Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Asian Community In Duluth GA Puts Vacant Property To Use - On Their Own

AJC Article: Vacant Macy's at mall will become Asian store

Typically when a community loses a valuable tenant in their local mall they may engage their politicians and business leaders to go to various large national retailers and plead for them to bring their enterprise into the said community.

I must give a hand to the Asian community in Gwinnett County Georgia for doing otherwise. Instead of going outside and asking someone else to set up shop in their community so that they might hand their money over to someone else - they supported 'one of their own' to setup a store that caters to their own particular culture and the goods that come with it and thus effectively they are "supporting their own" and "keeping their money in their own community".

The Atlanta area is unique. There are indeed enclaves in various parts of the metro area that have a racially/ethnically identifiable texture.

In this particular portion of Gwinnett County, which is to the northeast of Atlanta, is dominated by Asians and the stores that cater to them. They have translated their population numbers into ECONOMIC power. Other people who have instead taken the POLITICAL route to obtain the same should take note. They are gaining economic power without political representation.

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