Saturday, October 06, 2007

"The Voice" from "The War"

The Ken Burns' series "The War" is an excellent documentary of the last "popular" war that the United States participated in - World War II. It provides graphic details about the experiences on the battlefield from the perspective of the various soldiers that are shown in their present form today and then as they were decades ago in the war.

The one consistent presence in the series if the powerful voice of the narrator of the series by the actor - Keith David. He does a great job with his commentary which sets up the various scenes on the screen.

The body counts that are posted indicates the scale of this war as compared with others. In some days the Americans lost 16,000 infantry men in ONE DAY as a result of a forward advance upon enemy territory. I can only wonder how this war would have been reported if they had the 24 hour news coverage that we have today. Where as a few of the fighting men were heard saying "we get to experience first hand what the generals strategize about from afar" there was no MSNBC television or "Huffington Post" blog around during those days to view the war from the perspective of discontented soldiers.

On the screen right now as I watch the "FUBAR" segment there is an American soldier shooting to death at point blank range a wounded enemy solider on the island of Peleliu who is laying on the ground. Despite having this video footage in hand for show decades later I doubt that the news media back in the 1940's used such footage to undercut the war effort as is the case today.

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