Saturday, December 22, 2007

Henry McNeal Turner - My Favority AME Bishop Of All Time

Henry McNeal Turner

Born during Slavery times but never a slave - neither physically or mentally.
He was one of the first "Civil Rights Leaders" for Black people.
He did not mince his words.
He was "pro-gun" when the GUN was the only thing standing in the way between a Black man cowering in fear in the living room of his own house and his visit to the tree out front with the Klan's noose dangling waiting for his neck to be inserted.

I have much respect for Bishop Turner. He was not bought and sold for a given political party in front of his efforts to fundamentally help Black people.

He strongly challenged the Supreme Court ruling against the Civil Rights Act of 1875 which would have outlawed "Black Codes" or "Jim Crow" laws throughout the nation.

He later gave up on America, realizing that the prevailing winds that stood in the way of real justice for African Americans was too strong for a people who just a few short years ago figured that we were worthy of being "owned" like a stock yard animal and treated as such.

If only todays so called Black leaders could show as much clear leadership and courage.

He realized the importance of gun ownership for self defense during a time when the "White Racist" wished to confiscate guns from Black people so that they could have their way with our ancestors. Sadly today the attempts to confiscate the Black man's guns is being lead by Black people as we have placed our own kind in the rifle scopes of these guns.

Wikipedia Entry: Henry McNeal Turner

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