Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Boy Scouts of America - A System Of Character Development for Boys

My son's recent induction into the local Boy Scouts of America council caused me to bring up personal memories of my days as a scout, to do some background research on the organization and to think about some of the essential elements that are important within a community for inculcation of certain important values into the minds of its young people.

Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law
A Scout is: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

As I watched the badge ceremony the other day the clear value of the system was shown. Like any traditional "rite of passage" framework those walking the journey were required to perform specific tasks before they passed through another gate. The badge is used as a permanent record of such accomplishment. From what I saw the key requirements are to do something for community benefit or personal development.

The BSA was granted a federal charter in 1916, now codified as 36 U.S.C. Chapter 309, stating that their purpose is to:

promote, through organization, and cooperation with other agencies, the ability of boys to do things for themselves and others, to train them in scoutcraft, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues, using the methods that were in common use by boy scouts on June 15, 1916."

As I experience and/or reenact certain things that lead me to become the person that I am today upon my own children I am constantly thinking about the problems that are in existence today, particularly within the Black community. I make note that it is the void of such a framework that so frequently leads to the unleavened bread that so frequently occurs when the key ingredient that is required to have the children to rise is not added.

The Boy Scouts of America has a tried and true formula that has been in place for more than a century. It was crafted by "Progressives" who, get this, were concerned about the lack of character development for children as they moved into urban environments and faced the challenges of shifting from rural life which most likely centered around the tasks of subsistence living through farming over to a more industrialized environment and the high concentration of people that comes along with it. Doesn't this sound eerily similar to what is faced in our communities today within the urban core?


dans said...

Excuse me while I chuckle just a bit, but for you say not to put too much into your comments about Castro and Che, after you made comments about Castro and Che, would be amongst the greatest of understated oxymorons spoken aloud on the streets of Miami.

That'd be like yelling Honkey at a KKK rally, and saying "Hey, boys. Don't make too much of what I just said."

And Florida does have 25 delegates to answer to someone. And the climate between blacks and Hispanics in South Florida has always been one of....well....not the stuff of the boy scouts.

While I am writing to you from New Mexico, let me say that if there is a commonality between the Cubans and the Mexicans, on the whole, they don't get along well with blacks. Yes, Bill Richardson has been a popular governor here with the strong Mexican population of New Mexico (and Charlie Crist is popular with the Cuban Americans in Florida), it will be interesting to see which way the wind blows come November (Gore took New Mexico's five delegates, Kerry did not).

Anyway, we could go on and on about Cuba, and I could probably tell you some aspects of today's Cuba that you aren't personally familiar, but, that seems to be getting redundant here. Wouldn't you say?

So, back to the Black Separatist Theology....and anytime the word theology is tacked onto the end of a sentence, all hell is about to break loose (pardon the pun). And pretty much now that the word assassination has pretty much ended all talk of a dream ticket of Barack and Hillary......your comments about Africa tend to lend a leaning toward the Black Separatist Theology.

Which makes me wonder what and why Martin Luther King spent all that time building integration when now the movement is segregation. I mean, it cost King his life, to say the least. And I could tell you stories about King that you haven't had in ways of personal experience, but that would likewise be redundant.

Now that America is looking at choosing a Black Separatist as president in November (with a Black Separatist Vice President, we can only wonder at this juncture)we come to a lot of inclusive questions.

For example, between the two minorities (and Hispanics are the larger in numbers of the two), which way do the political winds blow in the days soon to come?

Cape Town, South Africa, has come to be internationally called the 'Murder Capital of the World' since the end of apartheid.

Plus, there is a lot to be said about white Neoliberals and how blacks generally believe in the reality of how gullible white Neoliberals can be. Cause in the end analysis, after the black and white democrat constituency is done using each other during the primaries, America returns to a Separatist Theology pretty much all around the table.

This could go on and on. What I'm wondering is your personal thoughts on the Black Separatist Theology as expressed by Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakanh and Barack Obama? And how this is all supposed to work out in the political landscape? If it can work at all.

No, I won't put too much into what you said about Castro and Che, cause I ain't Cuban American.

fred call aka bigbro

dans said...

PS....about the white exploitation in Africa, did you ever see that movie 'The Last King of Scotland?'

