Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sorry - I Am Not Going To Wear Your Guilt Trip

I find it interesting how some of my fellow Black people attempt to use various techniques to "shame" people into compliance with their own ideological biases. We can't even come to agreement on the ignorance of your young males wearing their pants off of their azzes in public and yet you want to condemn ME for supporting "policies that hurt Black people"? Negro please. I ain't buying whatever you are selling.

It seems to me that there is a proclivity for some people to warn about the "pitchfork justice" that awaits this country as a growing "permanent underclass" (his words) of Black people grow frustrated about how some third party has "perpetuated their condition". It appears that I produce the greater insult to dare suggest that they become more aware and reasonable in their choices, viewing the opportunities that are out there and preparing themselves accordingly.

Anything short of my complete agreement that there is a vast conspiracy against the Black man, to hold us down and "perpetuate us as an underclass" make me a co-conspirator to the scheme. It seems that because I was 'GIVEN' a job in this same system that my loyalties to this system has outstripped the loyalty to my RACE! I am expected to go into these "ghetto areas" and offer assistance as PROOF of my "Blackness".

But hold on BROTHER! What if my DEBATES with you with me telling you my perspective and how I avoided being ensnared in this net that keeps people in the permanent underclass is my first foray into the "mind of the ghetto"? You REJECT my notions but you want me to PHYSICALLY go into the hood to "help"? What if I began to proselytize these souls over to my way of thinking - THAT YOU REJECT? You will then have more ideological enemies on hand to counter against. Clearly you want me to shut up, depart from my foolish ways and offer resources to these, the "permanent underclass" that were MADE this way.

Why is it that the reverse is not true? You are bitter about your situation. I am content that I have set out and accomplished what I had hoped for. Why can't it be that YOU are the one in need of change despite your offense to my position?

You keep telling me how POPULAR certain political ideologies are among "Black people" and how alternative ideologies have been REJECTED and thus the discussion is a non-starter. But wait - why is it that you promote such a notion? Should it be the other way around? In our time of great aggrievement a certain set of ideologies are POPULAR with Black people but thus far this program has failed to EFFECTIVELY cure Black people of our aggrieved position. Please tell me why this is not a legitimate analysis of the situation at hand?

What makes you think that as I engage the "permanent underclass" that they too won't refuse to change their ways, rejecting what I have to say that might loosen the grip that is making them "the permanent underclass" not of their own doing? If you, who positions yourself as the best and brightest among them are hostile and rejecting of my notions then what makes you think that the followers of your system of "conditioned hopelessness" will be any more inclined to want to change?

I am open for a meeting on neutral ground. You come to the table with an open mind. I will do the same.

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