Saturday, January 12, 2008

Marriage Yes; Federal Marriage Initiative - Not Sure

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From a cultural stand point marriage is a fundamental construct for a society and culture that seek balance and stability. As I have written several times before on this blog - a "spiritually lead" marriage is good for the children, it is good for the woman, it is good for the man - each contributing their specific talents, each receiving their unique benefits. I am for any CULTURALLY based initiative that promotes the bonds of two individuals in a healthy marriage.

President Bush issued a "Marriage Initiative" a few years ago. The usual suspects opposed and mocked the idea. Some feminists even had the nerve to claim that forcing women to stay in abusive marriages is a hazard to their health. Of course they, like usual, focused on the worst exceptions rather than the general rule and failed to consider any type of continuing counseling to keep the relationship on the right path. The fabric of relationships with friends and traditions assist in enriching the bond.

The issue of government programs that cross over into the cultural realm is a delicate one. On the one hand there is a long history of government social programs that have incubated destructive environments as cultures of DEPENDENCY were created into the minds of the individuals. Thus I believe that any government program should consider the cultural contamination that might result. If such a marriage initiative is in support of printed materials, the reservation of facilities that host community members for discussions about the value of marriage - I can accept this as an investment.

At the end of the day - the people and the community must decide that it is in their best interests to maintain these relationships. This cannot be a message that 'comes down from upon high'. The community must see the value and instill it in all members and children that come forth. If the government has a heavy hand beyond facilitation this is not a good thing.


Anonymous said...

What up Cultural Strategist? Just thought I would send you a hello and that you are preparing yourself for the economic calamity that is nigh. I don’t participate in forums anymore, as it is a very unconstructive use of my time. Moreover, I have forewarned people long ago and it’s almost to late to try and get ahead of the curve to prepare for this thing, as it is becoming common knowledge now. I bet even you can see the writing on the wall at this point….if not….you only have your own stubbornness and bias to blame.

That said….hope all is well.

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