Thursday, April 03, 2008

Immigration and Integration At The Golden Arches

This morning during my visit to McDonalds I noted something very interesting. In the 10 years that I have been commuting to work and purchasing food from this particular location things have changed. Today I avoided the long drive through line by going inside. Where as 10 years ago the entire staff was Black today there were a mix of Black and Hispanic workers. All of the cashiers and drive through window attendants were Blacks. All of the food preparation people were Hispanic.

Most interesting of all, however, was the actions of the store manager who was a Black female. When she communicated with her Spanish speaking staff she used a combination of English and Spanish. She, for example, said "Did you make one of the McSkillet Burritos with Chicken?". Then she followed up with the commands in Spanish: "uno mas". (Meaning give me one more McSkillet burrito). She said a few other words in a similar manner.

The manager gave me my food. I said to her "I see you are going to learn Spanish by immersion". She laughed.

This is indeed an example of workforce diversity. Look for more of this to come. The need for Americans to be bi-lingual will increase as our population changes.

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