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"Killed Because You Are Black" Vs "Killed In A Community In Chaos Where You Are More Likely To Live Because You Are Black"

Is There A Difference Between Being "Killed Because You Are Black" Or "Killed In A Community In Chaos Where You Are More Likely To Live Because You Are Black"

I had a blog debate recently with a gay White male who is forthcoming about his sexual preferences. In that particular debate I asked him if he would rather be "Assaulted by someone because he is gay" or if he would prefer to be assaulted "in a city that is out of control and thus was a man, in the wrong place at the wrong time and his sexual preference was not the driving force behind his attack"? Equal opportunity indeed.

This is the conflict that the Black community faces as an increasing number of our communities are represented by "people we favor". Gone are the days where the "hate crime" motivated by race is the PREDOMINANT threat to Black people. (I assure you that some people seeking to malign what I just said will claim that I said that "Racism is gone". I did not just say that. It is my position that the "racist act that is met with IMPUNITY by the unwillingness of the government to enforce its own laws is no more). Today as we do the numbers - a Black person is far more likely to be killed by one of his own than by anyone one else.

Today the popular strategy that has been followed (for good reason up until recently) has rendered the community impotent in fundamentally addressing this problem from within. Most of our political activism has been centered around what I call "racism chasing". Indeed the greater proportional threat to us as a people and a community received the greater amount of our collective focus.

Fast forward to today. Things are considerably different. In the areas where Black folks have the highest concentrations there is also a "popularly elected" government in place of our own choosing after they promised to "represent our best interests" if they are voted for. As I make this evaluation it is important to note my critical mandate - I promote the full equality of a Black man to a White man. Thus a killing at the hand of a Black man is no different than being killed by a White man. You end up JUST AS DEAD in either case. If you logically think about this - instead of me "bringing the White man's murderous" act down to the level of "no big deal" instead I am PROMOTING the murderous act of a Black man against us up to a common level that would trigger a mass community response that would be the case if a White person was to take one of our lives! This imbalance, in my estimation, is the key reason why we have the carnage on our streets today but so much inaction from the community which also translates into relative inaction from the municipal governments who are charged with dealing with this situation.


I must also be honest. So much of the "Civil Rights Industrial Complex's" strategy is based on the fact that INDEED, the White man's actions against Black people is more damaging that that of a lowly Black man who does the same thing. The argument used by many is that so-called "Hate Crimes" do more than just assault or murder the Black people who are direct victims. The Black community is placed in a state of "TERROR", knowing that they too might be next if they don't "stay in their places". Unfortunately as we remove the label "Interracial Hate Crime" and put in "Stop Snitching" the mechanisms and results are virtually indistinguishable. A few weeks ago two Black Denver area young people were gunned down in a "stop snitching" enforcement action. (Article: Stop Snitching Enforcement Action)

The truth of the matter is that the "Civil Rights Industrial Complex" is not going to "change" to adapt to the critical needs of the Black community today. The BLACK COMMUNITY MUST CHANGE within ourselves and then a new set of organizations and leaders will emerge from this expressed need.

Thus back to the original question of this blog post. Where as the first portion of the question is related to "hate crimes" where you are killed because you are Black - clearly the second portion of the question focuses upon the CHAOS AND DISORDER that is present within our community that results in bloodshed. For me the answer is "NEITHER".

The way we achieve this "neither" state is to have DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT that is responsive to the threat at hand. Sadly there is the litmus test that is heard so frequently against those who dare to change the script "He said that there is NO MORE RACISM in existence today". This is a STRAIGHT UP LIE that is told 95% of the time that it is stated by someone wishing to malign the person in question. Often the statement was that "racist assaults" that are unchecked are not the case any longer. Please note that the onus is not on the WHITE OFFENDER - it is on the GOVERNMENT and its enforcement of the laws. How else can we have a RATIONAL discussion unless we focus on the GOVERNMENT response instead of the feelings of hatred felt by some white folks? These individual White folks are not the purveys of justice nor the state of Black/White relations any more than the individual Black person who chooses to assault a White person. It is the GOVERNMENT via its enforcement of their own laws that must be the primary measure of the state of JUSTICE in America for Black people! Without this clarity people who are so inclined with continue to run amok with their lunatic rantings. They serve to nullify the Black community's response to our own problems more than they serve any particular benefit. They are the proverbial old man sitting in a chair with his shot gun pointed out of the window, seeking intruders onto his property from the enemy clan, while the INTERNAL TERMITES EAT HIS WOODEN SHACK TO BITS! While he is "on guard" that which he claims to be protecting is falling to pieces and losing relative value everyday. This old man is not guided by any practical sense of rationality. He is guided by his HATRED for the opposing forces. If there was one who can be said to "hate his enemies more than he loves himself" - this is that man.

