Monday, April 07, 2008

The Flawed Strategy Of “Don't Blame The Victim”

The Flawed Strategy Of “Don't Blame The Victim”

Once again a debate about gun violence in the Black community and yet again a confrontation with an individual who wants me to see things his way. I must loyally abide by the popular narrative and its key points – there are no guns being manufactured WITHIN the Black community; these guns are being flooded into our community from external sources; those of us who are concerned about the VICTIMS who are being purposely destroyed by this arraignment of negative forces should not “blame the victims” who ultimately have no power – we should blame the SYSTEM and force the SYSTEM to change.

I am forced to recall my sentiments upon seeing the movie “The Last King Of Scotland” - the movie about the antics of Idi Amin in Uganda. You see though I saw BLACK MEN massacring other Black people – I should not actually “see” Black men – I should see the WHITE MEN who crafted the system upon which the killing of Blacks by other Blacks took place. Metaphorically I should have considered the excellent editing job down by Hollywood. They were able to remove all of the strings that were attached to Idi Amin's Black henchmen. These strings were dangling down with the hands of the White men that controlled them from above being just off screen. Indeed there were no guns manufactured in Uganda during this time either yet the country was full of guns that were used to slaughter Black people. The very same force who Rev Jeremiah Wright said created AIDS is also the same force who created the guns – both with the same deadly end in mind. Thus when I saw these Blacks in Uganda doing what they have been programmed by what King Leopold had taught them to do – I should see the White man's hands in the matter, not the Black man who pulls the trigger. He is an INFERIOR being in the matter. He is a vessel to carry out a mission. A mission of destruction of his own kind – in service to the SUPERIOR man with the SUPERIOR plan.

But wait – WHAT OF THE BLACK MAN? What of the community of BLACK PEOPLE? Are we so feeble that we are made to be unable to recognized this plan that is against us and not be made the victim of this other man's scheme? What can we do to ultimately protect our people from the ravages of what this other man has in store for us? If indeed this other man is innately interested in destroying us.....isn't it innately our responsibility to preserve ourselves? Is our desire for “genetic perpetuation” any different from his?

Does it make logical sense to express OUR perpetuation via lobbying HIM or should we express this via our own efforts? Just as a mother talks to her young son about the dangers that are on the street that he is to avoid – why is it that this same conversation is not used to make this young Black boy aware of what the WHITE MAN has in store for him – IF a person believes this particular conspiracy theory. Isn't the minimum request from the Black community that we DON'T PLAY A PART IN THIS OTHER MAN'S CONSPIRACY TO KILL US OFF?

If guns, drugs, HIV, inferior educational systems, economic isolation, the criminal justice system and other “Willie Lynch” type antics are used to destroy us – what can be done equally as SYSTEMETICALLY to thwart these conspiracies? Shouldn't our community work to reduce the “surfaces” by which certain infections are allowed to come into our communities? Wouldn't it more more strategically sound to seek to strengthen the infrastructure WITHIN the community so that the exposure to external forces are reduced IF it these external forces that are the biggest threat? I have long talked about the co-conspiracy that is taking place as we participate in American consumerism. This is particularly aimed at those who spit upon the founding of America and who have a narrative that tells of the unsavory means by which this country was created – all with its foot on the neck of Black people. If the truth of this scenario is accepted then why is it that the follow up actions point to increased dependency upon this same system rather than independence and self-sufficiency and then separation or at least engagement on your own terms? Where is any of this evident today?

It comes as no surprise that the bulk of the focus of the Black Liberation Movement and its various stages has been the EXTERNAL fight against threats from the outside. These forces worked to enslave, colonialized, suppress and imprison us. How is it that those who can tell us about this history are of the same ones who seek to win 'rights' for Black people with more programs, resources and special consideration FROM THIS SAME FORCE OF SUPPRESSION so that the Black man's fate can be settled? This is the ultimate in contradiction.

Today among some people there seems to be some measure of indignity at the thought that THE VICTIM THEMSELVES are most responsible for arranging the terms of their own salvation. Their thought is that those who 'DID THIS TO US' are responsible for fixing what they broke. They have the framework of “Intellectual and Moral Superiority” on their side. If this were a court – they would have the paperwork of the favorable ruling against the guilty defendant in their hands. Now if only they had the power to collect upon this judgment, forcing the guilty party to pay the debt.

If only the opposing party “played fair”. If only they came to grips with “what THEY have done to us”. Why don't they acknowledge what they are unwilling to talk about what THEY DID TO US and pay up in the process? WE won't reach our full potential as a people until THEY come to grips with what THEY have done to US and are willing to REPAIR US accordingly.

Until this time – we will wait, we will advocate for THEM to repair us. We will remind THEM of every racist slight that THEY do to us to harm us. We will show them how far short THEY are from upholding the constitution that THEY wrote.

Question – What will WE do within OUR OWN COMMUNITY to fortify it OURSELVES? Rarely has this question been entertained.

"Don't Blame The Victim" centrally assumes the INFERIORITY of the "victim" in ever being able to reorder his fate from WITHIN with the passage of time and new instantiations of himself in the form of offspring who can be indoctrinated with a consciousness that fortifies their strength rather than centrally focuses on their weak, exploited state.

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