Yes, it was a fictionalized account of some Scottich doctor being befriended by Idi Amin. But it was an interesting metaphor, wouldn't you say?

fred call aka bigbro

Constructive Feedback said...

Dans -

Yes I did go out of my way to see "The Last King Of Scotland". If you review my posts over time you will see that I am among the biggest critics of corrupt African leaders and especially of Fidel Castro and Che (and his modern day followers as well).

You are seemingly arguing that those "savages" in Africa need their European colonizers to prevent themselves from killing themselves. Just as with China and various European nations - ultimately they will likely go through decades and centuries of fighting before they settle upon a system of government and economics that is constructive rather than destructive.

I am fully aware as well of the interplay between Mexicans and Blacks as well as Cubans and Blacks. It is not me that needs convincing. There are some Democrats who believe that a Black/Brown alliance will take place to "Trump Whitey". I tend to believe that such a plan will go over as well as the plan to take control of Detroit did decades ago.

Instead, I am more of a market driven, self-sufficiency type of guy. What you may have called "Black Separatist Theology" is not accurate about me. I am all about operating in the landscape of America. All that I ask is that the government keep all hockey sticks off of the football field as the pads don't protect the players from the blows. Beyond this I seek to use the strength of one's FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLAN to organize a system within the overall system that works in their own best interests.

If some people who have mastered this subsystem and then seek to take it to Africa or a Caribbean island to replicate it - more power to them. I have no plans to "separate" only to leverage the dormant market power that is already present.

I am sure that you won't have a problem with this. After all it is all captured by the US GDP and the federal treasury when taxes are collected - right?

dans said...

The illustrious Howard Hughes was known to have paid accountants a thousand dollars to figure out a way to cheat the taxman out of a single dollar.

The debate about the Federal Reserves true role as a shadow bank is a discussion that would take too much time.....and by the time anyone got close to anything that resembled a resolve to the current Fed presumption, we'd find ourselves debating the medling of the Pesos with the U.S. and Canadian dollar into the Amero.

The average voter (of any color or creed) lacks a grasp on the domestic economic laws of survival, much less the global economic laws of survival. Suffice to say that economics is Darwinian.

The Intellectual Left is dead. I haven't a clue where it went to die....well, yes, I do. The softening and dumbing down of America has taken its mental toll. What was once Liberal has evolved into Neoliberalism. The argument for more and bigger federal government, while at the same time decrying how the federal government has failed the masses, is a paradox for dummies.

The Chinese army will easily march over their Neoliberal corpses when push comes to shove. Vladmir Putin would use Obama as a toy in a face to face-off.

I like New Mexico because it is the fifth largest and sixth least populated state in the union. I miss the beach. But, the airport is only ten minutes away from where I am in New Mexico, and is only ten minutes away from where I am when in Florida. And DFW has a nifty USO where I can grab a sandwich and use their internet while waiting for plane changeover.

Now, the question for the day is whether Hillary will assassinate Barack first, or will Barack jump the lead to assassinate Hillary. Sounds to me as though all that Dream Ticket talk is a thing of the past. I doubt JFK and JBJ hated each other this much. The Neoliberal Left has devolved into a series of Conspiracy Theories for Dummies. Couldn't be part of that program no more.

I've had dealings with the Chicago political machine. That is a picture worth a thousand words. What's best to describe the Chicago Democratic Machine is Chicago Amnesia.

When I returned from Vietnam, I went off to college on the G.I. Bill. Lived in this apartment building. There was this nice looking black girl in the complex. She wore a wig and sunglasses. We talked a spell. But she couldn't let herself get close to anyone in the area. Then one morning I was wakened to the sound of the FBI pounding on apartment doors. The gal was Angela Davis. What a hoot of a surprise that was on me. Gave me a huge laugh that I tried to hit on this gal in dark glasses and a wig.

Forrest Whittaker is a hell of an actor. My first rememberance of his craft is from 'Good Morning, Vietnam.' Andrian Cronauer went on from Vietnam to be an important cog in the GOP.

What we got here is a paradox.

fred call aka bigbro

dans said...

Anyway, the point to be made about Che and Boy Scouts and all that is that, yes, the Boy Scouts still exist.

