Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tyler Perry's Success Is Changing Minds About The Potential Of The Black Movie-Going Audience

Tyler Perry opens the door for black films
Hollywood is beginning to take notice of the black audience

The number of distributors and producers making movies that star and target blacks is climbing at an unprecedented clip. They’re reversing a pattern of studio indifference that for years allowed smaller players like Lionsgate, which has seen a box office gross of about $145 million from the three previous Perry films it has distributed, to enjoy a windfall.

I would love to see the strong return of the Black Independent films and the smaller theaters that they used to play within.

The best way to defeat those who refuse to give you the "green light" it to develop your own road and put your own traffic lights up.

There is a technological and communications revolution going on right now. We should not confine ourselves to the classical movie theater and DVD distribution system.

Good job Tyler Perry.

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