Saturday, January 19, 2008

Feminism And Left-wing Ideology

In a recent debate about the general state of today's feminist movement most agreed that today's feminist is typically biased toward left leaning interests. They have expanded beyond their normal calls of "equal pay for equal work", "the right to choose what to do with their body", their right to choose whom can "do" their bodies into areas such as environmentalism, economic justice (from their perspective that is) and even anti-war activities.

After having listened to an interview from a feminist last night I have some deep seeded questions for those who call themselves "feminists"

Audio Interview with member of NARAL Pro-Choice America

My central question has to do with the alignment of certain economic policy characteristics of the left with the perceived advancement of women as recognized by their adoption of many of the agenda items that are present in the woman's movement. More specifically - one is likely to hear in the expression of left wing economic policy dogma that the harsh realities of economic challenges has caused people to work harder for less reward. They would tell us that we are a society of GREED. Where as once we were a more slow society that valued bonds between human beings, today we are far more hedonistic per the conditioning that has been received from the large Madison Avenue marketing firms that have indoctrinated us into the lifestyle that have wanted us to assume for the benefit of their corporate sponsors.
They will tell you that our credit card debt is proof of what they say as being true. Couple this with globalization which has Americans become more fat, and pampered as they offshore the real work to the Chinese. They paint the case for the "hollowing out" of the American soul and consciousness.

I have learned over time that the best way to appraise a "theorist" is to hold him accountable to his own theories and then ask him tough questions regarding how he/she reconciles herself against the person that she has created via her ideology as she has expressed it. So it goes with the feminist.

I allow the woman from NARAL's logic that the "pro-choice" movement has its roots among the clergy. (I can only assume that they were tired of seeing women permanently injured or who have died from 'back alley' abortions and thus they were promoting the operation being done in safe and sterile environments instead of the classical clothes hanger. As with many left wing pronouncements they focus on the choices of poison the deal with the AFTEREFFECTS of the decision to walk down a slippery slope rather than addressing that initial first step because it would force an infringement upon what they see as one's libertarian right to do as they please. Their job indeed is to make sure that the system is present to protect people from their own actions after the fact.

With all of this said I challenge the feminists to reconcile their views of society that I have illuminated above with their viewpoints on how women living in this said environment are CHOOSING to abort their children due to their TIME PREFERENCES, their CAREER PRIORITIES and as a consequence of their CASUAL RELATIONS with their sex partner. Aren't they actually promoting in women what they condemn society for? Putting all of these material issues ahead of basic human issues? Isn't destroying the life of a baby due to all of these complexities as exposed by our system actually falling prey to this system?

(Please note - I realize that there is no single point of consciousness for all feminists. While indeed the most vocal are left of center they, like many other interest groups have supporters who's views span the range.)

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