Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Night Party? Maybe Those "Bible Belt" Traditions Did Indeed Have Benefit Within Our Community

Remember The Sabbath Day And Keep It Holy.

Every Black child that was "forced" to go to church each Sunday by mom and dad because the parents wanted to instill some values that would endure life's challenges have learned this entry from the Ten Commandments of the Judeo-Christian system of religious indoctrination.

Increasingly I have seen various attempts at remaking Sunday into the second day of the weekend and thus a day where "anything goes". Where as in the past momma's threat of "God's gonna strike you down if you disrespect him" - which sometimes was followed by a slap upside the head to give you a taste what God might do to you - today the "Fear of God" per the Judeo-Christian framework that we have been indoctrinated in is being steadily eroded.

Indeed some would say that Christianity and the associated traditions are constructs that the slave master and the missionary hath taught us. It is important that we recast our culture to one that works for us. Certainly dance and musical talent are innate attributes to our culture and spirituality. In fact it could be argued that these "Sunday Night Party" promotions are an expression of this spirituality. Add to it that the Christian God said "be fruitful and multiply" and thus there is indeed justification to making Sunday into an extended Saturday.

Of course we have the "hypocrisy police" to deal with. They will ask the question "If you are "sin'in" on Monday thru Saturday already why fake and straighten up for God on Sunday - he is already seeing what you are doing the rest of the week. Interestingly enough I was listening to the radio show "Marketplace Money" in which they were interviewing a credit councilor. He stated that at a time where credit management is of the utmost importance there are people with the mindset of "I am already in debt at a high level, purchasing this extra gizmo on my credit card is NOT going to make matters to any great extent". He said that he realizes that he must work with their baseline relationship and assumptions regarding money and credit before he can do anything to help them change their course.

In a Black community that operates on the ethos of "Non-Judgmentalism" on an increasing basis - there is indeed a spirit of disregard for temperance and moderation. These are quasi-conservative values and you know what you can do with your conservatism within the Black community. Besides that I had a glass of red wine with my Sunday dinner and it was not in celebration of my 4th Sunday communion service. Thus my "stone" which I was going to throw first has been confiscated.

You see that this "morality" debate on the subject of what to do on Sunday is not the proper approach to take. My alternate strategy about using FUNCTIONALITY as a basis is more effective.

Thus it is off to Flambeaux Seafood and Steaks Restaurant near Stonecrest Mall in Metro Atlanta. After all - Rob Base will be in the house with DJ Red Alert who is a permanent fixture there on Sunday nights. (I am streaming the audio from 102.5 as I type this. They play good oldies music - Grown Folks Radio as they are called. They are pushing this Sunday night party seemingly ever 10 minutes.)

In recognizing Sunday as a special day the following benefit might be recognized by more Black folks:

1) A reduced opportunity to get a DUI violation after having "gotten your drink on" at the party.

2) My might spend time getting to know the girl or guy that you met at the party LAST NIGHT by doing something a bit more sedate where you are forced to TALK rather than DANCE AND DRINK with her or him. In doing so you might come to appreciate certain important values that will make the relationship a bit more enduring OR you might realize that you need to lose that number quick.

3) You can spend your time at home rather than spending your money and allowing someone else to profit. Those bills are piling up you know. With this "Bush economy" that you keep talking about - we can't be too careful with our money.

4) You could spend the afternoon and evening actually doing some of the community engagement projects that you say that people are not inclined to do as they get more individualistic and turn away the values that kept the Black community together. (You do remember saying this don't you?)


Freddie B said...

Aww.....So you have no problem with companies that are OPEN on Sunday (you would have said something by now), and people who work on Sunday, but you have a problem for those who want to party on Sunday?

Holiness or hell.....

You can't be lukewarm on this biblical issue. Speak on ALL of it, or none of it.

Constructive Feedback said...


Firms that provide a service such as the accommodation of a FAMILY MEAL or time spent together at the mall don't seem to be incompatible about the spirit of Sunday as a time of reverence, relaxation and recommittal.

Indeed a party hearty CLUB that allows the people to get their groove on up till 12 midnight and then get some booty come MONDAY MORNING at 12:01 am indeed need to check themselves.

This "gotcha" based ideology that we are living today on both sides is ultimately going to show that we are all naked.

Constructive Feedback said...

You know Freddy - as I think back to the various confrontations that we have had over the years I must ask you a question?

Are you more interested in DEBATING ME or in achieving a certain end?

Is there anything about my observation regarding how SUNDAY is being transformed among a growing number of people within our community?

I cannot say if any of these people had gone to church earlier in the day and now are in the club later on. What I can say is that the concept of what is "culturally permissible" on Sunday has changed dramatically over the decades and will seemingly continue to be more secularized in nature over time.

If you as a church choir man have no problem with this. Fine. I can't say what your church's operating mandate is.

What I can say, however, is that even the FAKE, PRETENDING traditions by which a person can be in the club at 11:59 on Saturday evening but rush out so that he can rest up, have the booze wear off but is in church the next day at 11 am IS a tradition that got the "backslider" in church none the less.

For me it is less what you do in your process of "slipping up" but instead what you are have a reference for replication and your attempts to improve over time.

Freddie B said...

Ron, you are truly full of know that? You spend so much time trying to counter people like Blaxx, Dewan, and that clown that was first on Rob's board ( I can't remember his name, nor do I want to), that you never find the truth that is somewhere in the middle of the issue of what is being discussed. Like this "Sunday night Party" post you made. Back when I was a child, there was nothing open on church. The family went to church, and then spent the rest of Sunday together as a family. Then restaurants began to open, and food stores, then clothing stores, then the movies & skating you got bars & clubs open on Sunday.
There has been a slow progression to what you see today. You are fine with the other business that are open because they provide a service, but what about those who have to work? Are they keeping the sabbath holy? What about if they want to go to church with their families? Should you put them in a position to chose between church & family or their jobs?

Chick-fil-a closes every Sunday. Are they not profitable for being closed on that day?
.....yeah....I thought so.

People are going to do what they want to do....
but for you to chastise one aspect of society, but to leave out what led to the situation to begin with is disingenuous at best.

You always hated me because you could never counter the truth that I put out. I always try to speak with some common sense, not that other crap that others spew. You could never twist my words.

Like know that I speak the truth.

Freddie B said...

Everything has a balance.

There is always a Ying to every Yang

My ying is to shut your Yang up.

I kill me!

Thank you!

I be here all week! :D

Constructive Feedback said...


You just don't get it do you?

Did you see me say anything OTHER THAN questioning the PARTY, PARTY and TRYING TO GET SOME on Sunday that has been growing?

I've stated that for restaurants to be open on Sunday in support of human connections is GREAT!!

I am talking about straight up bumping and grinding music and drinks on Sunday at the Club!

I think that you suffer from the Jeremiah Wright "All is Equal" school of logic. Thus we are not allowed to place VALUE JUDGMENTS on various activities (he said musical forms) lest we be judgmental.

Some times it is not a matter of MIDDLE GROUND. At times you focus primarily on your GLOBAL OBJECTIVES and then you adopt the policies and principles that support this end.

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