Friday, December 28, 2007

Version 2.0 Of 70% Of All Black Women Are Single

Please accept this as an updated copy to the previous post titled "What Is The Cost Of The 70% Unmarried Black Women As Reported By Oprah?"

In the 3 days I have been in Jamaica my experiences with my wife who is a native Jamaican has given me more real world evidence not of the "COSTS" to the community of not having more permanent partnerships but to the BENEFIT to me for having one. So this version 2.0 will be more of a personal assessment from my perspective.

First I have to relate the key differences in the scenes that went through my head at two distinct Jamaican parties while visiting Jamaica. About 15 years ago I came to Montego Bay with my good male friend just to get away on an island vacation. On one of the nights we found a local night club to hang out for the evening. Where as my friends personality is an outgoing, make her laugh on the front end to attract the girl but then go too far (in his drunken state) and turn off all but the most "ride or die" type in the long run (I am sure you women know what I am talking about) style is more laid back and conversational. Bottom line - he is more effective at snagging in the girls to sit with but driving them away. I am more effective at keeping them sitting at the table and enjoying themselves for the rest of the night. We work well as a team.

With that being said I could not help but to compare the party two years ago which I attended in an unaccompanied state with the party that I attended two nights ago while accompanied with "My Jamaican Girl" - both a song that the live band had played and the reality that was the case with my wife by my side. Where as in the first party - coming into a different culture with people I didn't know it was a bit disorienting, for me, finding a dance partner. The other night having a more permanent fixture to spend the evening with there was a great improvement as the evening was a combination of listening to and appreciating the talents of both the live vocalists and the musicians who's movements produced that distinct sound of Reggae. So what was the benefit to being attached - for me - it fits my style and my personality. I in fact did bring "sand to the beach" and the sand that I know and love was better than hunting for sand but coming up empty.

The next benefit that I recognized was in seeing the network of friends that my wife knows from which I naturally benefit from. There is no doubt about it that today my life is more defined by the people that she knows and brings us along as a couple to engage with than by the people who I had originally known. My counter parts are either male friends that I hang out with or business associates. It is clear that when it is time to sell Girl Scout cookies or other school fund raisers it is easier to hand the order form to mom than to dad. She is the social butterfly.

In addition to bringing me into the house of the people with whom we are staying yesterday proved rather enlightening with respect to the network of people in relatively high places in the small country that she knew and that I was exposed to. In the balance between the realities of a small sized country and thus a concentrated network of people with the fact that they have a government that must perform the same functions of a larger nation such as the USA - it was far easier to get introduced to the people are responsible for key operations within the government.

Yesterday as I talked with the one man who leads the marketing effort for the island to attract businesses and other opportunity for the benefit of Jamaica I instead realized how much of a valuable asset that I had right under my own roof, right in my own bed. Where as I have personal aspirations regarding my "next step" in my life and my career - it dawned on me how much I had been under-utilizing the potential partnership that I go home with every night. This is not some "business opportunity" or female relationship that I must pursue, having her get to know me - this was untapped potential right under my nose. Only time and maturity had to express it to me.

Here I have a wife who just completed an MBA having been assisted by the fact that me, a resident father, was able to take the load of responsibility off of her back with respect to child care, cooking and of course finances for the essentials in life. With this major investment in hand I saw the need for me to learn how to manage my personal career dreams leveraging my wife's assets rather than factoring her and my family in after the fact. So my dream of departing the house alone and moving to Dubai for a year or two to make enough money to pay off the mortgage will need to be modified a bit.

Yes this is the same woman who I hear whining if I accidentally kick her leg in the bed which couldn't possibly hurt in the way that she over dramatizes it in her response. At the same time I don't have the exposure into the personal lives of other women who I have respect for with regard to their business accumen so I could not possibly get a view of the same intimate information that I have with my wife.

