Thursday, April 24, 2008

Which Of These Two Black Men Gets Invited To Speak @ Schools Without Protest?

This is indeed a perverted world around us.
After my recent experience in a public school I am now more attuned to the messages and agendas that are taking place within these places of learning. (Read: Indoctrination). I thought that the reports about "Earth Day" indoctrination where little kids are scared into believing that "Earth will be destroyed in their lifetime if they don't change the ways of their parents" was the biggest threat. Indeed maybe in some communities.

The latest conflict on the dashboard is about the list of invitees chosen to speak to our young people.

First up we have Justice Clarence Thomas. Justice Thomas was chosen as the commencement speaker for the University of Georgia's spring graduation ceremony. Some crafty liberals had to find a way to repudiate Justice Thomas without going after the normal ideological angle and indeed not the racial one. "What can we do? Oh what can we do?".

"Got it!!
We'll make note that he was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill during his confirmation process and then we will relate this to the recent sexual harassment situation that the university had just gone through with a new board in place to investigate such allegations.

"Certainly it sends the WRONG MESSAGE to 'reward' a 'sexual harasser' like Thomas to the vaulted role as commencement speaker?"

This is one of those times I wish I had the motivation of a extremist to drive up to Athens GA and ask these faux protesters if BILL CLINTON would be welcomed as a graduation speaker.

As contrast consider our next school speaker. None other than the famous rapper 'T.I.'. T.I. has been going around to various schools preaching about anti-violence and saying away from gangs, drugs and guns. This is great T.I. - I am proud of you. If only Justice Clarence Thomas could find it in his heart to do such a thing. But wait.......T.I. is doing this BECAUSE HE HAS TO WORK 1000 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE as part of his PLEA AGREEMENT!!!!!!!

(O.K. God - this is very funny. You can stop now.)

I fail to understand "my people" some times. I guess T.I. had the "Al Capone" like tommy guns that were displayed by the ATF for use to kill KLANSMEN who threatened the hood? Who other than BLACK MEN were likely to die as a result of T.I. arms?

You should have heard the local Black talk show right after the arrest which took place just prior to the "BET Hip Hop Awards" in Atlanta in which T.I. was scheduled to perform. Now think - if rival rappers are coming into town and T.I. is making an illegal gun purchase......might it be that he thought that some "mess" was going to go down that weekeend? He was making sure that someone else was going to be among the increase in Atlanta's homicide rate that weekend if it came to this rather than himself being added.

T.I. is a convicted felon. He also spent time in jail a few years ago for failing to pay child support and for a parole violation. Sadly, of course, some people will toss all of this aside with their theory that the American criminal justice system is just a snare, seeking to snatch up any brother that it can within its clutches.

They are able (in their own minds) to focus on the "good" that T.I. has done in the community while dismissing the fact that he might have put bullet holes into several properties in that same community had he used the guns that he was procuring.

But again - this particular blog is less about politics and more about culture and the impact there in upon our people.

I would love for someone to reconcile the differences between the reception of T.I. and Clarence Thomas into our schools?

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