Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prostate Health & Black Men

I tried to put off the day of reckoning as long as possible was the day. My first prostate examination.

I had an option of getting it done during my physical two years ago. Interestingly enough my normal doctor was on vacation and a substitute doctor......who just happened to be my neighbor across the street.....did my exam that day. He told me that it was optional since I am still relatively young. Thought about all of the talks that we have while standing outside retrieving our mail or newspapers. I couldn't bear to think upon our future discussions that this man had violated me in such a way - so I passed.

Today there would be no deferment. I have to say that there are three things that a Black man does not want to hear from another man (or make that a "straight Black man") while he is naked except for the loose fitting smock that he has on:

1) "OK bend over across the table and spread your legs"

2) "I need you to relax your butt for me"

3) And upon completion of the exam "Well your prostate felt smooth just as I expected it to be for someone your age"

I am glad that everything checked out properly and I am glad that this is only done every two years.

With all of the preventable ailments that are present among Black males who are older than 35 but younger than 70 - this is certainly one issue that can be managed toward a less than fatal ending if we all get our periodic exam.

Now if someone could just come up with a pill with a camera that I swallow and then dispose of instead of having a doctor with a glove and some lubricating jelly that probes me....I would call this a serious medical advancement.

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Please do not make me laugh at work when I am not supposed to be on the web.