Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Sacredness Of "The Black Agenda"

2007 has been a powerful and enlightening year thus far.

I have learned the power of and the sacredness of "The Black Agenda".

It struck me this morning as I listened to "Tell Me More" on NPR. I heard Congressional Democratic Black Caucus leader U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick INSERT the "Jena 6" issue into the AGENDA of the US House at the Federal Level.

For 2007 the agenda has "Genarlo Wilson", "Michael Richards", "Don Imus" and "The Jena 6". These are issues that involve RACISM - related to comments by a WHITE MAN or government/judicial system injustice caused by a WHITE MAN. All of these items garnered the full force of the "Black Civil Rights Industrial Complex". Indeed it was a good year for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's frequent flier miles accounts.


What about the:

The Philadelphia 300?
The Baltimore 200?
The New Orleans 168?

How is it that certain operatives WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY are able to fly over CRITICAL issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY while they cherry pick issues in which a WHITE ANTAGONIST is at play? Just as I have no firm evidence of WHITE FOLKS conspiring to move out of my upper middle class subdivision in suburban Atlanta.....I have no evidence of a meeting between Black Quasi-Socialist Progress-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers in deciding upon what they will take up and what they will ignore.

What I CAN SAY is that "what is being ignored is proving to be more DEADLY AND DESTRUCTIVE to Black people" than what they are choosing to rally around.

In listening to Congresswoman Kilpartrick's tightly organized rant about Jena, LA which did not fully represent all of the facts about the incident it was clear that a well oiled machine was in play.

For me as a harsh CRITIC of the POPULIST Black Dogma that is in play WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY I see my job as being a counter-balance against those who would use their monopoly power to have their way with Black people.

I am amazed as I hear Black people say "voting doesn't make a difference anyway, they are going to do what they want to do" routinely cast their votes without taking a step back and checking out those who have their confidence rather than just those who have their scorn.

The Black Agenda is the "Lord of the Rings" that is at play. These operatives are fully aware about how Black people think and what our hot button issues are. RACISM, an UN-JUST JUDICIAL SYSTEM and ANTI-CORPORATE sentiments ring true for many Black people. As certain operatives are plotting out how to best appeal to Black people - these key themes are front and center in their planning sessions. To believe that there is NOT a deliberative process going on in much of what we see is to be naive.

I realize that I can't fight the power through direct means. There are too many smooth talkers who know how to play the crowd through ridicule. On a stage debate the "boo bears" would nullify any opportunity for me to get a fully formed set of thoughts out of my mouth. The only way change is going to come is to bring forth the COST OF BLACK PEOPLE CONTINUING TO DO AS WE ARE DOING into the minds of the Black masses so that THE MASSES will recognized that there is a GREATER AGENDA that can be put forth.

For me personally it is the "Melanated Immigrant" that proves to be the best counter punch to the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser that dominates the political discourse WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Where as we are CONSUMERS in the urban mall.....he is the OWNER of many of the outlets that we hand our money over to. In the context of the theory of White Supremacy, redlining, and denial of access to capital his success at taking a dominant position in Black Retail despite these claims of the system being against all who are non-White.

It is the BLACK AGENDA that is being crafted by these operatives who will respond to the Korean merchant in a REACTIONARY. All the while the BQPFRC told about how Capitalism "underdeveloped" the Black community....these Koreans saw a CONSUMER PEOPLE and they developed markets in our community right under our noses. The Black operatives - being clueless as usual didn't value what they had all along and instead had to respond the claim that was identified by someone else.

It is the Black community who must be more conscious between our own interests and that of the political/ideological operatives that seek to use us from WITHIN. They enjoy unfettered access to the controls of our community. After years of misleading us it is time for our community to begin asking QUESTIONS and pushing back. The control of the entries upon the "Black Agenda" and the priorities that this represents is the only way that things are going to change.

Our people need to decide if they "hate their enemies or love themselves" and act accordingly.

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