Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black America Needs A "Checkpoint" Along The Way In Our Journey To Insure We Are On The Right Course

We have heard the old saying "Absolute Power Is Absolutely Corrupt". Where as this is most commonly applied to some White European nation, the fact is that this is true among the largest corporation with at will workers and the smallest informal group of people who form a knitting club.

With all humans group dynamics come into play and is used by those who are very adept at it to gain influence over others. Sometimes their antics are for the best of the group. Other times they are self serving and will ultimately lead to the destruction of the group. In most cases this imbalance simply allows the group to operate in a sub-optimal holding pattern.

The concept of management science as a discipline is new compared to most of the other science programs that you might find at a university graduate school. The lessons learned in the reconstruction of Japan after WWII formed a significant portion of this body of science. Instead of just accounting which plots the position of the company - management science uses the information that is obtained from the accountants, store room clerks that do inventory and the cash register and provides these as inputs for the managers to make strategic decisions based on empirical data.

The other part of this entire scheme is the pre-existing plan that the group or organization is shooting for. How do you know where you are if you don't know where you are going? Clearly this is a concept of relativity. The goal of management is to see if the entity is indeed "between the two sets of lines" upon the road that is their plan of action. Since this concept is abstract, unlike that of driving a car on an actual road, the entire suite of management tools as detailed above are necessary.

Now as we consider a loose band such as a race of people in a country of course there is no absolute command and control apparatus in place to absolutely direct someone's actions lest their be consequences of termination or monetary penalty. This is an "at will" association at least. At the same time, in the past the conditions of the greater country forced the issue because if you forgot that you were a part of this group that unchecked great society reminded you with the quickness. If even for pure self-interests there were motivations to work on behalf of the group to destroy these strictures.

I argue that there must be a registration of the conditions of JUSTICE per the outer society that we live within as a means of reassessing that "blank check" that is offered up to the power when time and conditions call for it. As much as some operatives resist any war time yield upon our personal freedoms - they are necessary in regards to the "circle the wagons" response that draw the group together - regardless of their will to be in such close proximity.

As with any POWER - they want unchecked abilities and they want no time limit applied to their super-constitutional powers. Only with the presence of democratic infrastructure which ultimately represents the will of the people can this magnetic pull toward the circle of thoughts be ratcheted down to be placed in alignment with the prevailing conditions. In other words the Homeland Security threat level is now "guarded" rather than high or severe.

With respect to Black folks there are several instruments available - the National Urban League "State of Black America" annual report is one of them. It has several "key economic indicators" that they measure each year. One flaw in this, however, is that they place White folks as a perfect "1.0" on their index and then measure our standing to this reference. This is flawed for we define ourselves upon their RESULTS but this does not speak to the question of if we are willing to do all that they have done to achieve these results. For example if their wealth is a 1.0/0.80 to ours but they use capitalistic practices that are not acceptable to most Black folks - shouldn't we conclude that our current standing in reference to them is sufficient because we are not willing to lose our economic mores for such wealth aggregation? Secondly, from what I have read, the day that this report hits the streets and some Black inferior position is noted several representatives of this august group run to CONGRESS to ask them "so what are you going to do about this problem?". Even though they might indeed have each regional branch to hold a forum to discuss the findings......the average Black man is never asked "SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS PROBLEM" let alone communicating to him a plan of action for him to follow that is prescriptive in its ability to be corrective in nature. The GOVERNMENT is the central player in our salvation for too many people. Why aren't WE the government? Why must it be based out of DC?

All of the other components of this democratic infrastructure of checks and balances can reference this signal. Their rulings in the courts will be different, their "vigilance" in their personal conduct will be different as well. Clearly this threat level warning is crafted based on a long list of threat assessments that are analyzed by those know how those who threaten us work.

What of the operatives though? Indeed those in power will seek to take the smallest offender and make his offensive action to be seen as a threat to the whole. The "intelligence infrastructure" should evaluate the act and see if he is just "one lone operator" did an act on his own - relevant to THIS STORY: the proverbial "Toothless old White man in the mountain" who hates Black people and thus has a noose outside of his house - but no Blacks around to tighten the noose around. Or is he a part of a precipitating threat - if not dealt with they will soon establish a foothold for the injury of us all? Who among Black people is doing this TODAY?

