Friday, November 30, 2007

AIDS - The Bridge Builder Between Blacks In Washington DC and Africa

Will the Next President Fight AIDS?

If Washington, D.C., were a country, its estimated HIV prevalence of 1 in 20 adults would rank it 23rd in the world--higher than half of the nations in sub-Saharan Africa.

Yesterday I saw a poster from the Atlanta Convention And Visitors Bureau that stated "If Metro Atlanta were its own country - it would be the 6th largest economy in the World based on GDP". Clearly this is a well orchestrated result that is a payoff from years and years of effort.

I can't help but make the very same inference about HIV infection and AIDS. It is not the "President that must FIGHT AIDS". HIV is transmitted through the exchange of body fluid between one person that is infected to another that previously was not. AIDS is an INTERPERSONAL disease. When I hear Gay Activist Keith Boykin and others make the case that it is the "Homophobic Black Church" that is the cause of the unchecked spread of AIDS within the Black American community it is clear to me that he and others are using this claim as a means of receiving forbearance from responsibility for their risky behaviors than they are in actually doing the things that are necessary to prevent the spread of this infection.

Sadly this virus has shown us that the African-American who previously thought that they were safe from all that threatens the rest of the world are in fact little different from their African cousins when it comes to HIV infection. This 23rd ranking got this way as a step by step MIS-directed effort. Similarly it will be addressed more permanently but on a more DIRECTED effort where people's consciousness dictate their behavior that exposes them to risk.

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