Monday, March 31, 2008

Bell Hooks & Steve Harvey - Powerful, Yet Distinct Messages

Over this past few days I have been treated to two powerful messages from two dramatically different people - Bell Hooks and Steve Harvey.

I listened to Bell Hooks in the video series below as she discussed racial stereotypes in the media.

Underscoring much of Ms. Hooks' viewpoints was the assumption that "progressivism" (aka liberalism) was the best, most complete and de facto standard of thought for Black people". Ms. Hooks told of her past advocacy for feminist and anti-paternalistic causes. She was vocal against "conservative" media productions which attempted to subtly tell the user that the cost of straying from the beaten path down which the writer was attempt to direct them is costly and risky. Ms. Hooks indeed is a rebel and revolutionary at heart. She seeks to destroy the norms and have people to be whoever they feel like being as part of their self discovery.

As I got in the car this morning my radio station was tuned to "102.5 Grown Folks Radio". The Steve Harvey Show was on. As I focused in on the topic of discussion Steve and crew were talking about a young woman who wrote a letter to the show, detailing the struggle that she was going through. She is pregnant. When she told her boyfriend at the time that she was going to keep the child rather than abort it - he hit the road and hasn't caller her since. I have heard of many men who have the logic - "Yes this is my child with you. I think that you should have an abortion. Since you don't want to have an abortion - the fact that YOU have decided to kept it - all of this is on YOU. I am washing my hands of you".

FORTUNATELY this is not how the LAW sees this. If your genes are in the baby - it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! This is as it should be. You laid down with the woman and did all that was necessary to produce the child. It is your responsibility.

I heard Steve Harvey's message. He stripped away all of the usual EXCUSES that we are likely to hear:

* She set me up and got herself pregnant
* I don't have a job and these child support payments are killing me
* I have a criminal record and can't find a job

I was happy to hear Harvey cut through all of these points and keep the focus on HIS CHILD and the mother of the child.

These two viewpoints - between Bell Hooks and Steve Harvey couldn't be further on the spectrum of common sense. Where as Hooks was deconstructive about our societal norms - Steve Harvey was attempting to seal up the framework by which we MUST live within to have a civilized and properly functioning society. Harvey called for Black men to STAND UP to their actions and responsibility. This was his attempt to patch up the very system that Ms. Hooks was attempting to disassemble. Hooks took more of a Women's Lib viewpoint. I would assume that her call to this Black woman would be to question her relationship and dependency on this man in the first place.

In the end there is no "winner", there is no "truth" beyond the course of action that brings our people closer to our ideals. Some people love to intellectualize certain important things yet run away from the inevitable consequences that their viewpoints bring into the world if ever they shift from the minority view in a sea of countervailing thoughts which are strong enough to absorb their distorted views with little damage and the point where THEIR views are the dominant ones yet fail to produce the benefits that they have long claimed that it would.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Newt Gingrich Reviews Barack Obama's Speech

This is a must see video.

Video Of Newt Gingrich
Please Note: You must have Real Player installed prior to attempting to run this video clip.

Ida B. Wells - Profiles In Courage

Ida B Wells is a true champion for the defense of Black people.

NPR Tell Me More audio - The Ida B Wells Story

In the audio story of Ida B Wells is contained an account of the brutality and absence of the rule of law that Black people in the post Civil War period in this country had to face. More eye opening, however, is the courage of one Ida B. Wells to stand up to the challenge instead of cowering and remaining silent.

As with my other hero during this time period, Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Ms Wells knew the real deal with respect to the threats that were in front of her. As with Bishop Turner she was not afraid to take measures to defend her own people from other people who plain and simply wanted to kill them if this was necessary to suppress them. Ms. Wells made the statement: "a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every home" of a black family. This alone tells of her ability to appreciate what she was dealing with!!

Upon hearing all of the details of what my people have gone through in the past and still survived to pass their greatness onto another generation.......I can't help but to feel cheapened by the complaints that are raised up to be terminal offenses today. By comparison we have nothing to worry about. Where as Ms. Wells had no friend in the law that she and her compatriots could turn to at the time - today we have legal recourse as the United States, while still not perfect because it is 'of man', seeks to enforce its laws more than keep in force a specific race who can trample the laws based on the corresponding race of the victim.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Potential Conflict Turned Into My Benefit

Today I was in the local Fry's Electronics store. I was in the process of upgrading my main multi-media workstation with a new processor, motherboard and screaming video card that I had previously purchased there. I could not get the new machine to boot so I returned to Fry's to have them test my motherboard which I figured was a dud.

