Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ida B. Wells - Profiles In Courage

Ida B Wells is a true champion for the defense of Black people.

NPR Tell Me More audio - The Ida B Wells Story

In the audio story of Ida B Wells is contained an account of the brutality and absence of the rule of law that Black people in the post Civil War period in this country had to face. More eye opening, however, is the courage of one Ida B. Wells to stand up to the challenge instead of cowering and remaining silent.

As with my other hero during this time period, Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Ms Wells knew the real deal with respect to the threats that were in front of her. As with Bishop Turner she was not afraid to take measures to defend her own people from other people who plain and simply wanted to kill them if this was necessary to suppress them. Ms. Wells made the statement: "a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every home" of a black family. This alone tells of her ability to appreciate what she was dealing with!!

Upon hearing all of the details of what my people have gone through in the past and still survived to pass their greatness onto another generation.......I can't help but to feel cheapened by the complaints that are raised up to be terminal offenses today. By comparison we have nothing to worry about. Where as Ms. Wells had no friend in the law that she and her compatriots could turn to at the time - today we have legal recourse as the United States, while still not perfect because it is 'of man', seeks to enforce its laws more than keep in force a specific race who can trample the laws based on the corresponding race of the victim.

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