Saturday, January 19, 2008

Young Brown People In New Zealand Emulate American Hip Hop

International Dateline Show

Do you see this guy above? He is the "conservative O.G.". Don't be confused by his fully tattooed face. He is actually an old school gangsta reminiscing about the way things used to be before this current crop of street thugs come in. His era was influenced by the regional cultural elements.

As you can see from the video - these youngsters are able to rap like the American gansta rappers, chapter and verse. They have fully emulated that which they have seen on television and heard through their radios. They are indeed angry, they are displaced from productive society and they are dangerous if they have you cornered at night.

The way the story goes in America, however, it is not the content of emulation that we should concern ourselves with. Indeed the ubiquitous "White Record Executives" are to blame. They are the ones that arranged the satellite feed from the USA to "down under". They are the ones who secured the passage of the boatload of CDs onto the ship that was sent halfway around the world. When we see these kids sounding unmistakably like West Coast Rappers - we should really only consider the corporate supply chain that brought this all about.


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Another prove that people can change in an evil way but never in a good way haha I'm suprised, did he really be a culture teacher ? o.o
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