First I went to the computer repair desk to have them test the board. They sent me over to the returns desk because they do the testing of defective items. There was a young White guy who assisted me. He told me that I would have to take the mother board out of the case before he could do anything because he is not allowed to touch it - liabilities purposes. Thus I had to go back to the computer service area to borrow a screw driver.

When I got the mother board out I went back to the same White guy in the returns area. He then had to find my receipt in the system. I had purchased the equipment at another Fry's in the area and it turns out I didn't have my original credit card. (I had zeroed out the balance recently so I don't carry it any longer). Thus he had to look up my purchase via my phone number and at the other store as well. This is the slow way to do it he said. With a credit card it would have popped right up. Finally he found the transaction. Then when I put the loose motherboard onto the counter he noticed that I still had the video card, memory and CPU still installed. Then he said "When I told you that the motherboard had to be out - I was saying that everything needed to be off of the motherboard - just as you bought it. I am not supposed to touch any of these other components." He then took the video card, memory and CPU out of the mother board and then took my motherboard over to the testing bench.

On the walk over I told him "By the way I have the AMD Phenom processor". (I knew that only a few boards supported this newest, fastest CPU). He snapped back saying "I am not worried about the Phenom processor!!". My initial reaction was that this was a snotty reply and that he was angry at me for making him look up my transaction at the other store and for not having my mother board out of the case when I first came in.

Where as my response was that he had snapped at me - I looked around at the other return desk agent - a young Black guy to see if he sensed the same thing. No. He was still typing into another terminal and the response did not cause him to flinch at all. As for me - I wanted to say "What did you say WHITE BOY? I spent a lot of money on this entire new system FROM YOUR STORE. I am paying your salary! Punk!" Since no one else reacted to his comments I figured that it was just me who had taken it the wrong way.

I decided to step back and assess the situation for "more input" prior to settling on the notion that this "white kid" has an attitude problem - WITH ME specifically.

In about 60 more seconds the kid yelled out "Sir could you come here for a second please?" I thought - Well at least he showed some respect this time.

I walked from the returns station over to the testing bench. He had my motherboard connected up and installed his own CPU, memory and video card. The motherboard booted. OK that eliminates the MB as the problem. He began disassembling his components from the board and said "Its not the motherboard that you purchased from us that is the problem". As I thought about what the problem could be - it had to be either the CPU or the memory - I thought to ask him "I know that you are not allowed to touch the components that I brought in - do you mind if I install them and see if they boot here?" He told me "Sure".

This was pay off #1 to my controlled response to him. Had I reacted to my PERCEIVED slight and said what I thought to say initially - he would have told me "Hell NO!" and would have thought "I am not doing Sh_t for you! Asshole".

I loaded my CPU, memory and video card into the MB and powered it on. DAMN!!! It did not boot. He then began assisting me, reminding me again "I am not really supposed to be doing this - they charge $69 down the street to do this". He pushed down the CPU fan and said - "It might be that your CPU is bad". I thought - Damn - that is the most expensive thing of all of the components and I didn't buy it from you all. I am screwed and will have to go in the tank for another several hundred dollars. I thought to myself - You dummy - that's what you get for buying bleeding edge hardware.

From my experience over time, and believe me I don't do hardware any longer - only as a hobby - I figured that it might be the MEMORY instead of the CPU. I didn't see any bent pins and none were burned - which I have done in the past by installing a CPU the wrong way. I asked if he could get the memory that had worked previously and install it in with my CPU and video. He reached down and got his box of memory out. Again he reminded me "I am really not supposed to be doing this". I told him "I know this and I appreciate what you are doing. This is saving me a lot of time and money because I can isolate the problem right here knowing that you have components that worked.

When he put his memory in - the system booted. I KNEW IT!! I figured that a incompatible memory was the more likely problem than a bad CPU. I documented the type of memory that he was using and I went over to the computer parts department and purchased that memory. My computer is at home and working now!