As for Che, and real revolutionaries, that exists about as much as Davy Crockett at the Alamo.

There are no real revolutionary heroes (or villains of consequence) anymore.

There are virtual reality typists who've turned the internet into narrow blinders.

And to paraphrase Truman Capote: That isn't writing revolution. That's typing revolution.

So, what the colonialists and the indentured revolutionaries did in centuries gone by, not much anyone can do about that. Except for maybe some karma on down the road. The old 'What goes around, comes around' syndrome. But by the time any karma comes around, it's too many decades and centuries down the road that nobody has a karma connect anymore.

And I found it interesting that you claimed your most productive decade to be the future, yet you refer to the past as your reference point. In the past, the revolutionaries were made to live in the jungles while ekking out survival off of roots that could be either eaten or crafted into communicative bird calls. Today's revolutionary is an electronic agoraphobic with a myopic view of the global village.

Now, that is not meant to sound bitter that the human species is devolving into a spineless vertebrae. This is mostly to say that when I hear Neoliberal Utopians talk about 'Power to the People,' my first thought is that they wouldn't recognize real power if it was sitting on their computer chair.

Hence, all the talk about change....yeah, Buddha said the only constant is change.....but change to what? Change to light sensitive salamanders, perchance.

Though I can understand the need for fantasy and the clinging to Jefersonian principles and all that Constitutionally ideological Little Red Book chanting the Neoliberals use as mantra.

America is damn lucky to have these men and women who volunteer to wear the uniforms. Fortunately, the American manufacturing of arms has not gone the outsourced way of manufacturing television sets and washing machines. This country can put out some serious firepower.

Maybe having Obama run a term as the Second Jimmy Carter wouldn't be such a bad idea. Cause when the next 9/11 happens on Obama's watch, that could put an end to Neoliberal sympathy for the enemy.

Then cry havoc and loose the hounds of hell.

Cause if the Neoliberals actually believe that all it takes is to turn the other cheek to get the enemy to love them, then that is a rude awakening way past due for the virtual reality, agoraphobic revolutionaries.

Africa is little more than mineral wealth waiting to be plundered, while already in thebigbro
process of being plundered.

The AK-47 is Africa's only iconic hope. Don't give all the credit to Castro and Che.

fred call aka

dans said...

And the sad fact of life about Colonial Africa is that it was the black slave traders who went inland to capture the prisoners to sell to the white slave traders with their boats.

And if the black slave traders of a few centuries ago had the technology to build their own transatlantic slave ships, they would have cut out the white middle man to make a bigger profit in the slave trading market.

It always comes down to the guy with the technology first is the guy who the Neoliberals portray as the ultimate antichrist. While the truth is that if Uganda had the atomic bomb, they'd have used it on Kenya already.

But, for the time being, they have their AK-47s, and that causes enough bloodshed as it is. Probably more than enough.

Blaming it all on the white slave trader is too simple an explanation, and a distinct sign post that the intellectual left is truly dead.

fred call aka bigbro

dans said...

Let's get down to brass tacks on a good portion of the Neoliberals who are touting Barack Osama as the next White House Messiah.

They want to go on welfare. They want to sit back and let the Federal Government feed them.

They don't want to be part of the Capitalistic System. They want to be lazy Marxists. They want to go even more brain numb than they already are.

The weak, the lazy and the useless are the core constituency of the Barack Osama Welfare Movement.

Fine. Let's give them their Welfare.....with stipulations. Here's some ideas from England. Then, let's see how much the Neoliberal Utopian Welfare Recipients enjoy their Marxist lifestyle in America.

fred call aka bigbro

Tories plan boot camps for jobless youths· Automatic referrals if out of work for three months
· Companies and voluntary groups to run centres
David Hencke, Westminster correspondent The Guardian, Monday May 26 2008 Article historyA future Conservative government will bring in "boot camps" for unemployed young people aged between 18 and 21 who refuse to take a job, Chris Grayling, the party's welfare spokesman, will say tomorrow.

In a significant hardening of Conservative policy towards welfare claimants, he will announce the abolition of benefit payments for any able-bodied person under 21 who is out of work for more than three months and who refuses to go on a compulsory community service programme or a "boot camp" training course aimed at improving their work discipline and giving them basic skills to get a job.