The popular debate tactic is to attack the person who dares do this as having said "There Is No Racism Present In America Today". This is nothing more than Group Shunning 101. It is a tired and worthless action. Clearly the more logical evaluation is "Can a RACIST PERSON commit his offense and do it with IMPUNITY?" as they did back in the day when the rating was "Severe"? It is intellectual dishonest to put the measure on the presence of RACIST SENTIMENTS held by the individual who has equal standing under the law - just as you do. Instead the focus must be on the GOVERNMENT! Does this GOVERNMENT enforce its own law upon becoming aware that some has violated these laws? We will no more have a point of zero racism than we will have zero rapes and homicides in this nation. In fact I would fear the machinations that are used to attempt to zero out homicides, rapes and racist thought because they will prove to be more oppressive and preemptive and thus damaging than the act itself. Where are civil libertarians when you need them most?

Having established my argument on "environment" lets go back to the main line of the post. As the environmental conditions change and those who have power grow in their head count as they promise that their increased power will limit this external threat from having its way......when does the INFRASTRUCTURE within this group provide a CHECKPOINT to insure that the brute force that is yielded to these powers are justified as they call for "unity" lest we perish via our common trait? (Or as it was said in the past "either we 'hang together' or we 'hang together on the same tree having failed to stay together'".

How is it that a group that is so averse to be drawn into "nationalism" as the pretext of looking past the nation's flaws accept internal operatives who attempt to do the very same thing with regards to RACE? Their power is greater than ever - as our problems continue to be as well. Why does this group claim fragility as its reasons for being intolerant of criticism or inspection? One element of totalitarianism is that QUESTIONS are not taken too kindly. If there was ever a time at "speaking truth to power" look no further than that bloc that wields power over the group of African-Americans.

So lets get specific. What does a leader of a democratic group which reports to its "shareholders" fear in the way of reporting their results and receiving praise or correction there in? The spirit of "This ain't about ME" must be enforced. If there is criticism about superstar CEOs having their way in corporate America - they ain't seen anything with respect to the machinations within the political operatives within Black America. Most critical questioning is snuffed out by the response "So what have YOU DONE by comparison?". This otherwise important question in effect SILENCES the "Quarterly Reporting" of the progress that should be forthcoming from those who claim to be in the vaulted leadership.

There is clearly a need to have a means by which the NUL "State of Black America Report" is applied to the operating assumptions of Black America and not just to the US Congress which is only a part of the American Political system. There exists a Black system of interplay that is separate and distinct from the American political system - regardless of how much we attempt to fuse these two concepts together. This system dictates the popular sentiments which are then expressed in the representation that we seek in the American political system. As a long time analyst and critic of this internal system I both see the need and DEMAND that more openness and accountability be had within this system.

I don't have the power to make the popular mass do anything they are not popularly willing to do. This is why - instead of attempting to impose my more tried and true but not POPULAR suggestions upon this group........I attempt to get them to be more clear about THEIR GOALS and the ultimate reason for ALL OF THEIR POLITICAL ACTION. If they can't PROVE PROGRESS on the ultimate "nugget" that they are attempting to work on behalf of.....what exactly are they working on behalf of BUT for the benefit of both an ideology that they can't prove has IMPROVED THEIR SCHOOLS, MADE THEIR STREETS SAFER OR LIFTED THEIR GENERAL ECONOMIC CONDITION. Without such a check - only the entity that they use to express their POPULAR sentiments - the Democratic Party - benefits.

Thus the question is - What good is it to your community to have an array of favorable Democrats in office.....when you have missed all of your goals for putting them there?

Again I ask - As a Black person would you rather be assaulted by a racist White man because the government failed to protect you OR would you rather be assaulted because you are Black, living in a community where your Blackness increased the probability of your residency there but the lack of GOVERNANCE and civility in this same community had you to be assaulted? (But at least it was not for RACIST reasons.)

You may not like to hear this - but this is what we face as a people if we don't put MANAGEMENT TOWARD OUR OUTCOMES WITH PERIODIC CHECKS AND CORRECTIONS ahead of pursuit of what we POPULARLY desire while in our aggrieved state but never seeking evidence that it is indeed PROGRESSING us.

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