Lesson learned - Instead of flying off the handle at a perceived slight by someone else - step back and assess the situation. Obtain more input regarding the person's interaction with you. If indeed you establish the pattern that he or she is being ignorant and unprofessional to you - CALL THE MANAGER and get him to handle his employee. Launching a person to person confrontation with the individual is not the right way to go.

At the end of the day - had I reacted at the point that I wanted to - I WOULD HAVE BEEN SCREWED! I would have had to pay at least $130 in service fees to figure out my problem. Another day would have gone by without use of my computer. The service agent helped me greatly. He allowed me to use the stores equipment to isolate my problem. He didn't have to do this.

I told him that I appreciate his assistance and stuck out my hand to shake his hand before I left.

case closed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LL Cool J - Seeking Out Father Figures

Props to the consistent good words of LL Cool J

There are few entertainers in the "Rap Game" that I can call out as being consistent in his attempts to stay out of the gutter. This is the case both in the content of the music and the "life imitating art" component of his existence - when he is outside of the recording studio - living life.

LL Cool J has been around for a long, long time. Throughout his career he has maintained a positive image about himself. He has reached out to others who have come from the street and tried to have a positive influence on them.

Where as I am quick to call a spade a spade when it comes to the modern day Sambos that use their Blackness as a cover to perform "black faced" acts that no other could get away with - I am equally as quick to check out individuals within the same industry who took a different path - a positive path. Where as there are some rappers who are labeled "conscious rappers" by others only to have ME listen to them and strongly disagree - with LL Cool J this label can get legitimately affixed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Recognized Atrocities & Unrecognized Consumer Benefits

"Recognized Atrocities & Unrecognized Consumer Benefits"....this is a title that I came up with in the wake of the controversy around Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his comments that are critical of American history.

Let me start out in saying that - as a Black man, duly related to a line of people who where once enslaved in America as well as a student of history - I don't refute at least some of what Rev Wright is saying about the actions of America in its history. The purpose of this post, however, is not to review the gory details of American history as it relates to African Americans.

Instead the purpose of this threat is to talk about the other side of the history that Black people who are in line with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his selective take on the Black American experience. Rev Wright is said to be a former Marine. For some people this is used as a reference to his legitimacy and his right to be critical of America. He was willing to put his life on the line in defense of this country that he is critical off. I would like to look at the other side of this equation. A bullet fired by the young Marine named Jeremiah Wright would prove to be just as deadly in advancing to an "enemy" of America as if a White soldier had fired it.

Our transition from slavery as a people is well known. We transitioned from a people who had our self-determination stripped from us, where we had no independent economic means to do anything other than what the slave master or land owner during share cropper times told us to do. The African in America desperately desired to fight for his people's freedom during the Civil War. In taking up arms to defeat the Confederacy he was actually taking up arms to advance his own interests. The notion of the Buffalo Soldier, a Black military cavalry who fought in the plain states during post Civil War times. We don't hear specifics about their fights against Native Americans. Future president Teddy Roosevelt recruited the Buffalo Soldiers to assist in the invasion of Cuba to push out the Spanish from those lands. In a recent historical reenactment of the invasion a professor of African-American history and an expert on the Buffalo Soldiers made note of their use of Indian chants as they ran through the foliage in the jungles of Cuba. This noise had a disorienting effect upon the enemy. Since the Buffalo Soldiers wore American uniforms it is clear that they were fighting against the Native Americans and not WITH THEM.

As we move to the times of World War I and World War II there was a major aspiration for Black people to achieve more respect in society by fighting in wars on behalf of America. Despite the fact that we were mainly relegated to the supply lines rather than the front lines - the fact remains that without the Black enlisted man and many of the Black females who served in the medical corps - America could not have won the war. I can detail each war up into the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but the same holds true each time - the Black military man has been firing bullets at the enemy because of his status as an AMERICAN, wearing an American uniform.

The problem with individuals who think as Reverend Jeremiah Wright is that he fails to register the consumer benefits that he has willfully taken as an American citizen. There is a key difference between a people brought here under the threat of violence and then made to work to advance the wealth of others who are holding them in bondage and those of us who live here today as citizens at will.