In summary - the presence and management of long term, committed relationships has the benefit of exposing one's self to a person as we all go through the cycles of life. We change. They change. Our needs from someone else changes. Our ability to contribute value to other people also changes. As we consider some of the problems that our community faces it is clear to me that it is a continuing mistake to allow certain things to perpetuate as they have. At the end of the day a culture, a society, a nation is nothing more than the aggregate sum of its parts. We as a people are looking at the downstream problems but are nearly totally missing the fundamental causes of the problem. It might indeed be true that our centuries old experiences have destroyed our culture as it was once known. The fact remains that no one alive today KNEW THAT CULTURE. All that we know is that which we live by today. All that our children know is that which we will hand to them.

In the question of Black male/female relationships it is a matter of ensuring more permanency and endurance to them as a key means of expressing the synergies of the two combined as one. All involved will benefit.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"The Great Debaters" Why Are Black Folks Taken By The Populist Message?

I watched the movie "The Great Debaters" with Denzel Washington. I promise not to spill the beans about the conclusion of the movie for those who did not see it. I could not help but notice some of the subtle messages that where hidden within the movie as a means of appealing to the sentiments and racial grievances that are popular among Black folks. In fact - it could be argued that this movie which referenced the 1930's Texas USA provides further proof of how far Black people have come today.

Yes there was a lynching scene. Yes the Wiley College debate team were not able to compete against one but fellow Black schools with few exceptions. Yes indeed - a Black man being caught outside of his own house and engaging a White man had reason to fear the White man because THE LAW would cover for him regardless of what he might do. Is this the state of "America 2008"? Or are the examples that one could pull up EXCEPTIONS rather than rules? Despite this point that I needed to make THESE are not the point of my post.

I want to talk about the Populist Message and how it is broadcast to Black folks. Denzel Washington - a fine actor, also played in the movie "John Q". This movie was about a father who in desperation to acquire medical attention for his dying son as he couldn't afford to pay for these services took hostages at the hospital in the last ditch attempt to bring awareness to his cause. While the movie "John Q" bashed the movie going audience over the head with its populist message, the move "The Great Debaters" had a similar goal with less abruptness in the message.

One key subtext of the movie was the union organizing efforts of the lead character that was played by Mr. Washington. During that time in our development as a nation a "union organizer" was consider a communist, socialist, radical or agitator. In addition - the "Law men" were agents of the Industrial complex that worked to suppress any such challenges to the status quo as they attempted to have more benefit flow to the laborers, in the movie's case - the poor "Sharecroppers" both Black and White.

Let us move forward to the year 2008 which is just around the corner. As we consider the densely populated urban areas where Black folks are concentrated - is it the lack of the RIGHT TO FORM A UNION that is our critical issue of the day? What would happen if all of the abandoned lots that litter North Philly and Baltimore were replaced by a brand new UNION HALL, built by the hands of the unemployed citizenry? What if upon holding a meeting in these corrupt sheriff or Pennsylvania's version of the "Texas Rangers" ever drove up to the union hall to bust up the meeting? What happens when no union rally attendee gets beaten up by the corrupt sheriff to motivate him to talk - dropping the dime on who else was in the meeting?

What happens in 2008 when NONE OF THIS HAPPENS?



What is the "photographic negative" to this message that is so appealing to those "without"? Isn't it clear that in 2008 the Black community needs to PRODUCE ITS OWN JOBS for the people within to a greater extent than FIGHTING FOR LABOR RIGHTS?

In the movie there were several debate teams that argued "in the affirmative" for various social welfare programs. One debater said that "a man needs to be GIVEN a job.......". My serious challenge to the Black community with its strong Popular Black Political Machine that dominates every single political ward where we are the majority across America - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE CONTROL THE KEY KNOBS AND SWITCHES IN A GIVEN DISTRICT? In this circumstance when it is said "a man needs to be GIVEN A JOB" who is the GRANTER of such a social benefit? One can't help but note that as this nation has changed over time. In the past economic development was done at the local as a part of a city's choice to INCORPORATE as they realized that as a chartered entity they were more or less self-contained and the synergies of their local resources could produce more benefit for its citizens than would be the case for the un-incorporated entity. Today despite having a favorable political machine in office controlling the entity of the city - the political leaders having taken over that plateau now seek to conquer the federal government as the pretext for economic abundance at the local level. What is the consequence of this?

