come into play in your discomfort with this situation?

1a) You said that your goal was to "give back" to society. You departed after 1 year to teach school kids that would succeed without your help. Do you feel that you have betrayed your original mission in any way?

2) Mr. Brown - you mentioned that one particular student had much difficulty at home and you reached out to him and allowed him to open up. At the end of your engagement he was able to write a story and do poetry but he failed the standardized test. Mr. Brown - if you were a patient of this person as he went on to become a professional - would you make use of his services if your life or freedoms depended on it being that he was able to satisfy you due to your "up close and personal" contact with you but he was not able to pass the standardized test just as a lawyer, doctor or CPA is expected to pass. Are you really doing this kid a favor, Mr. Brown?

3) Mr. Brown - I notice that you direct most of your commentary about the low skills that these students have upon their lot in life. You state that their parents often have low academic skills themselves and are very self conscious about their own shortcomings. This clearly gets transfered over to the children. Mr. Brown if we were to have you step outside your confinement as a teacher and make note of the best way to improve these children's chances for success - would you focus on changing the SCHOOL SYSTEM or focus on changing the PARENTS and their engagements with the children from their ability to provide early childhood education back to consideration of their ability to provide for the child in the first place? Aren't we looking at a problem that is much greater than the 4 walls of the school Mr. Brown?

Questions for Jonathan Kozol

1) Mr. Kozol - you have made repeated negative references to No Child Left Behind. You have been in the classrooms of poor environments since the 1960's. Since clearly you don't like NCLB - could you articulate the policies that were in place BEFORE NCLB and how they were more effective than NCLB? Why were these policies removed if they were so effective?

2) Mr Kozol - Senator Ted Kennedy was a co-sponsor of the NCLB legislation. You being on the left are no doubt critical of the intentions of President Bush, a Republican. What of Ted Kennedy though? He is a progressive legislator and has a track record of dealing with poverty programs in a progressive and sensitive way. What do you make of Kennedy's involvement in the authorship of this legislation?

3) Mr. Kozol - I noticed in an excerpt from your new book (which appeared in various Sunday papers) that in your visit to a lunchroom of a school in NYC that you reported on seeing fist fights and certain language. You blamed this on the over-crowded schools and on underfunding. You made reference to a White school in New Hampshire that had a more intellectually stimulating environment. Mr. Kozol - why do you make the fights a function of the physical plant of the school but you attempt to deflect any obligation for respectful behavior within the school by the students?

4) Mr Kozol - during our interview you mentioned that in the 8th grade these "NCLB students" having been exposed to the program for 4 years STILL could not participate in an intellectual conversation in the classroom. You attribute this inability to NCLB and its rote and repetitive learning style. Implicitly it seems that you are saying that prior to NCLB these same kids would be fully articulate in the 8th grade. Mr. Kozol - could you tell me specifically why you believe that NCLB had the power to turn children who were otherwise on the path toward literacy and articulation into students who could barely communicate with regard to any basic structure imposed upon them by an educator?

5) Mr. Kozol - you state that the teachers that you have talked to have departed schools primarily due to NCLB. As we consider history - school discipline has been of major concern. If you recall a few years ago there was a national outrage about both the under-reporting of crimes in school by administrators who doctored the results and there was a national dialogue about metal detectors in school. Mr. Kozol -why is it that these major issues did not make the #1 placement on the list? Is it possible that these teachers that you talk to KNOW THAT YOU ARE AN "ANTI-NCLB ADVOCATE" and thus they know WHAT TO TELL YOU WHEN THEY ARE TALKING TO YOU? Surely Mr. Brown who is listening to your interview is getting the hint that he needs to savage NCLB, following your queue. Could this be how NCLB received the #1 ranking on your list?