WEB Dubois, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X had all talked about the THREAT FROM WITHIN being more potent than the threat from without.

There is inherently a distinct difference between fighting an external threat and dealing with an internal one. One must assume that there is a partial "love" for one of your own to being with and thus there is no particular attempt to destroy him en masse. The external threat - however - mob rule dictates that we should "kill all of them indiscriminately and let God sort them out!!". Just think about the complexities of our relative demands from the government. With the White assailant we demand that they lock'em up and throw away the key. It is said that "there is no statute of limitations on the Civil Rights cold case murders". When it comes to Black on Black crime and violence, however - that "one more Black man" put in jail will be included in the statistics that are oft repeated regarding the number of Black men in jail versus in prison. Indeed those of us who have assaulted us also get covered in the veil of protection. When the numbers are out of kilter the tendency is to point to SYSTEM that has so many brothers locked up....rather than the INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS that they have done to put them there. Clearly when it comes to White assailants - there is more of a tendency to consider each late night visit from the Klan which is still burned into the memory of the Black victim as the primary reason that they should be in jail - and we need to add some more for good measure - as they were probably the unidentified accomplice who never took off his hood.

Clearly with the "internal" resources there is a greater tendency to extend to them the graces that come with "membership". Even if they DON'T GIVE A DAMN if you are Black, White or other - and would cut your throat without consideration - the group has a never ending reservoir of grace for this wayward cancer cell. There is an inclination to express their redemptive spirit even if it translates into more infected tissue that had been previously unmolested and cancer free.

Some of you will call my stance - hateful against those who are "without", those who SOCIETY has discarded. Let me challenge you then - How do you propose to deal with them so they do not commit assaults against our own community?

I have an answer! You see there is a COST that is associated with every move that we make. Just because a "cost" is not recognized on the dashboard of those in society who control the collective consciousness the COST is present none the less. Now these same people might MISLABEL this "cost" using the wild card of "SOCIETAL RACISM!" but there is a vast cavern between having a label being POPULARLY ACCEPTED as the cause and EFFECTIVELY implementing a cure. Too many of us are willing to accept the blanket coverage of RACISM as it does as a lecturer who I recently listened to argued about "Intelligent Design" versus Evolution. When the "creationists" get stuck and can't span a gap in their reasoning they point to GOD as the magical bridge that allows them to tie everything together. While indeed there is RACISM omnipresent - there are many results that are had today which are not based on inter-racial racism but instead on the void in leadership and direction WITHIN.

As far as I am concerned - we are in a new, yet popularly unrecognized phase in our transformation as a people. The balance of our work resides in the INTERNAL management of our human resources so that our common goals can be met. Thought it is popular to point to the few high stakes exceptions which may prove to some that the "same ole same" is upon us (Sean Bell, Philly Cop brutality) the fact is that as we apply all assaults upon Black folks on a list and then sort them all together - police brutality is but a small portion of those entries. Even if you accept the notion that the Police represent a more HIGH STAKES assailant because of their official sanction the QUANTITY of entries who have no official sanction should serve to snuff out that argument for anyone seeking a serious solution to the problem.

In summary, as we revert back to the original question - the second portion of the sentence resides in the INTERNAL CHAOS and lack of law and order that is in place within our communities today. The solution resides in our actions while this being is in the cradle through to his departure from the nest when he is 17-20 years old. Like any CPA we must adjust our model to recognize the COSTS which have formerly stayed off of the books, capturing them so better MANAGEMENT DECISIONS can be made with our people's best interests in mind.

We can no longer be tied to what is "popularly assumed" to be our best interests as a people. Instead we must commit that that which is PROVABLY DEMONSTRATED to be in our best interests. Indeed this might me popular acceptance of some components which are against our current sensibilities that are contained during our time of discontentment. The challenge is, however - are you shooting for satisfaction with your current mindset OR are you shooting for the attainment of your common goals, some of which will require a change in mindset in order to achieve them?

"What is the mission for your political advocacy?" This is the central question that must be answered.

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