I challenge all of those individuals who promote the usurpations as the core of her founding to also make note of their own ingestion of the fruits from these exploits, long after the threat of force has been removed, directing their behavior against their will. You simply can't have it both ways.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Retail Guidance For Two Young People

I had an interesting engagement today with two young people attempting to find their way in life. I went to the "XL Big And Tall" store near a local mall to pick up some new recreational clothing for my exercise routine. When I walked into the store there were no other customers at the time - just one Black female associate that was talking on the cellphone and another young Black male who was schooling her how to fold the clothing for the display.

I browsed the clothing section of the store as I listened in on their interesting conversation. I couldn't help but to notice a bit of the inappropriateness of some of what they were doing. On the one hand she was on the cellphone and then had her shoes off, with bare feet. As they continued to talk about her career options they used curse words that should never have been said in the presence of a customer under any circumstances. I casually continued my browsing as I listened in.

Though the male was but a few years older than her - he served as the career councilor regarding what she should do as her next step regarding an area of study in school. Initially she talked about becoming a computer programmer but admitted that she was not good at typing. Her "career mentor" fired back that indeed she needed to be able to type in order to become a computer programmer. Besides that, he said, these people are 'really really talented' so you would have to be sharp in order to get a job in the field of computer programming. That answer didn't sit well with me but I said nothing, continuing to listen in. I had planned to interject my views but only at the right time.

Next the female said that she is very creative so possibly a fashion designer is an option. They talked back and forth about how difficult it might be to have a career in that field. The 'who you know' factor is strong. They mentioned that Kimora Lee would not be who she with her clothing label without the people that she knows, particularly Russell Simmons. They talked about cosmetology school as an option. At this point I was frustrated in that so many of the options that they focused upon were run of the mill, low value career options. Cosmetology? Fashion Design? How many thousands of young people in a 3 mile radius of her have the very same ideas in their head. This clearly was not the pathway toward a promising career for her.

Just as I plotted out what I was going to say to them - 3 customers came in and broke up the conversation. I proceeded to get the socks, pants and shirts that I wanted and tried to pace myself to go to the register and talk to the female to give her my views. By that time, however they both were at the register together and the male waited on me while the customer that the female was helping was finished and she left.

Before I could get my words out to give my two cents - the male said to me "You overheard what we were saying back there - what is your view on what she should do as far as a career?" I told him that I didn't agree with his views on computer programming. I heard her say that she was creative and computer literate. While it is important that she practice how to type there is a lot of opportunity out there for graphic artists to express their talents on web pages, electronic media and other venues that are blowing up as we speak. I them both that while it is true that there are hard core programmers that develop Microsoft Windows or Excel itself - there are far more people that develop programs that use these developed programs in the context of business applications. This is what she should focus on. I told her that the best way to go is to think as the person who is already in the business that she is in - read all of the magazines that they read so that she can be knowledgeable about all of the trends in the industry.

A career is not a job - it is a way of thinking. It becomes your life. (Well at least in my case that is). I told her that the notion of the "9 to 5" has fundamentally changed. I work on a project basis. I have a main job and a consulting job on the side. When I am looking for talent I work with people who I have never met and that I will never get to see on a site called "Elance". The people have skills that they are seeking to sell and I have projects that I am attempting to get completed. We each benefit from the exchange.

I suggested to her that she go and research a new development platform called "Microsoft Silverlight". It is a competitor to Adobe Flash and is getting some traction around the industry. If she were to download this - which is free - and master it she could use this as a vehicle for employing her skills.

As I was leaving I told her to change her thinking "Instead of looking for a JOB she should be looking to DEVELOP SPECIFIC SKILLS. At some point people will be PURCHASING YOUR SKILLS where as a with a job you will always be seeking".

I believe that I did my part. The middle aged Black male customer who was listening in on it all might have been moved into changing his thoughts as well. :-)

Clearly our young people need more career guidance so that everyone is not stacked up in the personal services field. For me as an independent consultant and individual contributor - if I had a steady pool of polished talent to tap into who were also dependable and could do 'at will' work - I could transition much of my hands on IT work that I do to them while I focus on developing more opportunity and my business. The challenge is that my customers are not going to want to have their systems as a testing ground for a novice apprentice. This is my current frustration in my work on the side. There needs to be more computing centers for young people where they can develop a culture of technical skills which can be honed and then turned into productive ends.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Black Best Interests, Part 2

1) Attainment Of Quality Education
2) Safe Communities
3) Local Economic Development
4) Healthy Lifestyles
5) Implement These Goals As Efficiently As Possible
6) Using Methods That Are As Organic As Possible

I have had several discussions since my last post regarding "the best interests of Black people". In personal conversations after reading off the list of items above I have asked various Black associates if "the Black best interests are being brought forth in areas where Black people, using their majority power, have promoted the people of their own choosing into power in promotion of their own interests?". Interestingly the near universal answer to the question has been "No".

