Friday, August 03, 2007

What Is The Logical Opposite of "I've Got Mine You've Got To Get Yours"?

What Is The Logical Opposite of "I've Got Mine You've Got To Get Yours"?

So frequently within the Black community can this phrase be heard. It describes a Black person that has "made it" and is said to have turned their backs upon the rest of the Black community, especially the poor and uneducated.

More precisely, however, this is applied to the person who the person making the judgment has deemed to have taken advantage of the bloodshed during the Civil Rights Movement, the special programs such as Affirmative Action or the general struggle made by Black people to give that person the opportunity that he is FOOLISH enough to believe he has made on his own. He is now telling other Blacks to "figure it out for themselves" - at least in the opinion of his critics. This may or may not be so.

This is not the prime focus of this posting, however. My purpose here is to document the opposite effect and the greater harm that is seen by the Black community. The opposite of "Ive Got Mine....." is the Black person who allows their own personal depression to make the assumption that all other Blacks are similarly aggrieved, that their problems are a function of their RACE rather than any attribute of their own failings, and, most importantly, that any Black person that does not relate to and give comfort toward his condition is not REAL BLACK".

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