Grayling plans to ask private sector companies and voluntary organisations to run the intensive training centres - with the £5,000 it costs to support a single person on the dole being offered to the company or voluntary group once the person has been in work for one year. Individuals will be expected to report to the centre every day for an intensive training programme.

Some private companies - notably the Australian firm Work Directions - have successfully bid for business from Labour on a " bonus basis" to get the disabled back to work.

Grayling will say: "We plan to introduce much tougher rules for young people under the age of 21 claiming jobseeker's allowance. For this group, the welfare to work process will start much earlier. There will be employment 'boot camps' and community work programmes for those who don't find a job. Staying at home doing nothing will be a thing of the past."

Under the Tory proposals, unemployed young people who do not find a job within three months will be referred automatically to a specialist employment provider, where they will be expected to take part in an intensive programme of work-related activity. If they spend 12 months out of work, they will then be moved on to a full-time community work programme lasting a further year.

The hardening of Tory attitudes towards the unemployed will be combined with much tougher polices than Labour to get single parents and the disabled back to work, and a big move to privatise provision to help the unemployed. Ultimately the move could see the end of state-funded Jobcentres and a big reduction in size of the Department for Work and Pensions, which has already lost 30,000 jobs under Labour.

Grayling will also announce a clampdown on those who misuse government training programmes. This follows disclosures that government claims to have retrained three million people on the New Deal were false after 750,000 people were found to have been on the training programme twice, and a few dozen as many as six times. Some people also avoid going on the programme by signing off benefits for a week when they are due to go on the programme, only to sign on again a short time later.

Grayling will say: "Under our proposals, there will be no room for that kind of manoeuvre. In that situation, the clock will simply be frozen. It won't be reset to zero again. With this approach, for those who are struggling there will be real help. For those who are not, there will be no opt-outs. We will end the street-corner benefit culture among young people which this government has left to fester for the past 11 years."

The measures should cut crime because people would not be hanging around with nothing to do, Grayling will say. For those who decided to embark on a life of crime because they would not work and could not get benefit, there would be "zero tolerance from the criminal justice system".

dans said...

So, is the Boy Scouts a good place to create a revoluationary of Che quality?

No, not really. The Boy Scouts are pretty good at teaching young men how to camp out in their back yard, or in state parks.

As for combing the jungles and deserts with an AK-47, either looking for Marxist revolutionaries, or looking for colonialists who would make excellent targets for revolutionaires.....the Boy Scouts are pretty good at teaching young men the manners of helping old ladies get across the street.

Which isn't a bad set of traits to instill in young men who will grow up to have children who will likewise attend Boy Scout meetings.....but never have to spill their own blood protecting their country.

Just finished watching an episode of Nip/Tuck where Dr. McNamara's patient is a young Israeli woman who survived a Palestinian suicide bomber's self detonation.

The young girl miraculously survived. The problem is that the shrapnel body parts of the Palestinian suicide bomber are lodges in the young woman's body. One of the Palesinians teeth molars is lodged in her jaw, and so forth.

After a fairly long surgical proceedure, the dead Palestinian suicide bomber's body parts have been extracted and put into a box.

The next problem is what to do with the remains of the suicide bomber. Dr. McNamara has the address of the suicide bomber's parents.

This is stuff that they don't teach in the Boy Scouts of America. Probably because there hasn't yet been a necessity to teach young American Boy Scouts how to deal with suicide bombers.

But, with the way the Neoliberal Utopians hope to change America, there is a good chance that all Americans will have to learn how to cope with suicide bombers in their shopping malls.

There is a future for the Boy Scouts of America yet to come.

fred call aka bigbro

dans said...

Roswell Diary: Saluting the Ayatollah of America

In two more days I will be celebrating my first anniversary living here in New Mexico. For those of you who have been following my Roswell Diary (and I thank those who’ve responded with curious and kind emails), this is a good time for me to clarify why I left South Florida for the Land of Enchantment.