After their consideration of "the school system of Philadelphia", "the economy of Detroit", "the safety of the streets in too many areas where our people are highly concentrated" - the answer, when they drop their partisan and ideological proclivities is an unadulterated "No".

Before I go on I need to clarify the sixth point which has been added. The concept of "organic" is yet another qualifier. Where as #5 being "effective" which affords the appraisal of the methodology that is used to achieve 1 through 4, the measure of "organicisism" is important because it details the "home grown nature" of the solution. Clearly having the solution to Black people be expressed on the backs of Black people is of more value than having an outside, third party being the solution provider. An organic solution requires Black people to analyze our problems, detail a solution and then "reorder ourselves" accordingly so that a more favorable outcome can be obtained.

Think of the benefit of prioritizing this mode over all of the other methods that have been attempted. The body of culture that is amassed after having run through the process and incorporating the knowledge into our fabric for living is invaluable. Undoubtedly such reference will be carried forth to future generations as a means of maintaining these favorable outcomes. More importantly the harm associated with the alternative course of action has been fully documented. Our people are left as CONSUMERS that are dependent upon our ability to lobby for resources from an outside interest in order to provide for our own health and well being. This turns out not to be "reparation" but "pacification".

Again - the conversations that I have had with people who are not aware of this blog and the point that I have made with respect to "The Best Interests of Black People" have been enlightening. If I talk about all of these points individually and correlate them to a specific issue of frustration within the Black community I will get near universal agreement that there is a great number of shortcomings in the current approach. Many can agree that change is necessary. It is only when the concept of partisan politics is brought into the equation does the situation get a bit cloudy. The conversation gets cloudy depending on the person's loyalties.

When I point out that today we have more people of our own choosing in power over our communities and yet the problems persist and then I point out that they are majority Democratic with policies that are popular - this is where the problem begins. Again as I said in part 1 - most people are conditioned to talk about Republicans as soon as Democrats are criticized. The truth is that it is not a "Democrat vs Republican" binary decision within the Black community. It must be a "what is bringing us closer to our goals" and "what is failing to do so?" question. We can only be bound to the interests, not the methodology if indeed we are true to the endgame.

At this point I press the issue in the conversation - "If indeed so much of our political activism has been focused upon building this power structure within our communities, and if over the past 40 years this construction has been largely successful - why is it that these problems persist, particularly in the areas that are most homogeneous in thought and power? For me the answer is clear - there has been a shift from "our common goals and interests" over to what is POPULARLY THOUGHT TO BE the means of achieving these goals which in truth don't pan out when put to the test in the real world.

Anyone reading my personal "blog array" can determine the direction from which I am coming from. I realize that me as one voice is no match to the "Black political establishment" who runs the table, using all types of techniques to retain power and smash criticism, typically by "de-blackifying" anyone who dares to go up against them. I can accept this. This is nothing more than group politics and human behavioral realities come to bear. As much as some would deny it - Black folks suffer from the very same manipulations and threats from 'absolute power corrupting absolutely' as any other group does. Indeed this power does not like being questioned or held accountable. Thus my strategy is to define a common point of reference and to ask all of my people who are serious about real change to commit to these common points of reference as a guide for their social, cultural, political and economic priorities. I would hope that these overriding principles can transcend any ideological and partisan loyalties as the American political system is no longer allowed to hijack the interests of our people.

I will tell you in advance that the biggest threat to success of this plan are those who are most entrenched within the external force that is entrenched within our community. They have a measure of power within this entity and thus don't wish to lose their position and start over. For them the temporary benefit achieved from their relative power in receipt of "crumbs" (or good feelings on election night) are more important to them than the future benefits, sight unseen, which will no doubt come if indeed our people are properly ordered.

I need not have ideological concurrence with any of you for us to agree on the common goals. In fact it is best that there always be a competing set of ideological proclivities because it helps keep things in balance. What is needed is for the BLACK COMMUNITY to demand these common goals as an operating mandate and thus keep both partisan sides in check - having them deliver or be purged from their position of power.