In my view the consequence of "the external economic chase" has been to promote the power of the Federal government into a high stakes game of big money politics. Black people are made to be agents of a given political party that promises more POPULIST/PROGRESSIVE policies that will establish our standard of living, having OUTSOURCED this function from the local economy that actually PRODUCES value over to the POLITICAL process that REDISTRIBUTES value as confiscated from the SYSTEM THAT PRODUCES IT. This is the bastardization to the notion that "all politics is local". To violate such a principle is to buy into the notion that THE MACHINE that you are loyal to provides you with your quality of life and standard of living. Thus your very stake is at risk IF "your side LOSES" the election rather than it being a matter of if YOUR EFFORTS at producing value is more efficient in the marketplace. Having reached this point what must you do besides VOTING to attain your station in life? As you have adopted such indoctrination WHO HAS GROWN MORE POWERFUL? Your COMMUNITY or YOUR PARTY?

The job market in Detroit, in New Orleans, in Gary, in Baltimore will be regenerated NOT by the federal government but by the efforts of local entities who have the primary interests in employing the minds of the people contained there in as they play their individual parts in the system that crafts the STANDARD OF LIVING that is expressed by the community. This is the sum of all of their labors.

With the populist message one can't help but to notice that the burden for producing this end is OBFUSCATED onto some external entity who is always inches away from being conquered. Just as these golden rings are in the vestiges of control of the body politic per their superior numbers stuffed into the polling place.................THEY MOVE AWAY, hopscotching just over the man made political boundary that frees them of the legislative mandate that your new found power had arrayed AGAINST THEM as you plotted to reorder the system to your advantage. The key question that must be asked is: "Is it YOUR SYSTEM that produces economic value or are you in a system in which YOUR ADVERSARIES wealth is central to the development of your own? (In a spate of intellectual honesty I am compelled to admit that while I was talking about GOVERNMENT CONFISCATION it is also true that the CAPITALIST is plotting on your wallet as well. Of the two, however, the former is passing laws and thus the benefits rain down upon those who haven't even done anything differently prior to the law being enacted. In the latter AT LEAST he is doing something, learning from doing and then increasing his capabilities and market value as he develops 'schemes' to lighten your wallet.)

If you are going to be dependent on a system then at least be dependent on one that requires your efforts to produce value rather than requiring your ballot, properly filled out in November.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Is The Cost Of The 70% Unmarried Black Women As Reported By Oprah?

Oprah video clip on the rate of Single Black women

According to a topic on the Oprah Winfrey show - 70% of Black females are single and many are likely to remain that way. Instead of talking about the reasons why this might be I hope to use this post to detail the costs to the Black community and culture in the wake of this situation.

First let me start off and say - Marriage is a long term commitment and needs to be taken seriously. No societal pressure from the outside is going to craft a successful and healthy marriage. The two individuals involved in the agreement will ultimately determine the effective results of this social contract.

I have no problem with people expressing their liberty and independence to do as they please. When the exception becomes the rule - then there is a problem that will show up in the long term condition of the community.

It is my view that the cost of this high rate of signle-ness among Black women is as follow

1) Relationships that are meant to be are never consummated. From my perspective as a Black man - the Black woman is the God created complement to the Black man. A woman brings natural balance into a man's life. She, in the context of a family forces him to prioritize his behaviors and to eliminate the foolish actions that he may have done in the past which now threaten the bond with his family. In a culture that is so permissive that the primary male/female relationship is casual and serial in nature (sometimes overlapping depending on the "player" involved) the long term commitment to the person never develops. What happens with the physical relationship goes and gravity takes over with the bodies of both of them? At this point in time a more firm understanding and contentment should have been created in the relationship. Just knowing that someone else is there to care for your primary interests when you are infirmed due to some type of accident or medical ailment is something that so many people take for granted.

