Sunday, November 04, 2007

Upon Reciving "Reparation" What Will Be Asked Of The Black Man Regarding His Valuation Of The White Man?

Within the debate over Reparations for Western enslavement of Africans most of the discussion is focused around how the Black man must be made whole. We must be taken consciously back to the state at which we were before coming into contact with the Europeans that had their way with our physical bodies, our material resources and of course our mental and spiritual consciousness. Additionally the consideration of the modern stature that the African WOULD HAVE attained had he not been molested throughout the centuries by White oppression and exploitation is put forth upon the total invoice for what is owed to us as a people.

This post is not to debate the the matter of what is to be transfered from the White man back to the Black in the name of "Reparations". I instead would like to broach the subject of what the BLACK MAN will project forth regarding his views on THE WHITE MAN once we achieve our "Repaired State".

It comes as no surprise to anyone that today an offense by a White person against a Black is promoted as being SUPERIOR to the very same physical assault done by a fellow Black person. Though I have tried I cannot identify the multiplier by which one White man's killing of a Black man is equal to "X" number of Black people's killing of another Black man before the Black Community is made to give a response that is similar to that which is seen when the White man commits the same act. If any of you know this number - 10, 50, 200 to 1 please forward it to me. The answer will be greatly appreciated.

In today's news paper is the report of a rally held in West Virginia in protest of the recent detention, sexual assault and brutalization of a young Black girl by a gang of White thugs in the area.

Protesters: Add hate charge
Rape and torture case has divided some advocates, who differ on how to achieve punishment for 6 suspects.

In 2006 there were 75 homicides in West Virginia and 389 rapes
(West Virginia Crime Rates 1960 - 2006). What specifically about THIS incident has garnered a mass protest?

Quotes from the rally:

* "Hate crimes are out of control in America,"; "Nooses are being hung and our women are being raped by white mobs. Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party

* "Protect the Black Woman." a message shown on the t-shirt of the victim - Megan Williams

* "As a father of a daughter and a child of African ancestry, the idea that I can sit by idly, [in] the face of one of the most violent and obscene acts committed against a black woman in my life, was too appalling," he said. "I had to come."


The question must be asked - Why is it that the assault upon Megan Williams by 6 White folks draw a protest while the assault by 4 Black males upon a Black mother and her son where she was forced to perform oral sex on him for the the amusement of the thugs NOT grounds for a protest as well?

Dunbar Villiage: Mother Raped and then forced to perform sex act upon her son


Beyond this quick divergence in order to set up the central question of this post is "Will REPARATION bring about the point which a crime done against a Black person is seen as an EQUAL ASSAULT, regardless of who the perpetrator is?" While I have no direct evidence regarding how our ancestors looked upon White folks from the standpoint of the valuation of their assaults upon them as compared to one from one of their own - it stands to reason that as a self-sufficient entity they were forced to deal with all offenders lest chaos and disorder come about.

As we journey to our "repaired state" as a people - will this state include the notion that "All Men Are Equal" and thus "all offensive that these men commit are equal and justice and outrage will be equally dispensed as proof of our REPAIRED STATE?

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