What do you have to lose - except your tentative partisan and ideological positioning?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The "Snarling Fox" Award

First the primary reference - Malcolm X:

The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative.

Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro's friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political "football game" that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.

Politically the American Negro is nothing but a football and the white liberals control this mentally dead ball through tricks of tokenism: false promises of integration and civil rights. In this profitable game of deceiving and exploiting the politics of the American Negro, those white liberals have the willing cooperation of the Negro civil rights leaders. These "leaders" sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition and token gains. These "leaders" are satisfied with token victories and token progress because they themselves are nothing but token leaders.

According to a New York Herald-Tribune editorial (dated February 5,1960), out of eleven million qualified Negro voters, only 2,700,000 actually took time to vote. This means that, roughly speaking, only three million of the eleven million Negroes who are qualified to vote actually take an active part. The remaining eight million remain voluntarily inactive ... and yet this small (three million) minority of Negro voters hold the decisive edge in determining who will be the next President.

Let us examine briefly some of the tricky strategy used by white liberals to harness and exploit the political energies of the Negro.

The crooked politicians in Washington, D.C., purposely make a big noise over the proposed civil rights legislation. By blowing up the civil rights issue they skillfully add false importance to the Negro civil rights "leaders." Once the image of these Negro civil rights "leaders" has been blown up way beyond its proper proportion, these same Negro civil rights "leaders" are then used by white liberals to influence and control the Negro voters, all for the benefit of the white politicians who pose as liberals, who pose as friends of the Negro.

The white conservatives aren't friends of the Negro either, but they at least don't try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the "smiling" fox.

The job of the Negro civil rights leader is to make the Negro forget that the wolf and the fox both belong to the (same) family.
Both are canines; and no matter which one of them the Negro places his trust in, he never ends up in the White House, but always in the dog house.

The white liberals control the Negro and the Negro vote by controlling the Negro civil rights leaders. As long as they control the Negro civil rights leaders, they can also control and contain the Negro's struggle, and they can control the Negro's so-called revolt.

The Negro "revolution" is controlled by these foxy white liberals, by the government itself. But the black revolution is controlled only by God.

Words said in 1964 are EVEN MORE TRUE in the year 2008 as the Political Machine that the White Liberal and his Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser, Black operative has grown more powerful over the Black community than ever before.


The purpose of this "Snarling Fox" Award is to highlight those people who enjoy "popularity" WITHIN the Black community but who have used this relationship to serve as a net harm or cancer to the community by unleashing thoughts, dependencies or complacency into the common psyche of the Black community which was sold as SHORT TERM benefit but has translated into LONG TERM HARM.

Let's be clear. I do not intend to use this award as "slander" upon anyone. Unlike some other awards that I have in mind - my goal is NOT to cajole any Black people into unifying behind the ideology that I seek for them to do so, lest they be called a "Law Jockey". This is nothing more than "enforced unity" where you either agree with the popular notions or you get castigated.

Instead I will focus upon the COMMON BEST INTERESTS that most Blacks can agree to and then do analysis of this person's policies and make the determination of if indeed Black people are brought closer to these common goals or if we are only pacified while remaining in place. From my perspective I am only HOLDING UP A MIRROR TO THE FACE OF BLACK AMERICA AND ASKING THE INDIVIDUALS TO LOOK CLOSELY AND RATIONALLY PROVE FOR THEMSELVES THAT WHAT IS POPULARLY BELIEVED TO BE IN "THEIR BEST INTERESTS" ARE INDEED PROVING TO BE SO.

The "Snarling Fox" while having been defined as a "White Liberal" by the Great Malcolm X - will be open to ANY PERSON of ANY RACE. The only qualification is that this person enjoy mass popularity among Black folks and thus is allowed nearly unchecked access to our sensibilities. Where as the classical "Guardians of Blackness" are skeptical, untrusting and possess the speed and ferocity of an alligator - this person has turned this gator on their back and gently lulled them into a pacified sleep.

Again - unlike other "awards" I will identify the person. Detail the "common goal" that he has violated for Black people and then provide details on his antics and finally was to lessen the negative impact of this person upon the common interests of Black America.

(More to come)