Yes, it was a large jump from the overcrowded beaches and condo overlooks to out here where you can shoot for miles without hitting anyone, but if you do hit someone, they most likely deserved being shot. Not that the physicality of gunpowder can match the shadow power of metaphysics. And one must be careful not to shoot in the direction of the ‘Men in Black.’ I’ve spoken often about the military secrecy that dominates the desert. About how there are lots of military developments going on both above ground and below the desert floor. Take my word for it, our military can vaporize an enemy.

That is part of the reason I chose to leave cushy South Florida for the more austere desert horizons. There is a sense of security around here that I’m sure many of you do not feel in your environs. Al Qaeda does not want to come here to fight. That’s a fact, Jack.

More to the point of why I moved to New Mexico, and I am two days away from my first anniversary here, is that it was becoming very evident that the Islamization of Washington has been in full swing for some years, already. The Saudi money has switched to backing Barack Osama.

We do not refer to Barack Osama as the Antichrist. We merely refer to him as the Ayatollah of America.

You have to tip your hat to the Saudi mind manipulation machine. Some call it oil that manipulates the American mind. Which is true. For the last three decades the forces of Osama Bin Laden have been toughening themselves in desert warfare. While the American middle has grown soft, fat and denuded. Osama Bin Laden defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan. Now Osama Bin Laden is on the verge of manipulating Washington with his puppet, Barack Osama. It’s been a unique covert operation to watch, that’s for sure, Jack.

As America goes into Islamization, you can bet there will be many changes in store for us Americans who chose not to surrender to the Neoliberal Islamization of America. First off, there is a growing movement of Home Rule amongst those of us who chose to fight rather than surrender to the Ayatollah of America, Barack Osama, and his puppet master Osama Bin Laden. Centralized government from Washington is quickly becoming a fading memory.

The Pentagon is no longer the major center of American military operations. You can rely on your military and your shadow government not to surrender to the Saudi oil monopolies. We are developing our resources in Middle America, all over Middle America.

As I said, Al Qaeda doesn’t want to come here to the New Mexican desert to fight us. They’d have a much easier time of it attacking the weak Neoliberal centers on the East Coast, as they did on 9/11. My advice to all my friends: after Ayatollah Barack Osama is sworn in on Koran as your first Muslim President, stay out of tall buildings and subways in large cities.

Fred call aka bigbro

dans said...

The Barack Osama misogynists are at it again...........

CHICAGO - Sen. Barack Obama sought Thursday night to extinguish a burgeoning controversy over another Chicago minister who supports him, denouncing the comments of a Catholic priest who said “a whole lot of white people [are] crying” because a black man was within reach of the Democratic presidential nomination.

The remarks by the Rev. Michael Pfleger, a white minister known as “Chicago’s renegade priest” for his liberal social activism in the city’s black community, came from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ, the same church where sermons by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright came under scrutiny from critics who called them anti-American and racially divisive.
Pfleger, pastor of predominantly black St. Sabina’s Catholic Church, who fiercely defended Wright even as Obama eventually rejected his support, sounded similar themes Sunday in a guest sermon at Wright’s church.

Saying he was seeking to “expose white entitlement and supremacy wherever it raises its head,” Pfleger mocked Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York for appearing to weep at a campaign appearance before the New Hampshire primary in January, saying she was crying because “there’s a black man stealing my show.”

“She always thought, ‘This is mine. I’m Bill’s wife, I’m white and this is mine,’” Pfleger said in his fiery sermon.

As the racially mixed congregation responded “Amen!” and “Yes, sir!” Pfleger pretended to cry and shouted: “And then out of nowhere came him, Barack Obama. And she said: ‘Damn! Where did you come from?! I’m white! I’m entitled! There’s a black man stealing my show!’

“She wasn’t the only one crying!” he said. “There was a whole a lot of white people crying!”

Then, sensing that he may have gone too far, Pfleger added: “I’m sorry. I don’t want to get you in any more trouble. The live streaming [video] just went out again.”

Pfleger defends Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright.

in QuickList
Obama's Other Hateful Pastor
Obama's Other Hateful Pastor
Pfleger defends Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright. Read more about Pfleger here Pfleger defends Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright. Read more about Pfleger here er-obama-mentor.html (more) (less)

Constructive Feedback said...