2)Temperament - when one in it for the long haul they adopt a more give and take attitude about accepting the flaws and frustration of a more permanent mate. The first sample that comes to mind is a family member who is "hard on a brother" as I always tell her. That promising brother one month becomes a "has been" the next as he does the slightest thing to ruin the interview. By the next month this same young lady is complaining how she doesn't have a man. It is clear to me that if she were to open up about her own flaws and enter into more of a give and take exchange with a brother that has potential that together they could over come the start up complexities in the relationship and be more of a balance between each other. I always laugh at her in that in having me as a permanent family member who has enough background with her that she can't push out of her life and with my years of seniority over her where she respects my wisdom and accomplishments in life - THIS is an example of the women who I struggled with upon first moving to Atlanta. At the time I was broke and in a tenuous position. I did not come from a family with much drama that is the hidden secret that some have to gently expose their new mate to. In my case it was not the women who I had chosen from the streets or the club that I settled upon. It was the women that other women that had more experience in identifying a "good man" as they got to know me on a more long term basis via the job that had the woman that I settled with to tune into me.

3) Kids caught in the middle. There is no way around it. You add a third party mate into the mix of two people who have borne children and you have just complicated the matter in an exponential manner. It is already difficult to do the give and take with respect to child rearing while in a committed relationship where both parties live together. I can imagine how things get even more complicated when one parent, typically the man resides outside of the residence of the mother of his children and his children. That last minute coverage to pick up the child from school because she is running late to pick him up becomes more complex, particularly if the father lives across town and thus is not in a practical position to receive the call at the last minute. When brother man starts to date other females or when mother beings to seek out male companionship as well there is no doubt that the natural feelings of jealousy about your partner moving on with their lives will be introduced. This is especially the case if one side of the issue feels in the back of their minds that there is another change to come back into the relationship in the long run that the other does not feel is the case. If it is the mother who is bearing the majority of the burden and the father who resumes his dating then all too often the children will be caught in the middle as the father's good name is trampled in the minds of his children while he is not there to defend himself. On the other side as the mother resumes dating - the concern that I have even as a resident father is ever present - another male is now in the presence of my children. Beyond the difficulty in knowing that another man is attempting to be the authority figure who my children have to obey is the dismantling of my rule that no male that is older than my children will ever be alone with them as the threat of sexual molestation is introduced into their lives. Of course at times it is the father himself who is the culprit of such an act that so greatly impacts the psyche of so many girls and boys as well. In the case of myself and so many other male protective figures who wouldn't think of doing such a thing, however, not knowing the true character of this third party male is beyond my ability of contentment.

3) Back to the sex and physical relationships angle. Today Black people are disproportionate victims of sexually transmitted diseases, most notably AIDS. It is unfortunate that certain cities such as Washington DC, Atlanta and Baltimore that have a racially (and income strata) identifiable population also have a designation of being HIV infection hot spots. The pure mechanics of the situation dictates that as a culture that imposes a "slow your roll" type constraint upon those who partake in it will also receive the benefit of having a reduced velocity of STDs among the population. There need not be a focus on the "moral" elements of married relationships to make this argument. This is strictly from a "functional" stand point. I also note that the veil of marriage does not always mean that a wayward mate will actually "stop his roll" but merely "get in when he can fit in". At the same time having a society that expects a certain reference for all to follow and then DEALS WITH THE EXCEPTION when they take place will have a bee-line that is more close to the ideal than a comparative culture that chooses to "dumb down" their standards because that which was the exception has now become THE RULE, mostly due to the absence of some controlling influence to redirect.

More on this point - so many pseudo-Black Public Intellectuals will take the rebellious position AGAINST that which "White folks have indoctrinated us with" - as they will say. You will hear from them certain notions such as "formal marriage was not a part of the African culture. It was imposed upon us as slaves or colonial subjects". They will add a turn of the knife with some point such as "And even then the commerce of the buying and selling of human beings who were Black was not subordinated by the common law agreement of marriage between these two people who assumed a married relationship. To this I ask - "How the HELL does this address any real world situation that we face as a people in 2007/2008?". Besides what the WHITE MAN has given our culture has not stopped you from using capitalisticly manufactured toilet paper rather than leaves from a tree to wipe your behind nor has it prevented you from mastering the art of elocution of the non-native language of proper English so that you, the self proclaimed 'Public Intellectual' can spout your IGNORANCE but make it sound so good in your appeal to people who value style over APPLICABILITY to the real world and the problems that they face.