6) Finally Mr. Kozol - a few years back on the show "America's Black Forum" you stated that all Black schools in this country will NEVER be able to provide high quality educational services to its students. You stated that more than anything else Black parents should advocate INTEGRATION with WHITE CHILDREN as the primary means for BLACK STUDENTS to receive education. When Rev. Floyd Flake and the rest of the panel gave you examples of schools that produce Black academic success you summarily dismissed these and called them rare exceptions. Mr. Kozol what specifically is it about Black kids going to sit in a classroom with WHITE KIDS that benefit BLACK KIDS academically?

6b) Mr. Kozol - can you tell us of any academic benefit that WHITE KIDS receive by sitting in the class room with BLACK KIDS or is it just a one way flow of benefit into Black kids? Please be specific about academics rather than cross-racial knowledge and exchange if you will. Thank you.

(I must comment on the picture above. I found it after I wrote the text.

You see - Jonathan Kozol is an extreme leftwing educational activist and, in my opinion, a White Supremacist. He is standing next to John Conyers - a Black left wing extremist in kind. They both have value to each other. Poor Black people are the pawn in both of their games.

Jonathan Kozol - as I have laid out for all REASONABLE people to see makes use of poor, ignorant Black people as the primary subjects to achieve his ideological ends. As I strip off his veneer in which he redirects his ire at their lack of academic progress upon the SCHOOL SYSTEM and educational policy as he makes implicit assaults upon THEM it is clear that this man does not see equal human beings in his presence.

One does not need to 'hate Black people' to be a 'White Supremacist'. A White Supremacist, by strict definition is one who believes that the systems, abilities, networks and culture created by WHITE FOLKS are better than what most others are able to put forth. Mr. Kozol seeks for Blacks to move into schools that are White culturally dominated as the primary means for Blacks to receive education. Someone can be a lover of dogs or orangutans BUT NOT dare see them as EQUAL to himself and thus place the same level of expectation upon them.

His pose with John Conyers is of great importance because they both are key players in "poverty politics". Mr. Conyers (and other Black Progressive) provide cover for the supremacy of Mr. Kozol. If any other White person did as is referenced in the 36:45 mark of my previous post which dissected the Kozol interview - all hell would break out among Black people.

John Conyers and other Progressive Black school administrators who swoon over Kozol are prostituting Black people and any remain racial dignity that we have left for the hope of receiving more federal educational money in alignment with their ideological motivations.)


Dan said...

This is Dan Brown, the person you are asking questions to. I would be happy to answer them; I think discussions between people of different views is often a much better test of those views than the common practice of talking with people who already agree with you. My email address is

Constructive Feedback said...

There you have my questions sir.

4 direct questions to you about your experiences "in the jungle" for one year.

Don't get me wrong, Mr. Brown. I appreciate your concern about the vast problems that are present in these poor, urban schools. No doubt that there is a great sense of abandonment within.

My great frustration primarily with Jonathan Kozol in particular is that he is CLEARLY using these "Poor Black Kids" to accomplish a greater ideological and political agenda.

Basic LOGIC stands that a program what was signed into law in 2002 and was was ramped up over time in its implementation DID NOT CAUSE the problems that Kozol speaks of. He is a flawed ideologue.

The problem that I have with you is that you appear to not be able to ASK ANYTHING OF THE ADULTS involved in these children's lives. You instead shunt maximum responsibility upon the SOCIETY to cover for that which is falling through the cracks with the adults.

Is it possible that in CREATING NEW PROCESSES by centrally focusing on the parents and developing their skills of transferring knowledge to their children that THIS will relieve the burden of the schools to do such high intensity remedial education?

I see these "ignorant people" as being EQUAL TO ME. Thus I am not afraid to ask them to make ECONOMIC DECISIONS that involve OPPORTUNITY COSTS! You nor I can MAKE THEM value school in their OWN BEST INTERESTS at a greater rate than THEY ARE WILLING TO.

Dan said...

Thanks for your comments. I responded to your questions publicly. Your blog will likely get a boost in hits.

Here's the link.

Constructive Feedback said...

My response