Saturday, June 21, 2008

Assumed Inferiority - Defined

I have no problem articulating specific details of the terms that I use as I analyze the antics of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" and the "Snarling Foxes" that are their commissaries.


When an EXTERNAL OPERATIVE gives another person or group of people a preemptive benefit of the doubt as to the reasons why their performance has been less than those of another person or group of people per the external operative's choice to 'expand the police tape' far beyond the scene of the crime (ie: the primary but minimum set of competences that are to be expected from EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS who are considered civilized).

These operatives chose to include tertiary elements to the crime scene in question which are said to have prevailing negative influence upon the subject. Never will the operative ask the inferiorized individual to take primary management interest in eradicating these tertiary forces because in the circular reference that is contained within his reference - the subject is seen as INCAPABLE of acting in a way that is of his own BEST INTERESTS.

This entire cycle of inserting centralized influence among these masses is an attempt to keep them in check. To develop skill and mastery at the periphery is a threat to the goals of the external operative.

The thought of "allowing one's own actions to determine one's ultimate outcome" is a THREAT in that, as when the peoples' competency to do so is judged with the filter of ASSUMED INFERIORITY the assumption is made by this operative that THEY WILL CRASH TO THE GROUND after having fallen out of the nest sans their assistance. The thought that the inferiorized person in living up to God's intended nature for them must SPREAD THEIR WINGS AND FLY as an anathema to the interests of the external agent.

Assumed Inferiority of otherwise physically undamaged individual should be seen as a PERVERSION OF GOD'S WILL and those practicing such should be DISTANCED from any influence upon these vulnerable people. As the great Fredrick Douglass said "your help has already done MUCH INJURY"!!!

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