Thus it is up to the Black people alive today to make note of both the problems that we have WITHIN the Black community and of the ideals that we want to MANAGE TOWARD and then implement a cultural NORM that is commonly enforced that can express this ideal for both the people living today and for transmission across the generational synapse to our progeny. (PS: and NO - the serial marriages of Pamela Anderson is NOT a reference to what WHITE FOLKS are doing as you look for ways to PACIFY yourself as to what Black folks are not doing. Having another people 'in the mud with you' gives you contentment in your backslidden condition. It does NOTHING to advance YOU and your people into the full potential that you seek - which should be the focus of your efforts. It is only an example of Non-White White Supremacy where another man is your primary reference. He is a "1.0" on your scale and you are a fraction there of.)

The concept of sacrifice now as a future investment and of "living below your means" are both concepts of economics that are directly applicable to the situation of male/female relationships and thus "wealth building via relationships".

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Henry McNeal Turner - My Favority AME Bishop Of All Time

Henry McNeal Turner

Born during Slavery times but never a slave - neither physically or mentally.
He was one of the first "Civil Rights Leaders" for Black people.
He did not mince his words.
He was "pro-gun" when the GUN was the only thing standing in the way between a Black man cowering in fear in the living room of his own house and his visit to the tree out front with the Klan's noose dangling waiting for his neck to be inserted.

I have much respect for Bishop Turner. He was not bought and sold for a given political party in front of his efforts to fundamentally help Black people.

He strongly challenged the Supreme Court ruling against the Civil Rights Act of 1875 which would have outlawed "Black Codes" or "Jim Crow" laws throughout the nation.

He later gave up on America, realizing that the prevailing winds that stood in the way of real justice for African Americans was too strong for a people who just a few short years ago figured that we were worthy of being "owned" like a stock yard animal and treated as such.

If only todays so called Black leaders could show as much clear leadership and courage.

He realized the importance of gun ownership for self defense during a time when the "White Racist" wished to confiscate guns from Black people so that they could have their way with our ancestors. Sadly today the attempts to confiscate the Black man's guns is being lead by Black people as we have placed our own kind in the rifle scopes of these guns.

Wikipedia Entry: Henry McNeal Turner

Black Males - Dying For Respect

Many young black men in Oakland are killing and dying for respect

Boys don't think they will live past 25, so they don't live their life as if they will. None of the convicted killers told The Chronicle that they were worried about their futures or the consequences of their criminal lifestyle before going to prison. To be a square, to go to school, work for minimum wage and shun the "game," takes an enormous amount of patience and personal risk in the middle of what is, in effect, a war zone. The payoff is too far off for someone who doesn't plan for middle age or a career. At the time, the quick buck didn't seem like a bad choice, inmates said.

Only a handful of the killers had legitimate jobs. Criminal records and lack of a high school diploma, no car to get to work, and no support from immediate family ensure that they simply don't fit in to what society sees as employee material.

It was only after they were taken out of their environment and given years to reflect behind bars that they had time to grasp the concept of another way of life.

The experts - and the killers - say a mentor might have saved them, anyone from the outside who could have shown them another way to be a man.

This series of articles paints a chilling picture of what is going on in our communities around America. Basically it links the destruction of the family structure in our communities with the prevalence of the violence and destruction that is abundant within. This point stands to reason. A community of people has its civility defined by the social agreements that are contained within. If indeed the "prison culture" prevails then the notion of "cut his throat before he cuts mine" will take over.

