Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Timely Comment On The WSJ Blog About Reverend Jeremiah Wright

This entry has not been authentically proven to be a post by the "Bill Cosby" that we all know - and respect (at least some of us).

It was posted on the Wall Street Journal blog as follows:

I read the article and then assumed that the poster had to be a registered subscriber - as I am and thus the name was more valid than it actually is in real life.

I apologize for the confusion. I may not aspire to be "Balanced" on my circle of blogs but indeed I type to be FAIR and intellectually honest.

Thank you to THEBIGDODDY for pointing out my oversight - even though you went about the notification in an "assholious" manner - I appreciate your response.

A BLOGGER using the screen name of "Bill Cosby" commenting about Rev. Wright

Rev. Wright epitomizes the thoughts and actions that have prevented and continue to prevent black America from moving ahead and achieving their potential as a people. He suggests that this United States of America made up of sons and daughters of immigrants (I'm talking of the millions of 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation immigrants in this country) of every race, creed, color and religion each and everyone of them who had nothing to do with slavery, some how owe something to a group of people who have never been slaves? Its amazing. It seems everyone is to blame for the shambles black society is in with its violence, drugs, high school drop out rates, misogyny, and a host of other real and virulent problems, except for the very people who engage in such behavior. Enough. As a society, culture or people, they should look within themselves and fix their problems. When did this man become the spokesman for the 'black church'? And of course his church is different, but that doesn't mean his message and philosophy is acceptable, or productive or non-offensive or not-racist or indicative or our greater cultural behaviors, values and norms Americans. And yes, the link between this man and Obama really does matter. At a very minimum, it provides insight into the political and philosophical strain that Obama adheres to.


Anonymous said...

Bullshit...provide a link to the article.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feeback you are a LIAR and FRAUD.

This is NOT an Article by Bill Cosby. It was a COMMENT to an ARTICLE on the Wall Street Journal about Jeremiah Wright.

Comment by Bill Cosby - April 28, 2008 at 1:57 pm

Here is the link you piece of shit!:

Moonie said...

WOW "TheBigDoddy" for a servant of Jehovah you sure know how to cuss - not sure JHVH likes that sort of language and attitude quite frankly but then I am not the one naming myself as his servant and a big daddy - however coming back to your Liar and Fraud and "you piece of Shit" comment - I received this article in an email and like always I do a search on it - snopes which is a place I often check things out on among other places - have not been able to determine if the Cliff Huxtable Bill Cosby (who we all love and adore) in fact did write this or not - its marked as undetermined - surprisingly enough though they did say that part of the email seems to go along with the lines of what Bill Cosby has been known to say for many years - here IS the link to that
I love blogs though because anyone with an opinion (right or wrong) can state it - just like an asshole hey we all have em - btw what is a big Doddy? is that a typo? - BTW you may want to look at this one too...

Anonymous said...

Okay then.. "piece of DUNG".

My point was clear in that this article wasn't written by the actor Bill Cosby, but by a POSTER on a FORUM who went by the name Bill Cosby.

As such he's trying to give credit and make a comment on the heels of Bill Cosby's denunciation and criticism of non-whites by passing this off simply one more - which it is not. That "Bill Cosby" a white person venting about non-whites.

Constructive Feedback said...


First of all - let me say - I have a higher level of "journalistic integrity" than you assume and thus, secondly -

You are correct. Now that I look at the source I do agree that I accepted the name of the poster "Bill Cosby" as being the authentic person, failing to make note of the validity of the source.

I will change the title of this post but the words are on point none the less.

Though you wiped your butt with the envelope before you handed it to me - I thank you for your correction.

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