Tories plan boot camps for jobless youths· Automatic referrals if out of work for three months

Where as the kneejerk reaction by many is to reject this plan as forced labor - I support it. As long as they attempt to go into the wealthy communities as well as the poor (clearly more people will be there no matter what they do).

As long as they focus on skills development rather than making it any sort of punitive environment it will have a net benefit as well.

I do agree that absent a strong, authoritarian presence that such a gathering could turn into gang-central but the over all program should focus on communicating to them the big picture of developing their skills and that the program can't take any mess that might distract them away from this goal.

I had the thought for a long time that one key way to let the pressure cooker off of our big cities is to send some of these young me out west to become fire suppressors in the western states.

Constructive Feedback said...

The Boy Scouts are pretty good at teaching young men how to camp out in their back yard, or in state parks.

The boy scouts provide a framework for a "rites of passage" experience to their young members. The balance of attempting to maintain a high moral code of honor coupled with interesting activities that entertain these young men - make for a sound combination.

Too many of the inner city kids have no structured framework to allow them to develop key social skills upon. The "mean streets" that we see are actually stemming from the void that occurs when these key components of socialization are not taught. Typical give and take in society is replaced by a I'm gonna get mine mentality.

dans said...

"Typical give and take in society is replaced by a I'm gonna get mine mentality."

Time to wake up to the reality of coffee smells.

Since WWII, the world's population has tripled. The world's resources are rare, prized possessions. It's a Darwinian world out there. The weak are dinner at the bottom of the food chain.

It's nice to have a merit badge for wood carving in times of peace. But, war is coming. The Islamization of America will not come without a fight.

In the near future, we'll be better served to have a merit badge in marksmanship.

fred call aka bigbro

dans said...

Roswell Diary: Vogon Poetry

Tomorrow will mark my first year anniversary living here in New Mexico. It’s been quite an astonishing year. I came out here on May 31, of last year, with a three week round trip airfare ticket on what was intended to be part vacation, part exploration. All I can say is that when you go looking for answers, be prepared for situations you didn’t originally plan on happening.

Those of you who have kept up with my semi-regular running of my Roswell Diaries (shades of Che’s ‘Motorcycle Diaries’) know something of what I’ve personally learned out here in the Land of Enchantment. There’s so much going on out here that I can’t even begin to paraphrase in this copy. Yes, Virginia, there really are Men In Black. Yes, Virginia, we really, genuinely have a shadow government that is very powerful. Yes, Virginia, we could vaporize Iraq in a heartbeat, if it comes down to that. After all, just down the road is where the atomic bomb was born. As well as just down the road is the runway where the Enola Gay took off for Hiroshima. Not only that, just down the road is the ranch where Robert Goddard, Charles Lindbergh, Werner Von Braun and the Guggenheim family fortune put their heads together to create the foundation of America’s rocket science program.

Behind all that our military is accomplishing here in the desert to make America foremost in the superpower ranks, there are surprises going on out here in the desert that would fundamentally crack your metaphysically bearings on what you formally thought was reality. Good thing I’ve followed the Buddhist path all these years. As Albert Einstein himself said it, “If there is any religion that can equate with quantum physics, it’s Buddhism.” Though I’d argue with Albert that Buddhism is not a religion, not in the Christian or Islamic sense.

To cut to the chase, tomorrow will be my one year anniversary here in Roswell. I came for a vacation, doorways of potential knowledge opened up to me, I’d of been a fool to leave. Though, I will say, a reason humans do not see the future coming is because, well, they don’t always want to see what’s coming from around the proverbial corner. You got to take the good with the bad. The philosophy of ‘Parallel Universes’ sometimes comes with thorns. A redeeming grace to the Dickensian ghost theories is that as humans we do have free will. We don’t always know how to use it. But, it’s there. We do have the opportunity to alter karma and the linear fates. Like everything else with discipline and going to Carnegie Hall with a violin, learning to use free will requires practice, practice, practice.

Yesterdays posting of ‘Roswell Diary: Saluting the Ayatollah of America,’ brought me emails from several people I hadn’t heard from for a while. Yes, Virginia, Islam is a religion of serious mind control techniques. Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is better represented by the Order of the Assassins and the mystic Marco Polo called the ‘Old Man of the Mountain,” Hassan-i-Sabbah. Hassan-i-Sabbah’s strategy was that those who followed the Order of the Assassins would learn how to singlehandedly stop an army by stealing into the enemy’s camp to slit the throat of their general in his sleep. Cut off the head of the snake to stop the entire snake.

