Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ian Smith Of The Country Known Now As Zimbabwe Dies

Wikipedia page on Ian Smith

This post has a dual purpose.

First is to send off a racist leader of the former country known as Rhodesia. He was quoted as saying "the Black Africa would never rule this country for 1,000 years (to come". Ironically he and his white minority government was removed from office in 1979 and replaced by a government that was of the majority population. Clearly Ian Smith was wrong in his ignorant pronouncement.

At the same time I would be remiss if I failed to make note of the oppressive government of today. Though the name of the nation has changed to Zimbabwe - the average person is catching hell just the same. Robert Mugabe came to office with so much hope. For the first few years he did a good job in managing the nation's affairs. Recently, however, he has shown that he's learned well from the former White oppressors and has carried the tradition forward.

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