Friday, January 18, 2008

What Is The Ultimate Purpose Of Black America's Political Activities?

A long series of events having been witnessed has led me to ask the fundamental question about Black folks and politics:

* What are we actually doing?
* What are we seeking to achieve?
* Is whatever we are doing actually working for our community's benefit?
* If so prove it?

Throughout world history there have been many decision points that are called "Reformation Movements". This is the point at which some individuals involved in the game identify several fundamental and troubling issues with the way things are orchestrated en masse at the time; where they look back to some fundamental reference for guidance; and then upon comparing the fixed coordinates of the reference to where the people or the entity has moved toward and thus where they stand currently - those with an honest commitment to the reference are forced to note - WE HAVE GONE OFF COURSE!!!

Now keep in mind these words can get you "kilt". The worse thing you can do at times is to seek to scramble the arrangement of game pieces that several fellow schemers have orchestrated over time. The willingness to voluntarily yield the stash of yellow, green and blue "Monopoly money" that you have under your leverage is a very, very, hard thing to do. Even with plastic playing pieces the statement "power yields only to equal and opposite power" is an ultimate truth.

The first line of defense against change that a reformer will face is when the other parties remind him of all of the dirt that he has done and then charge him with the crime of "Playa Hatred" - "You got yours via the game now you seek to pull up stakes for everyone else following you?"

The next wave of attacks will be the careful inspection of "who are you working on behalf of"? He must be working for the common adversary because in our current STRENGTH we pose a challenge to them. Since this fool is attempting to pry loose our power as represented by the plastic pieces and assorted colored bills that we now control - he clearly must be seeking the advantage of the enemy. In the time tested tradition of "Are You A Nigger Lover?" - the group unity force will come to bear upon our wayward thinking friend.

Yes there are plenty tactics that one can document and create a text book that are used against those who ask the central questions that are listed above. At the end of the day, however, it takes collective consciousness and a clear sense of immutable GOALS for all who claim to be a part of the group to commit to for any chance at forward progress to take place.

Where as it is popular among some Black folks to attribute a special sense of an ability to oppress, exploit and commit systematic destruction to the White man - the sad fact is that we are all people with no proven genetic difference between any race of humans on Earth and thus the capability to trample others regardless of your claims of higher spirituality is common among man.

In the United States we swear that we are a Black people with a special dispensation as compared to the other Black folks around the world. The recent events surrounding the elections in Kenya, the ongoing saga with Robert Mugabe, even the bloody battle over oil among fellow Black folks in the Niger Delta all seem to be contextual struggles that we Black Americans are immune from.

Our problems instead are one's of AMERICAN structural design - it is said. We only need to make another round of fundamental changes in AMERICA - the system that is OUTSIDE of the Black community and thus having done what we did in the Civil Rights Movement in producing fundamental change in America......this benefit will rain down within the streets of our oppressed inner cities and all will be made better in the long run for us all. This will come if we support the fight that our current leaders have us engaged in. This is the primary mandate made upon the individual Black! Vote for those that are obvious that any "real Black" would vote for, Unify behind the cause, get upset at the things we expect you to get upset with, attack those "New Negroes" who believe that RACISM is no longer our primary challenge as a people. Follow these rules and we will defend you - right or wrong. Even if you mess up bad and we look like fools in our defense of you - you will be ONE OF US! Worthy in our eyes.

But wait - how is it that you can have the dual circumstances of having gained more political power today than you have ever had before in the nation AND a seemingly INCREASED level of abstraction from accountability for your current condition? Something is not adding up. A few minutes ago you just ran through an inventory of people in power either of you race or of your party AND YET when some of the grievances about your schools, your streets, your business districts are registered you tell me that MORE POWER is needed in this NEXT ELECTION for us to move over the top and achieve success? Sir - what happened to the support I gave you the last time? I look at my local government web page and I don't see the ADVERSARY any longer - I see you and your party mates. Please tell me how back in the day the adversary was able to give us hell via the power that he had to do so at the LOCAL LEVEL but you need a federal take over before my life becomes a bed of roses?

I get the funny feeling that you are not really interested in making my life better. You are actually into AMASSING POWER for yourself and your party with me as the pawn in the game.

I realize that there is that ideological adversary out there that you duke things out with on our behalf during each legislative session and press run in the paper. At the same time - HE does not live in the same municipal boundary that YOU now control. What bearing does he have inside of our circle? Why are you having to fight with him over resources to be sent into our circle? Why aren't we creating wealth within our circle and fighting marauders from taking it out? If indeed we have a higher worth for man then this is what we should be expressing WITHIN OUR CIRCLE OF CONTROL, not as a means of drawing upon others to ship us a "USAID" package. In fact this concept should be flowing so much from WITHIN our circle that we have EXCESS that we can VOLUNTARILY spare to give to other people in other circles without the need for a legislative fight. I hesitate to take food from people that were FORCED to give it to me in the first place. You never know surprises they have left for you to consume when it was out of your sight and control. I'll keep things close to home, thank you very much.

All of this leads to the question - What is the ultimate purpose of all this politicking that you have me doing? What event do you see in the future that is going to be the break point at which all that you have promised me shakes loose and rains down upon me as you have promised?

You know what - I will split my difference. I am going to mildly support what you are doing since you say you are working in my best interests but I am going to do more work closer to home. That way I'll have more of my own destiny in my own hands. Anything that you can bring to me from the outside will no longer be for BASIC OPERATIONS AND SURVIVAL but instead will be supplemental in nature. As a matter of fact - I would prefer INVESTMENTS instead. Go off and find people willing to stake their capital in our CIRCLE because we will add it to our resources for GROWTH, pay them all of their expected interest and pay them back EARLY so they no longer have a claim upon us.

Sounds like a plan.

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