Centuries later, the strategy of the Order of the Assassins is happening in the Islamization of America through the Barack Osama ‘Orwellian’ run for the presidency. Like I said, Barack is not the Antichrist, he is the Ayatollah of America in waiting. Mind control is a very formidable weapon’s system. Those of you who have been keeping up with my postings of my ‘Roswell Diaries’ over the past year know something deeper of what I speak here. But, many of you have had your heads buried in the mirages of politically correct, and politically shameless political primaries, and you have been, well….what should we call it…..hypnotized by the media hype.

The Islamization of America is coming at you like a silent and almost invisible freight train. You won’t see the train run you over until it’s too late. That’s how mind control works: both subliminally and supraliminally. The Barack Osama Islamization is one huge locomotive that manages to take the masses by surprise.

During the Barack Osama Islamization of America, Americans are going to experience some really interesting times. We have the weapons of mass destruction probably like no other country (though, the Russian bear is making a strong comeback, I wouldn’t turn my back on Putin). This is an interesting parallel universe we are experiencing. The Islamization of America is taking hold of the minds of those who somehow believe that Islam will bring them paradisical proportions. No, the Order of the Assassins are merely attempting to cut off the head of the American snake’s body. America is split in half between those who are surrendering to the Islamization of America, from those of us who are preparing for the war ahead.

I won’t go deeper into that aspect of future war in this Roswell Diary post. Instead, I want to rejoice in my first year anniversary here in Roswell with some Vogon Poetry. Those of you who are Douglas Adam’s fans of the work know that the H.G.T.G. was originally a BBC radio comedy broadcast begun in 1978. The first phase of the book was printed in 1979. The BBC put out a television series in 1981. Hey, either you’re a Hitchhiker’s fan or you’re not, and you should already know this stuff.

Anyway, some fans have posted on youtube the original 1981 Hichhiker’s television series. I posted all that for you yesterday. Are you not paying attention whilst your minds are being molded by the Islamization of America? No, you probably aren’t. You are all being molded into potential Islamic Manchurian Candidates. That’s how mind control works.

So, to party on my first anniversary here, I’m posting a clip about Vogon Poetry Reading from the original television series. At this moment in linear time, I figure reading Vogon Poetry is an apt a way to illustrate mind control as any.

Have yourselves a dark sense of humor in the impending days of Islamization of the White House. Tune in to youtube, plug in your earphones and watch and read Vogon Poetry. Whilst the Islamization of your lifestyle wends its silent ways through the halls of congress.

Enjoy. Cause either you understand beforehand, or you don't.

Fred call akabigbro

dans said...

"........your "RIGHT" can over come the POWER that someone else has when they believe that you are WRONG. The more you deny this fact - the more you are subject to another group's willingness to agree not to destroy you."

Those are your words. And I agree.

I just don't have enough white guilt to follow the Barck Osama Neoliberal plan of Islamization of America.

And I don't harbor enough white guilt to feel that five hundred years of European effort has all been evil.

It's time for the black man to take responsibility for his own faults....and quit blaming the drug dealers on the corner as the 'White Man's' guilt.

So, you got your 'Black Pride,' which is good.

And we got our 'White Pride,' which is good.

White Guilt just doesn't play into the schema the way the Islamic movement would want.

Guilt chips away at the willingness to fight for one's freedom and rights. No man, black or white, should be made to feel guilty for their heritage.

Barack Osama's Islamization of America plan has been built on making the white man feel guilty.

All that does is create a backlash between whites and blacks. The racial divide grows wider with the Barack Osama Islamization Plan.

But, then again, isn't that what Islam wants to do? Divide America into white versus black? Divide and conquer?

No, I'd rather fight than surrender to Neoliberal Islamic Extremism pervading American ethics.

Good luck with your strategy, whatever direction you might take.

Let's hope we never have to meet on the battlefield as enemies.

Because I'd rather fight than surrender....Neoliberals would rather surrender than fight. They are cowards

fred call aka bigbro