It is time for Black America to implement certain policies that have thus far been shunned as being "conservative". We do a better job at producing individuals who FIGHT THE SYSTEM and who are rebels. The failure comes when the adversary clears out and then we need these same people to - LEAD us internally. They are no experts in cultivating culture. At minimum it can be said that what ever "non-conservative" policies that are in place right now ARE NOT working. Too many of our people are being killed in the process of our unwillingness to SEEK a solution because we are bound to what is popular rather than what is effective.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Disagreement With "Black Progressives" On Strategy

I have been recording a series of radio programs that are streamed on the Internet so that I can later review them during long business trips or other times when I can multi-task. It is important for me to listen to the messages that are being pumped out to my people in order to both stay abreast of multiple viewpoints and to apply these perspectives onto what I believe and determine if my current beliefs stand up to alternative reasoning.

It goes without saying that the majority of the messages that are heard on Black media outlets are "progressive" in nature. Atlanta's "WRFG" tags itself as the "Progressive Information Station". They give preference to those who have experienced discrimination in getting their messages out in the mainstream media because of their "race, age, gender, sexual orientation or political status". Amy Goodman of Democracy now and a host of Pro-African Revolutionaries (who are residing comfortably in an air conditioned studio in Atlanta Georgia USA) frequent this station. I must say that I enjoy the muckraking and challenges to the American system that they so often bring. It is not that they are "wrong", in my view, it is so often the case that they abstract themselves from the benefit that they receive from the very system that they live in, seeking change as they eat from the tree.

I record "The Friday Night Drum" each week. This is an interesting show because the show with "Sista Courage" puts forth a particular political perspective which is in constant struggle against the repressive forces of the "United Snakes of America". She also uses terms such as "We'll be right Black in a moment" and "We Overstand the importance of certain things". It is actually an excellent show with respect to the detailed community interest issues that they bring up. I don't have to agree with their viewpoints in order to greatly appreciate the value of bringing up that which we are not likely to hear in the mainstream media.

This week's episode was a discussion about Reparations. I learned that the long sought after study to consider the impact of the study of Reparations for American slavery (HR 40) was going to be reviewed by John Conyers' House Judiciary committee.

There was a Black physician who was on the show. She made the case that the legacy of slavery and "Jim Crow" has had a deleterious impact upon Black people and our community's development in relation to other people in this country who were accepted in without the same obstacles. She told of how the cultural admonitions that were created from our history are still apart of parental warnings to their children which limit them. For example where as it was often deadly for a Black person to look a White person directly in the eye the doctor noted that today parents distribute similar warnings to their children before they leave the house which end up perpetuating a sense of inferiority within Black people. Some of these points show up in the lower academic performance of Black kids compared to White.

The more interesting part of her conversation was when she argued that there is a direct link between current Black medical ailments and the legacy of slavery. Obesity, increased cases of diabetes, suicide, stroke, high blood pressure and depression all have their roots in the fact that we live in a society that continues to oppress us because we are Black. This was the basis for her call for Reparations.

The doctor argued that Black people should be offered free health care because the conspiracy that America has concocted against Blacks for its duration as a nation. Black people are dying for the want of quality health care. These medical ailments are directly linked to the deeds of America and the psychological effects on our ancestors and the culture that has communicated them intergenerationally. The remedy for that which ails Black people today and in the future is government paid health care as a reparation.

Upon hearing the above linkage I realized how fundamentally my thoughts differed from those of this doctor, the "Friday Night Drum program", the average progressive Black person and those who support Reparations for these purposes.

First let me identify my common view points. I agree that access to quality health care is a fundamental requirement for a people and a community to sustain itself. It goes without saying then that the Black community should do everything necessary to insure that our people obtain quality health care. I believe that as a society would should MAXIMIZE the provision of health care to everyone while not attempting to violate the fundamental principles of economics nor private property rights in order to achieve this worthy end.

The point where I differ fundamentally with my ideological adversaries is the tendency of the Progressive to focus almost exclusively on lobbying and protesting toward the government in order to be provided such health care services. By definition this creates an external dependency upon a system that Blacks have no direct control over. All the while Black people remain in want of health care services and some are dying in the process.

