Monday, July 28, 2008

How Do You Repair 400 Years Of Oppression? not allowing your "slavish ways" to be perpetuated by your hand into your next generation.

Here is a blog response authored by me that I am posting here as a means of saving it in my own filing cabinet.

[quote]How does one repair 400 years of subjugation with a minimal, marginal, half-supported program? How do you negate 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow Apartheid and defacto discrimination?[/quote]

(Ron - you appear to be a 'well read' brother but you disappoint me greatly at times with your ability to APPLY this knowledge to the real world)

Before I give you an answer YOU must decide this fundamental question for yourself in reference to what you ask:

Q: In reference to your words "HOW DOES ONE REPAIR....", Ron - would YOU accept a REPAIRED STATE.....IF THE BLACK MAN alone was required to do 95% of the EFFORT HIMSELF? Is this a REPAIR any less?

You see this area is where I am in violent disagreement with you BQPFRCs. For some reason it is lost on you that a PEOPLE develop a FUNCTIONAL CULTURE by having a spirit of vested interests in expressing one MORE DESIRABLE OUTCOME over another that results when their people are in an unmanaged state.

Unfortunately you are bound by GRIEVANCE and LIABILITY rather than by a vision of GROWTH to the FULL POTENTIAL of your own people.

The fact is, Ron, the Black Man, world wide IF he follows a pathway of "Reparations" as a means of "REPAIRING HIMSELF" can only ever grow to a fraction of that who is PROVIDING THE RESOURCES FOR HIM!!! Do you think that your grievance is going to be paid out in an amount that is 50% of the wealth of this nation, taking the nation down to a "2nd world nation"? (I reject the labels 1st, 2nd & 3rd world - just using it for ease of conversation).

In truth the main operators in a REPAIR must be the PEOPLE THEMSELVES who are seeking SALVATION for their own. Thus it is easier for me to describe how to insure that you NEVER reach a state of "REPAIR" and thus your full potential:


1) Outsource the responsibility for your people and your community to the government 2 steps remove, telling them that it is THEIR obligation to take care of you. This perverted sense of order has the effect of ABSTRACTING behavior of the people from their ultimate STANDARD OF LIVING. For the "anarchist-spirited", "Speak Truth To Power" faction, however - it empowers the masses to be beholden to those who have the REBELLIOUS SPIRIT while spurning those who practice the DISCIPLINED art of economic control by collecting "one drip at a time" but with many buckets at play at any given time as a means of fortifying their own STANDARD OF LIVING.

2) You don't allow a "do what you want", NON-JUDGMENTAL society with regard to the issue of REPRODUCTION, CHILD REARING AND SEXUAL RELATIONS IN GENERAL among your people.

FOR A SHORT ORDER, you must get your people into "War Mode", asking them to act in a manner that is commensurate to the BATTLE AT HAND. They must be willing to YIELD their own "do it if it feels good" spirit and instead focus on the effort which has been TRIED AND TRUE regarding the SOCIAL ORDER which is MOST LIKELY TO PRODUCE WELL BALANCED CHILDREN because they come from stable, 2 parent homes.

3) YOU CANNOT, CANNOT, CANNOT!!! yield to abstract legalisms in defense of THOSE WHO ARE CANCERS INSIDE OF YOUR OWN COMMUNITY, selling DEATH for their own profit!!! All the while some of them make a mockery of the DEATH that they have handed out as they show off their proceeds and have it "sitting on 24's". These people's actions have dealt PHYSICAL death to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS within your community, and have killed the SPIRIT AND DREAMS of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS MORE!!

4) Education must be enforced as a priority! Those young people who resist receiving some minimum set of education that will allow them to be FUNCTIONALLY LITERATE need to have their freedoms limited by THE PARENTS AND COMMUNITY (not GOVERNMENT) as a means of focusing them on the important task at hand. The integrity of the COMMUNITY will need to trump the individual quest of this YOUTH. Upon adulthood - he is free to stay within the movement or depart. At least he will be literate.

5) Lastly, yet more importantly - You must learn how to REMOVE CERTAIN NEGROES OFF OF THE STAGE who know NOT HOW TO express a vision of a Black man that is INDEPENDENT to the STANDARD that a WHITE MAN HAS for his own people.

This spirit is quite alive on this board. The frequent references to the problems that White folks have as a means of pacification of Black people about our societal problems acts not as a FLOOR for our own standards to not go lower than but instead it is a reference to a CEILING, above which WE NEED NOT BOTHER TO SEEK TO GO BEYOND.....after all WHITEY hasn't even "been there, what are the chances that WE can?".

This type of Negro is most destructive to any mass movement among Black people. Even when the Black man is ALL ALONE be it on the plains of Africa with all of the POTENTIAL resources that he needs to survive around him OR in some large urban area that is now a shell of itself where HE NOW IS THE MAJORITY POPULATION and is "running thangs"......the WHITE MAN STILL (!!) will be the #1 target that this fool references in relation to what his people must focus on for development.

There you have it Ron.
The answer to your question of "How to repair 400 years of oppression" is found in one summary statement:

SEE A NEW BLACK BABY AS A VESSEL THAT WILL CARRY YOUR PEOPLE FORWARD TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL. DON'T EVER contaminate him with the elements of the PAST which produce SLAVE-LIKE behavior for the future. Instead BRAINWASH HIM with the knowledge that there is none greater than HIMSELF and have all of YOUR ACTION and YOUR COMMUNITY'S ACTIONS in line with this notion.

MANAGE IN THIS FASHION for about 60 years and the EVIDENCE WILL BE CLEAR. The SLAVES would have died off and the newly spirited people would be in the role of a senior - having raised a generation of their own who are ordered with a set of sound thoughts that they have inculcated into their progeny.

Ron - all of this can be thrown away IF you are bound by the notion of LIABILITY and GRIEVANCE. Instead you must go to "The US Capital" and protest/legislate the REPAIR of your people from a pool of resources collected from someone else. If enough of them REFUSE TO PAY FOR YOUR REPAIR.....there goes your repair.


Majadi Baruti said...

Excellent Post, great thinking, Strategist, I love strong thinkers!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of psychobabble.