In the program the host and the guest listed all of the surplus revenues that the state of Georgia had amassed. The governor recently made note of a $750 million to $1 billion balance in the "rainy day fund" for the state. The guest and radio show host claimed their right to these funds for provision of health care. "Black people have only come as far as we have through protests and letting our feelings of outrage be known". They focused upon the unfeeling and unsympathetic politicians that were seemingly out of tune with the needs of the Black community when it comes to health care. Thus again their strategy for providing health care to Black people was NOT to have Blacks organize to provide health care to Black people. Instead the strategy is to LOBBY the powers that be to provide health care to Black people.

I can just image years later when the contracts have been let to provide the government based services that these advocates have lobbied for that some of these advocates will turn their future protests into the issue of how Black owned firms are not receiving their "fair share" of contracted revenues to provide these services to their own people. I can image that these same people might raise a protest about the race of the people providing these services in the Black community and how Blacks are not provided with adequate medical training to work in these facilities. The common point of their message is the fact that the need is for the Black community to ADVOCATE FOR rather than ACTUALLY POSITION OURSELVES TO PROVIDE health care services to Black people, indeed to "save our own selves" where others are not interested in doing so.

I was reminded of a statement recently made by radio host Steve Harvey which said "in life it is often the journey toward your goal rather than the actual point of achieving the goal that knowledge and character is built the most". I believe this to be a true statement. In the course of seeking to improve one's condition per the goal that is present - it is the SYSTEM of changes that are implemented that form the structure that all else is built upon. Upon realizing important lessons along the way and them making sure that harmful elements are not passed along is how the concept of "don't forget your history lest you are doomed to repeat it" should be implemented.

Based on this radio interview and the general direction of the Reparations movement it seems that they are building a legacy of advocacy and lobbying EXTERNAL FORCES so that Black people might be given the resources that are seen as their "rights". This view point seems to prioritize the RECEIPT OF SERVICES over the PROVISION OF SERVICES and and the question of WHO the people are that are providing these services to the Black community.

My criticism of such a strategy is that there is no guarantee that the Black community will be improved from a technical perspective with regard to our capabilities to provide both the resources and then the medical expertise to take care of our own interests. As we consider the impact of " flight" from our cities (ie: White flight or Black middle class flight) it is clear that the citizens that remain are often highly concentrated with poor and unskilled individuals who are looking for jobs and to define their very place in the society that seemingly has discarded them. It is my opinion that the "lack of opportunity" that is so often heard about in these communities is a direct consequence of the outsourcing of the financing for and the the provision of such services within our community to the government. As strange as it might sound - it is indeed true that the state and federal government must be seen as external resources to the main interests of the Black community in order for this long sought after repair to take place. (Or at minimum as "resources of last resort" rather than first response). It is a serious strategic mistake to settle for the CONSUMPTION of these services while failing to create a framework for the economic funding of, the technical provision of and the community contribution to their own health care related state of affairs. In literal terms - you are placing your own life in the hands of an external force that has long proven not to have your exclusive best interests in mind.

The "unemployment problem" within urban America is really an "under-utilization" problem within the Black community. Will there be calls for Black people from these same underserved communities to focus their educational efforts into becoming doctors and other highly skilled medical professionals? Will the community be willing to develop a fund raising charitable organization to pay for the college education of these individuals and have them return to their own communities to deliver such services to the people? Think of the organizational and management skills that are squandered by NOT seeking to address the problem from within. Instead internal skills are shifted to EXTERNAL LOBBYING. I know that many people will say that it is OFFENSIVE of me to dare believe that the people must help themselves when they need help today. The key is to focus on the FUTURE COMPETENCIES that are developed rather than the CURRENT CONSUMPTION that is received. The demand is perpetual. The question is will the supply of resources be available and how is your community negatively impacted if the system that you have no direct control over fails?

Update 2007/12/08 12:26pm :
I would fully support the call made by these operatives to have the state of Georgia to transition the property of the now defunct Morris Brown College into an urban medical institute for the education of medical professionals that are focused upon preparing doctors and nurses to provide medical services to the underserved communities across the state of Georgia.